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The Stranger Inside PEOPLE Best Books Of Fall 2019 A Darkly Thrilling Tale Of Survival And Obsession Lisa Unger Never Disappoints Riley Sager, Bestselling Author Of Lock Every Door Even Good People Are Drawn To Do Evil Things Twelve Year Old Rain Winter Narrowly Escaped An Abduction While Walking To A Friend S House Her Two Best Friends, Tess And Hank, Were Not As Lucky Tess Never Came Home, And Hank Was Held In Captivity Before Managing To Escape Their Abductor Was Sent To Prison But Years Later Was Released Then Someone Delivered Real Justice And Killed Him In Cold Blood.Now Rain Is Living The Perfect Suburban Life, Her Dark Childhood Buried Deep She Spends Her Days As A Stay At Home Mom, Having Put Aside Her Career As A Hard Hitting Journalist To Care For Her Infant Daughter But When Another Brutal Murderer Who Escaped Justice Is Found Dead, Rain Is Unexpectedly Drawn Into The Case Eerie Similarities To The Murder Of Her Friends Abductor Force Rain To Revisit Memories She S Worked Hard To Leave Behind Is There A Vigilante At Work Who Is The Next Target Why Can T Rain Just Let It Go Introducing One Of The Most Compelling And Original Killers In Crime Fiction Today, Lisa Unger Takes Readers Deep Inside The Minds Of Both Perpetrator And Victim, Blurring The Lines Between Right And Wrong, Crime And Justice, And Showing That Sometimes People Deserve What Comes To Them.

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    I have started and deleted this review at least four times now so I have decided that I m going to skip plot points because I feel like anything I do say is going to be a spoiler and nobody wants that Revenge Justice Good vs Evil.An eye for an eye Did you like Dexter I sure as heck did and that s the situation we have going on here but there is so much to this story In fact, there is a lot going on which is why this is such a difficult review to write We ve got quite a few characters, back and forth in time following a tragedy from the past and the present murders and investigations, alternating chapters of two different points of view This is, surprisingly, my first Lisa Unger book though I ve been hearing about her for years and I have many of her other books on my wish list I thought this was such a compelling story and I became completely immersed within its pages She is truly a fantastic writer My only one complaint is that this book is too long Where are the editors Rinse and repeat over and over again especially in regards to inner thoughts and feelings WE GET IT ALREADY Complaint aside this is going to be another huge hit for Unger and this will be flying off the shelves when it publishes in September 4 Stars Thank you to NetGalley and HARLEQUIN Trade Publishing U.S Canada for providing me with a digital ARC in exchange for my honest review.

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    Holy shit snacks Lisa Unger has done it again she s good at these books peeps Wow, how in the frig am I going to say anything without a spoiler yeah, it s one of those Okay, short and TTP I m not going to keep telling everyone what the books about, who the MC is, just read it on the summary This book was a mind game but a good one The MC has some stuff when they were young which leads to stuff when they are older Don t y all love when I make no sense Let me just say this book is right on with how I feel about certain things Well, not all of it, but the main bits This is like ugg, can t use that word or y all will know what I m talking about this is the best kind of blank story to me I m all about it The ending was so freaking good, but not some great climax Just the way we find out what s what, who s who, and what s happening now I wasn t expecting that little tidbit there at the end, but hey, it s all good I m fine with it I think fans of Lisa Unger will enjoy this book I would recommend it Thank you to Netgalley and the Pub for a copy of this book for review Happy Reading Mel MY BLOG

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    It s not often that I m stunned by the ending to a novel and think to myself, Wow That caught me off guard But The Stranger Inside is rich with surprises from the very first page it s a smart, taut thriller about those wounds we carry inside us that sometimes just don t heal.

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    Lisa Unger strikes again Fantastic plot, intriguing characters and I am left with all types of positive emotions and thoughts.When a man is found dead in his home, the police and journalists are left with many questions while the court of public opinion feels justice has finally been served More interesting still is that there might be similar crimes Is it possible a vigilante is out there healing the wounds juries could not Oh, I liked this one as it introduced me to all kinds of people and situations that made me glad I was reading this on a beautiful summer day Rain was certainly one of Lisa Unger s most fascinating protagonists Goodreads review published 25 08 19 Publication Date 17 09 19 Thanks to Netgalley and HARLEQUIN Trade Publishing for a digital galley in exchange for an honest review.

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    The Stranger Inside, a mystery thriller book was a solid 5 stars This is the 6th book that I ve read by author Lisa Unger and she certainly doesn t disappoint.The Stranger Inside centers around main character Rain Winter, a stay at home mother and former journalist Rain has had a very interesting childhood she is the daughter of a famous writer and a survivor of a near abduction, though her two friends were not so lucky The mystery in The Stranger Inside, involves the murder of criminals that have somehow escaped justice , just like the abductor that took her friends Rain, being the former journalist she is, starts an investigation of her own to find out if these cases are truly related The Stranger Inside is a well written book and highly recommend to fans of mystery thriller books Thank you NetGalley for providing me a copy in exchange for an honest review.

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    3.5 to 4 StarsThis is my first Lisa Unger book and even though I got it months before it was due to come out, mysteries and thrillers have always held a certain dark alure for me and I just couldn t wait to read it.Cautiously but excitedly I dived right into the story and after the very first chapter, I was hooked and knew that I wasn t going to be able to put it down I m so glad I took a chance on this author, on this story It really was captivating and while I did see certain things coming, I didn t see them all and it was wonderfully dark and macbre Just the sort of story that takes you outside of everything else and lets you get lost in a world you really don t ever want to be a part of and yet, while you are there, safe from all the monsters lurking inside of it, you can t get enough of ARC provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

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    Mystery Thriller is one of my very favorite genres and I chose this book because of that plus the author is Lisa Unger and the last three books I read by her were really good Narrated by Rain and Hank, victims of a childhood horror The book goes back and forth between the present and the past as they remember the events of that horrible day and keep struggling to function as normal people.There are several themes explored here such as what is legal and what is right, good vs evil, revenge and forgiveness Gives you a lot to think about.This was good and I like Unger s writing style I did think sometimes that it was a bit slow and repetitious in places though Not my favorite Unger book but I would still recommend it as a solid mystery.Thanks to Lisa Unger and HARLEQUIN Trade Publishing through Netgalley for an advance copy of this book.

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    Tense, atmospheric and addictive, The Stranger Inside is an utterly unforgettable tale of justice, revenge and good vs evil And with one of the most compelling antagonists I ve read in a very long time, this book hits my top five books this summer The Stranger Inside was, quite simply, phenomenal.Beautifully written, absorbingly atmospheric, with vividly drawn characters that drew me right in There are so many deeply thought out themes, particularly centering around justice what is justice, and how far would some people go to get it Where is the line between right and wrong And do the bad guys really deserve what comes to them The story centers around Rain s tragic past She narrowly avoided being kidnapped when she was 12 Her two friends weren t so lucky, though Tess was killed and Hank came back a different person altogether Fast forward to now Rain is living a peaceful, domestic life as a stay at home mom But when another brutal murderer who escaped justice is found dead, Rain is unexpectedly drawn into the case.I was pretty stunned by the ending, and that s a tough feat this days Lisa Unger s writing is consistently outstanding, her characters vividly alive, and the plot tense and suspenseful This is why Lisa is still the Queen of Suspense I highly recommend this book for any thriller or domestic suspense fans out there.Thank you to NetGalley for an advance copy in exchange for my honest review.

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    Rain is a stay at home mom, but misses her work as a reporter When the suspected killer in a case she once worked is found murdered, she is drawn back into the case To complicate matters, the recent murder is similar to an old case that Rain had a personal connection to Rain is consumed with finding the killer.Rain is taking a break from work to stay home with her child, but her reporter instincts kick in when a vigilante killer seems to be on the loose The recent murder of a suspected killer is eerily similar to the murder of the man who attempted to abduct Rain when she was a kid Rain was able to escape her kidnapper, but her best friends were not so lucky As an adult, Rain still has a hard time with the guilt she has from her surviving while her friends suffered Rain uses her skills and connections to discover the killer and how it connects to her past.An addictive thriller that alternates between points of view This is my second book to read by Lisa Unger, and she s an author I ll be sure to read from in the future Dark, captivating, and suspenseful I received a free digital copy of this book from the publisher via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.

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