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Rules For Vanishing In The Faux Documentary Style Of The Blair Witch Project Comes The Campfire Story Of A Missing Girl, A Vengeful Ghost, And The Girl Who Is Determined To Find Her Sister At All Costs.Once A Year, The Path Appears In The Forest And Lucy Gallows Beckons Who Is Brave Enough To Find Her And Who Won T Make It Out Of The Woods It S Been Exactly One Year Since Sara S Sister, Becca, Disappeared, And High School Life Has Far From Settled Back To Normal With Her Sister Gone, Sara Doesn T Know Whether Her Former Friends No Longer Like Heror Are Scared Of Her, And The Days Of Eating Alone At Lunch Have Started To Blend Together When A Mysterious Text Message Invites Sara And Her Estranged Friends To Play The Game And Find Local Ghost Legend Lucy Gallows, Sara Is Sure This Is The Only Way To Find Becca Before She S Lost Forever And Even Though She S Hardly Spoken With Them For A Year, Sara Finds Herself Deep In The Darkness Of The Forest, Her Friends And Their Cameras Following Her Down The Path Together, They Will Have To Draw On All Of Their Strengths To Survive The Road Is Rarely Forgiving, And No One Will Be The Same On The Other Side.

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    the sea rushes in her lover rushes in her lover is the sea she unlocks the gate he floods her salt her lips slat her thighs salt her tongue we are drowned the sea rushes in Sara s sister Becca has gone missing a year before this story takes place and while most people think she ran away with her boyfriend, Sara knows the truth She found the road and answered the call of Lucy Gallows, the spirit that called to her in her dreams The whole town knows the legend of Lucy Gallows so when the text message comes, they re ready Do you want to know what happened to Lucy Yeah, I did, too In the house in the town in the woods on the road are the halls that breathe The singing will lure you the smoke will infest you the words will unmake you the woman will hate you The road will appear if you have prepared, if you have your key, your partner, and are ready to follow the rules The road wants you, it calls to you, and you have to answer the call But the road is than it seems and the people who walk it don t return the same, if at all So when Sara and her friends Vanessa, Mel, Miranda, Jeremy, Anthony, Trina and Kevin set off with her you know some of them aren t making it out alive We feed the road We feed it by traveling We feed it by dying This novel nearly got some freezer time I flew through it, it s compelling and gripping but also terrifying It is pitched as Blair Witch meets The Hazel Wood and manI get it It s part portal fantasy and part mockumentary You get interviews from the kids, text receipts, DM s, video footage transcriptions, and first hand accounts and all of it is haunting I don t do scary stories but this was one of the easiest five stars I ve given this year The annotations hold a lot of gasps and this is brilliant writing I adored it as a reader, as a writer, and as an experience If you are into horror, hauntings, or scary stories I suggest giving this one a read Also, this book absolutely worked for me but I can see it annoying some people esp the ending I still stand behind it You re going to want to put this one on an October TBR for sure It s out for sale 9 24 Her stutter is pronounced, but she doesn t fight it like she used to when we were younger, and it has its own relaxed flow to it She likes to tell people it s worth the wait to hear what she has to say I loved the rep in this novel for a character with a stutter Vanessa and a hard of hearing character Jeremy as well as the use of ASL There s also rep for an adopted sibling, a strong brother sister bond, friendship bonds, f f romance, bisexuality, and differing ethnicities TW suicide attempt, death of a loved one, loss of a sibling, domestic abuse, child abuse, murder, death, and gore.

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    This honestly has to be one of the most perfect ya horror stories i ve read so far this year Not only was it spooky but it was very diverse, which is something i look for a lot with books It had characters of color and queer characters One of the things i loved most about this was that it was a mocumentary with hints of fantasy Another thing i really enjoyed with this book was the childhood legend aspect of this book Childhood legends were something that really intrigued me as a kid and not only were the details of the legend perfect but how the author came up with songs and games for it was amazing I can see this book being hyped for the fall seasons and i can t wait to get my hands on a hardcover physical copy when it releases

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    4 5 stars ARC provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest review. As soon as I saw that Rules For Vanishing by Kate Alice Marshall was written in the faux documentary style of The Blair Witch Project I requested it without a second thought, and thank god I did, because it is without a doubt one of the best books that I ve read so far this summer Once a year, a mysterious path appears in the forest and Lucy Gallows beckons Who is brave enough to try to find her, and who won t make it out of the woods alive I wasn t expecting to love this one as much as I did, but I m already thinking of doing a re read of it in the fall, because it was far creepier than I was anticipating, and I m looking forward to discussing it in depth once people have read it so please do yourselves a favor and add this to your TBR s if you haven t already I cannot wait to see what else this author is capable of

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    if you read one 1 YA horror this year, make it this oneblair witch project meets wizard of oz meets silent hillIT WAS SO GOODcreepy, spooky, haunting, emotionalpls read this book kthxbye

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    Rules for Vanishing is incredibly amazing This book has everything I need Mystery, spooky, ghosts, friendship and I ve never read horror that has everything in one book I was so lucky that I received this book from Pansing The powerful narrator kept me going I adored how the narrator tells this story I adored the writing style, and the unique story telling which used interviews to deliver the story The setting is amazing They were to many characters that I felt a bit difficult to keep up But I didn t really mind because every one of them have their own purpose.Have you ever read something that you can t wait to know the ending although you feel goosebumps all over your body Yeah, this book made me feel that.This story is so good and you won t regret it Thank you Pansing, for sending me a copy of Rules for Vanishing in return for an honest review

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    Disclaimer I receive a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.If you are looking for a YA mystery horror read, this book is the one.The synopsis does not do justice of how amazing this book is I thought I won t be creep out but I actually was creep out with the book.I literally flew through the book.It is a balance between a narration of the past and the present.I think that what keep the mystery very exciting.I had so much theories in my head and I just needed to know what was going on immediately There is definitely a focus on other characters Which I find their addition very perfect It wasn t too much I wasn t attached to any of the side characters, but I find their presence adds mystery to what is going on.The pace of the book was quite fast It just goes straight into it compare to other thriller books I need to dive into YA thriller horror and definitely read Kate Alice Marshall books.

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    What a weird, wild ride RTC.

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    Advanced reader copy provided by publisher.It s been a while since a book gripped me so much that I stayed up past my bedtime reading and wanted to call in sick to finish it, but Rules of Vanishing is the kind of book that you just can t put down I won it in a giveaway that described it as a ghost story of the present, and the ARC jacket copy describes it as a literary Blair Witch Trials, but though there is a ghost and it does take a documentary format, I would consider it of a dark fantasy The setup is a familiar one from many movies a gang of loyal friends converge to investigate a mystery, and not all of them may survive In this case, the mystery is the disappearance of Becca, the sister of the protagonist, Sara, which appears to be tied to a local legend about another missing girl named Lucy who was seen vanishing on a road that only appears once a year.The twist that makes the setup feel fresh is centering it on girls Sisterly love propels the investigation, and instead of a bunch of boys on bikes with a token female love interest, the girls are in charge here and the boys come along for the ride.Sara is an unreliable narrator, we assume at first because she s been traumatized by the loss of her sister, whom everyone else thinks ran away with an unsuitable boyfriend Unwilling to give up on the shining star of her life Becca , she decides to investigate the night the road is supposed to appear, and even though they ve been estranged by the loss, their core group of childhood friends plus a couple of curious additions come together to back her up, even if it s only to prove that her theory is wrong there can t be a magic road in modern suburban Massachusetts.In the dark of the woods, though, they find that the road is all too real, and as Sara suspected, her sister set out upon it to search for the legendary Lucy There are rules for vanishing, and one of them is that you can never go backwards, only forwards, so soon the gang is pressing on through unimaginable danger.I won t be specific about what they find at the 7 gates along the road, but it s a compelling read, weaving in the aforementioned elements with extremely expressive writing and making it all come together with a backstory based on Breton legends.Loyalties are forged and tested, heart wrenching decisions are made, and Sara displays heroism and leadership at every turn, as do some of the other characters.If this book has a downfall, it is the characterizations The gang is admirably inclusive, with an Asian character, an African American character, a character who wears hearing aids, and a light romance between a lesbian character and Sara, who is bisexual I enjoyed this because it felt like real life in urbane areas today, but I didn t get enough of a sense of their personalities to understand why they cared about each other, much less for me to care about them myself There were also parts that were completely inexplicable, such as when a character who is described as a perfect good girl suddenly reveals she may have killed her stepfather earlier that night I think the intent was to surprise and shock but it was really out of nowhere in spite of clumsy attempts to foreshadow she and her brother wince at any mention of him, and it s revealed that the brother attempted suicide earlier in the year, which we are later supposed to infer was because of abuse This all sounds damning but the simple pleasures of the book, like the realistic relationship between Sara and Becca, the imaginative trials and tribulations along the road, the intriguing backstory of and relationship between the psychiatrist and his assistant who interrogate Sara I ll leave out why they re doing so, which is a major spoiler, but their involvement is almost interesting than the main plot line and is never quite resolved, perhaps leaving room for a sequel , keep one turning the pages Oh, and the ghost I was promised a ghost story in the giveaway, and all I can say is there is one, she s not who you think she is, but she s very mysterious and very resourceful, and while this isn t really her story, I would very much enjoy reading that in the future.

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    3.5 StarsThis young adult horror novel was a quick and easy read Written as a collection of documents, this book successfully created the experience of reading a found footage movie Between the regular chapters, the author included transcripts of messages as well as descriptions of videos and pictures retrieved from the teenagers phones Unlike other multimedia books, this one did not feel gimmicky or over the top.This book definitely felt targeted to a young audience As someone who predominantly reads adult fiction, I honestly felt too old for this one I appreciated that the book avoided many of the annoying tropes of young adult fiction While this book was not for me, I would still love to gift it to teenagers There was a lot of great diversity in this story, including persons of various sexual orientations and ethnic backgrounds However, the group of friends almost felt too perfectly diverse, which felt a bit artificial I did not find this one scary, but I am also a rather harden reader who enjoys a lot of very intense adult horror However, younger readers with less horror experience will likely find this one creepier than I did.I would recommend this one to teenagers and other readers who enjoy young adult books This one would particularly appeal to those who love books like The Slenderman and The Dead House.Disclaimer I received an ARC copy of this book from the publisher.

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    This book got a unique plot and setting Spooky and very disturbing scenarios It literally kept me up at some nights because every chapter will definitely get you hooked Sara is a great narrator Her love for her sister is very admirable The only downfall of this book is the constant popping of characters in the story It was really confusing Although there is a footnotes to keep you on track, it will still confuse you and make you think, wait, what Also, this book is a little bit long in my opinion, but the ending was really worth it Never expected it So my tip Remember the names Remember every member of the group and even the small detailed characters to avoid confusion and save you time from back tracking Overall, it was such a nice read And definitely recommended to readers who love horror and spooky reads.