Dragon Rising An Inside Look at China Today PDF/EPUB

  • Hardcover
  • 264 pages
  • Dragon Rising An Inside Look at China Today
  • Jasper Becker
  • English
  • 09 June 2016
  • 9780792261933

10 thoughts on “Dragon Rising An Inside Look at China Today

  1. Marshall Vandegrift Marshall Vandegrift says:

    I'd like to give this book 35 stars but I'll give it the benefit of the doubt and round up This book manages to give a solid fact supported account of the story of where China has been where it is today and where it may go It looses some points though because the facts appear in such large clumps that one can't digest them all at once At first I tried but my attention would drift I'd have lost the thread of what the facts were about by the time Becker returned to the narrative I found the book much engaging when I skimmed over the denser fact clumps

  2. Michael Dragor Michael Dragor says:

    I've read this book as well as a few of his articles He has a pattern of of showing his true feeling of china after the inital flattery and compliments Then a much darker and uglier side reveals itself and it disgusts me Politics has always had a fixation on geopolitics resources and hegemony Countries such as The United States of America Japan Vietnam Russia South Korea and India all want to acuire China's territories and resources As much I dislike Mao for the cultural revolution and great leap forward policy I can respect what he's done for China Without him China would have been under the control of the US through the Nationalist government of China ie military bases stationed in thereTheir strong centralized government is what allows China to maintain a powerful military in order to prevent others from daring to openly challenge the country Without it another century of humiliation would have certainly occurred; where the propaganda used to invade the middle East will be put into effect this time against China So it makes no difference if China became a democracy because the US would still clash with China over hegemony in Asia It's all about which country can control the most territories in order to acuire resources than their rivals and doubt inducing smear campaigns and puppet governments are historically not uncommonGood and evil concepts should be thrown out of the window when looking through a political perspective here Because what China and US are really fighting about is power; not about peace democracy and freedomThe guy is really known for his critical views of china The great leap forward over a 3 year period when china was still learning the early ropes is fixated by him The recent china that helped bring a record number of people from poverty to middle class would be downplayed by him If you want to read a book where a brit is biased against China's economic rise and patronise the chinese you should read it It seems his consistent fan base are made of people who really foams at the mouth whenever they hear china is doing well nowadays

  3. Stephen Stephen says:

    Dragon Rising uses each geographical region of China to review an aspect of the country; Shanghai stars in a chapter on China's infrastructure projects and other areas cover agriculture manufacture and shipping the environment and so on The final chapter is particularly interesting as it addresses China's influence on other countries in Southeast Asia and abroad as in Latin America The photography is beautiful

  4. Paul Paul says:

    I love the book but is also a little scary What I learnedThere is a town of Dongyang that produces 9 billion socks a year than enough to warm every pair of feet on the planet In 1986 the country was served by fewer than 2000 international telephoine and telex lines; now the country has than 300 million mobile phone users than the US In some areas the government has developed 1st world infastructure and has 3rd world wages If you are a manufacturer how do you compete? While the book is not about facts and figures it does add them in a powerful way to emphasize pointsThe book provides insight into how China has been able to accomplish so much in the past 40 years and the implications for the future are enormousThe section on Yunnan Provice and China's environment is a must read to help understand unbridled capitalism without the controls a democracy can have It seems to me that China is going through what the USA did from the 1850s to 2000 and is creating and having many of the problems and challenges of the US but in a much shorter time With its 13 billion population and its economic success China may soon become the most important economic player in the world

  5. Uwe Hook Uwe Hook says:

    The photos of today's China are some of the best you've ever seen and then you realize why This book was put out by National Geographic Hence it looks like a coffee table book but it's so much than thatThe author Jasper Becker breaks China down region by region focusing on the economic booms and fallouts of each from the Rust Belt northern industrial areas to the Special Economic Zones in southern China It will definitely make you think about what sort of suffering you're supporting by buying those sneakers electronics and pretty much everything else when you read about the coolie like labor that gets used and abused in this systemBecker also understands the need to present China's economic history which starts off the book for us to understand the type of capitalism the government has embraced nowFor anyone interested not just in the Chinese economy but the future of pretty much our 21st century world this is a must read

  6. Âme Âme says:

    Note I read the Turkish translation of this bookAn excellent book giving a very in depth and captivating vision of China at the beginning of the 21st centuryAlso; the Turkish translation was perfect it was a delight to readHowever the version of the book that I read was printed in 2010; therefore it was a bit datedIf the author could update it with the latest developments since then it would serve as an excellent guidebook to understanding the past today and possible futures of ChinaI would recommend this book

  7. Thalarctos Thalarctos says:

    I was looking for a book that would give details on what it was like to live in China today but instead this was a very dry this happened then this then this history book A perfect example of why I hated History in school

  8. Nick Woodall Nick Woodall says:

    Superb book Very well organized and this is very important considering China is such a huge country The information is impeccable and his conclusions are right on the money I encourage all China watchers to read this one

  9. Sharon Sharon says:

    Easy non fiction read about China economics by area Brief history of China historical politics in first chapter Book written in and 2006 Much has happened in China's geography and economics since then

  10. Velvetink Velvetink says:

    pdf Bookfinder

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Dragon Rising An Inside Look at China Today[BOOKS] ✯ Dragon Rising An Inside Look at China Today By Jasper Becker – Buyprobolan50.co.uk Jasper Becker's book The Chinese was hailed as the best single volume introduction to this enormous inscrutable society The Washington Post said He has been everywhere and asked every uestion describi Jasper An Inside Look at MOBI :º Becker's book An Inside PDF/EPUB è The Chinese was hailed as the best single volume introduction to this enormous inscrutable society The Washington Post said He has been everywhere and asked every uestion describing his conclusions Dragon Rising eBook Í as right in both details and analysis Since then China's role in world affairs has only grown greater No nation on Earth is as newsworthy as st century China—and no book could be timelier Rising An Inside eBook ´ than Dragon Rising appearing Rising An Inside Look at PDF \ just as world attention begins to focus on the Beijing Olympics and China's all out effort to present itself as a modern world power As interest grows Becker is Rising An Inside Look at PDF \ the ideal guide to the profound changes that are already reshaping economic diplomatic and military strategies all over the globe Intertwining in depth analysis with revealing anecdotal evidence Becker addresses every major uestion What form will China's government take How will communism's legacy affect modernization Can Shanghai's success with urban capitalism be replicated elsewhere Will wholesale cultural and economic change be resisted by the millions facing sudden transition from an authoritarian state to a market driven society How will the new China cope with pollution unemployment and voracious demand for energy Each chapter examines a specific region and such key local issues as poverty minority unrest and official corruption then places them in the broader context of Chinese society as a whole Vividly illustrated with photographs that capture the paradox of an ancient culture remaking itself into a dynamic consumer society Dragon Rising is a wonderfully written well rounded wide ranging portrait of China's problems and prospects.

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Jasper An Inside Look at MOBI :º Becker is An Inside PDF/EPUB è a British journalist who spent years covering Asia including years living in Beijing His reporting on uprisings refugees and famine in China Tibet and North Korea garnered him Dragon Rising eBook Í many awards and he is a popular speaker and commentator on current events in Asia He now lives in England and has just finished his tenth book tentatively called The Fatal Flaw Earlier books Rising An Inside eBook ´ suc.