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Celtic Magic Llewellyn's World Magic Series [Download] ➼ Celtic Magic Llewellyn's World Magic Series By D.J. Conway – Buyprobolan50.co.uk Celtic magic These words conjure up images of Druids and mystical oak groves daring Irish warriors fairies elves and ancient deities who took an active part in the lives of the people who worshipped t Celtic magic Llewellyn's World PDF ☆ These words conjure up images of Druids and mystical oak groves daring Irish warriors fairies elves and ancient deities who took an active part in the lives of the people who worshipped them Practical and easy to understand Celtic Magic offers important features that distinguish it from other books written about the Celts An in depth discussion of Celtic culture and customs A complete listing of Celtic myths and deities Step by Celtic Magic PDF/EPUB or step instructions for spellwork ritual meditations and divination to help you gain insight or make changes in your life This friendly Celtic magic book is designed for both beginners and those who possess intermediate level magical skills and anyone who simply has a great interest in Celtic history lore and magic.

10 thoughts on “Celtic Magic Llewellyn's World Magic Series

  1. Penelope Penelope says:

    This barely gets 1 star For the love of all things holy and sacred in this world do not buy this book if you're genuinely interested in Celtic Paganism This book is essentially Celtic flavoured 'Wicca' with terrible lore and history thrown in Do yourself a favour and buy something with much substance

  2. Anjie Brown Anjie Brown says:

    This book offers lots of history and has a great reference section in the back however the ritualistic magic was entirely too regimented for me It also mentioned a number of times that pagans have to operate in secrect and in silence I find that to be an antiuated notion I would use this book for it's wonderful reference sections but nothing else beyond that

  3. Ruby Hollyberry Ruby Hollyberry says:

    I retain some fondness for this little book because it was the very first Pagan Magickal manual I ever saw at a friend's house at fifteen It was basically of no use to me or her and we soon moved on to better books with content Not to imply that all Conway's books are useless Most seem to be founded securely on a great deal of research But they give the unmistakable feeling of having been put together by someone who does not live the life Someone on the armchair path of Paganism read a lot and write about what you read but no practice no faith no real experience This is not uncommon among some Llewellyn authors Edain McCoy comes to mind I have enjoyed books by both Lord Of Light Shadow The Many Faces of the God by Conway is the best book of myths and teachings about the Wiccan God I've ever found and McCoy's Lady Of The Night A Handbook of Moon Magick Rituals was an excellent comprehensive beginner spellbook but there are some stinkers as well Rent payers you know what I mean Llewellyn publishes some terrific books but they publish a lot of regurgitated crap and made up untested pseudo paths as well My old high priest could never fail to burst out laughing at the Irish Potato Goddess boner made in McCoy's Witta An Irish Pagan Tradition Best not to write about traditions you neither practice nor know anything about But if you do Llewellyn will publish it

  4. Brittany Brittany says:

    Maybe a 25 really? The negative reviews are absolutely right this book is very basic but at the same time oddly regimented in a 'do it this way or you'll be sorry' kind of way is definitely about Celtic flavored Wicca and not actual Celtic paganism and magical beliefs though I have to wonder why on earth people even picked this book up if that's what they were looking for the publisherback cover summary really should have tipped them off and did actually make me laugh out loud at some of its gross inaccuracies okay the academic folklorist in me admittedly also cried a little bit All that being said however it was a reasonably fun concise clearly written uick read It clarified some basics about how certain kinds of practitioners work that I had been unclear about to this point and I enjoyed the section on Ogham in particular

  5. David David says:

    Total waste of time If you just have to read it then borrow it so it won't be a waste of money too Looking back on this volume I can see how un researched it really was It's just another in a long line of money making trash from Llewellyn I hate to say it but the whole lot of their world magic series is just that

  6. Aaron Meyer Aaron Meyer says:

    Junk It along with Norse Magic are about as worthless as it gets Nearly the same book just switch a few names in and out Nothing here of educational value at all You want to learn about the Celts and their practices read their legends and delve into their history and look at archaeology and its findings don't waste your time with this drivel

  7. Gwyndyllyn Gwyndyllyn says:

    Pretty basic Not bad just basic than what I was hoping for

  8. Sec Sec says:

    This book took me an exceptionally long time to finish Probably one of the longest live blog readings I have ever done and I have done “textbook” length reviews That's even with skipping like 50 pages of random content in a 202 page book Does that speak volumes? I am sure by now you may have read other reviews on this book and others written by Conway Clearly Conway essentially wrote a book about cherry picked “Celtic Wicca” which has all of the Wicca and almost none of the folklore magic concepts history or society of the Celts While there are definitely things we can discuss beyond the historical and folkloric inaccuracies one thing I want to point out is when discussing the Celts or Celtic Paganism even recon the topic is exceptionally large There are so many differing groups with their own stories languages lore and lifestyles that cannot just be encapsulated into a single book let alone a 202 page one I'm hammering that home for the audience This book was literally doomed to fail from the absolute jump Even Conway knew it “It would be impossible to include here every myth of Ireland Scotland Wales and Britain There are several good books listed in the bibliography for those who wish to study the mythologies in depth I have chosen interesting stories stories that explain powers and magic” p 89That's right friends even Conway knows this is a fools journey Conway just picked whatever story or fact in order to feel good about having something “Celtic” in this book With 6 pages of bibliography I can only assume that Conway went to the nearest library and just ripped whatever was on their catalog under Celts and moved on as a way to cover for the gross lack of self awareness and gross lack of accurate information But with Napoleonic ambitions our fearless author dived into the topic and playfully exposed the hand that the Author was playing Conway wants you to join Wicca by any means necessary If Conway has to bastardize and combine things that don't make sense and aren't real in order to get you to swallow the Wicca Juice Conway will pull out the strongest industrial blender in the cabinet to do so Again let's put aside historical and cultural inaccuracies for a minute and let me illuminate what “other” ingredients Conway decided needed to be in the blender first 1 Elementals2 The Magic Circle3 The Emphasis of Directionals NESW4 The Four Powers of the Magus5 The Great Moon Mother Moon Goddess and her Consort the Horned God6 Self Initiation Rites7 Chakras8 Karma9 Stone Divination Crystal Work10 Mojo Bags disguised as “just bags”11 The concept of “Feeding” magical things that is definitely not Celtic12 Graveyard dust On the whole 1 7 especially number 1 and 5 are the worst offenders in this book Conway repeatedly repeatedly talks about these things as if they were the first of the things Celts thought about or discussed in their lore Conway just tries desperately to convince you of how the Druids knew all of this just like the other “ancient occultists” Conway even goes so far as to use “the old Celtic language” and “In Scotland the Gallic words for the cardinal points” in order to try to heavy hand that these things are truly Celtic tm Conway is just trying to convince you that for as much as the Celts are “different” they are exactly the same But don't worry Conway does know she's trying to force you to drink the Wicca Juice “The spirits or beings of the Elements have been known to many cultures particularly the Greeks and Romans from whom we get our names for them In Greek gnoma gnomes meant knowledge or the knowing ones Unda undine in Latin meant wave creates of the Waves The Greek word silphe sylph was a butterfly or being with gauzy wings Salambe salamnder in Greek described a fireplace; however the actual being was like a very small dragon” p19 20Oh Conway puts her hands on her hips with a disappointed look And don't you worry Conway knows completely that this is mostly about Wicca because Conway mentions it freuently in a book about Celtic Magic“In Wicca it is believed that allowing a wrong or evil to exist unhampered is harmful to everybody” p11“I firmly believe that a copy of the Four Powers and the Wiccan law of morality should be in every ritual room” p 11“In Wicca and ceremonial magic each Element is associated with a color” p18“In Wiccan rites the wand directs magical power and is used to persuade” p 23“In the Wiccan and magical tradition the colors are” p26“ with the Wiccan colors in parentheses” p 26“The pentagram a five point star with one upward point is a Spirit symbol used in Wiccan and other pagan rituals” p 35“In fact you cannot be a Satanist and Wiccan at the same time” p 36 Don't worry we'll come back to this one“In the Wiccan tradition the hilt is usually black and the blade sharp on both sides” p 38“The Wiccan say one must never haggle over the price of any ritual object” p 41“Celtic Wicca” p 43“Witchcraft or Wicca is both a religion and a magical system” p 43“The word Wicca or witch comes from the Anglo Saxon language and means wise one Originally the word for a male witch was Wicca and female Wicce with the plural being Wiccan Today however the common word for both sexes is Wicca” p 43“Both Wicca and Celtic pagan believe in another world which is made up of spirits both human and Elemental The Wiccan believe that powerful witches of the past are still able to help those practicing the craft today”p 44“Both the ceremonial magician and the Wiccan share a belief in the astral plane” p 44“The Wiccan and many magicians choose a secret name for themselves that is used only during rituals” p 44“Monthly Wiccan meetings are held at or near the Full Moon” p 45“Magicians and the Wiccan know that what appears to be opposites of matter form energy and force are not really opposing at all” p 45“The Wiccan and Celtic pagans believe that this world is only part of reality that divinity is both male and female” p 45“The Wiccan and Celtic religions teach that between reincarnations the soul rests in the Lady of Faery a pagan paradise called by the Celtics Tir Nan og or Land of the Young” p 46“Certain gestures and postures in a Wiccan circle have definite hidden meanings” p 46“The Wiccan Book of Shadows or “cookbook” as a friend calls it is a book in which witches write rituals invocations and spells” p 46“The Triple Goddess or triple aspects of the Goddess was well known to the Celts and is still used today in Wicca” p 47“It is also possible that witchcraft or the Wiccan may have evolved when the Druids were driven underground”p78“It was unlucky to bring blossoms of the hawthorn indoors; this rule is still followed by some modern Celts and Wiccan” p 158See They are exactly the same When people talk about this book being a rebranding of Wicca with “Celtic flavoring” they don't mean Conway rebuilt a new practice which takes in Celtic mythology and configured different rituals and orientated the practice to be some kind of hybrid No what they mean is Conway said I need another book so I can get dollars from the public How best to do that? Ah By just posting the exact same Wicca and then occasionally comparing it to a large complex cultural and ethnic group Also adding some Hoodoo and Rootwork and Hinduism for funsies Conway wasn't going to build you a whole new practice because that would be hard and not worth those dollars that I can uickly get if I just republish material also if I republish the EXACT same material multiple times across the sections of this 202 page book Think of the DollarsSo let's move on to some of the other stereotypical stuff that exist in this book shall we? I think I proved my point uite clearly on this particular one SURPRISE It's the Satanic PanicLet's revisit the uote I had above in it's entirety“Satanist in the US Have corrupted this sacred symbol by using it with one point in the downward position Proper use of the upright pentacle has absolutely no correlation to Satanism In fact you cannot be a Satanist and Wicca at the same time Witches do not believe in the Devil In order to be a Satanist you have to believe in Christianity and God's powerful alter ego the Devil” p 36Whew there's a lot to unwrap here Cap'n Essentially due to the Satanic Panic that existed in the 1980s well into the 1990s almost every witch with a robe went to the hills screaming and shaking about how they weren't Devil Worshipers Using a very “modern Christian” understanding about what the Devil is and his role in Christianity Even Christians of the late 1600s would not understand the modern Christian idea of the Devil Satanism is a complex set of religions some of which are Atheistic and some of which are Theistic Depending on the style and kind of Satanism you may or may not have cross overs into the occult or into witchcraft There definitely are Satanist Witches and Witches who worship the Devil though those two may or may not overlap depending on the Witch The conversation about Satanism and Devil Worship in these types of older books really shows the age and time frame that they were written I'm sure Conway doesn't want to have to deal with the ramifications of those on certain Crooked Paths Needless to say let's stop posting this kind of shit in our books because I see newbies who come to occultism and witchcraft say these things at length to others They don't know any better because all of our source materials seem to reference this particular thing ad nauseumAlso don't let that “Judeo Christian” convo from page 10 be left off from here If you mean Christianity and a specific branch of Christianity don't add Judaism The fact of the matter is Judaism is a very different religion from Christianity in the same way that Islam is different from either of them I see a lot of the references in this book about Christianity as being something wholly separate from Witchcraft In fact that Christianity basically “killed the Druids” or some crap which is meant to make witches visa vie the victims of all Christianity As if there are not Christian Witches because that's the other flipside of that statement above and as if Christianity cannot be in occultism Or Judaism Or Islam Sorry Conway some of your favorite Ceremonial Magicians straight up jacked shit from Judaism SURPRISE It's the same information listed times than not?Just to reiterate another point from aboveOn the absolute whole I hate lists especially “correspondence” lists They don't really go into the reasoning behind someone's paradigm for why something is something Instead they are exceptionally lazy and by their nature short hand They aren't meant to educate you on a techniue they aren't about explaining to you how something works they aren't about to show you how to do something and they certainly aren't going to give you any kind of grand whole picture world view about a particular topic Essentially they are just some page fillers that provide 0 nutritional value to any newbies or anyone who wants a refresher on let's say certain forms of Ceremonial magic These correspondence lists are also a wink and a nod about how to gate keep people from knowing certain things It's why they are so short hand and everywhere You should be learning this information about these correspondences from your local Chapter of the Golden Dawn that you've initiated into wink wink How silly to think you would get any kind of educational information from the New Age sectionI bring this point up because HOLY FUCK CONWAY Conway literally has the exact same Deity “correspondence” table listed 3 separate times in this book 3 times One of which is a “uick reference” table Never you mind the ethical implications of making Deities a “correspondence” That's just the beginning of the repeated list information Conway talks about stones and candle colors in various sections of the book and yet we still get additional ELEMENTAL and CANDLE correspondences at the back of the book I am tempted to cross reference to see if Conway made any slip ups or mistakes in saying what colors mean what but you know I was already petty with that Wiccan list wasn't I? So let's not waste my time or yours Needless to say this book essentially is just a bunch of lists that Conway plucked out of who knows where The majority of this content probably is about 50 pages total if you removed every single list and every piece of duplicated information that Conway spills into this book SURPRISE Witchcraft is a Religion because Wicca gets the right to Witchcraft OnlyI would be remiss in not talking about this as a Secular Witch Conway repeatedly talks about Witchcraft as a synonym for Wicca So when Conway talks about Wicca or Witchcraft what Conway is referring to is Conway's specific practice But that doesn't stop Conway from making broad sweeping conversations about what “Wicca” or “Witchcraft” thinks or how to practice magic Just for the people taking notes Wicca is a specific witchcraft religion It only owns the stuff that's Wicca And not any other witchcraft or magical practice Yeah I'm going to bring up the “anti negative” magic bit in here Conway is very very anti negative magic A lot of conversation in the beginning portions of this book talk about getting rid of negative habits that you should deal with “troublesome people” with positive magic rather than negative magic That some how through the sheer force of will constant candle meditation and visualization that you will become this person who never does or has anything negative And if you do well you didn't work hard enough did you? This same author is the author that has a thorned crown reversal spell in their herb lore I like consistency If you're a person who thinks that you will not do “negative” aka curses in your practice then don't try to toe the line here Use “positive magic” to deal with “troublesome people” That's the brand you're selling right? My personal opinion on type of thought bubble is that it's very childish and demeaning It treats spell casters as if they are the makers of their own problems and blames them for not doing it “good enough” Sometimes bad things and bad people just happen to the people around them I think a spell caster's hands should be tied by their own personal and ethical relationship to spellwork which should be nuanced and thought about at length Rather than some weird flighty until it happens to you kind of morality that seems to basically change with the wind full review on my blog

  9. Dylan Madeley Dylan Madeley says:

    Still reading I only have the weekend and whenever I'm not busy during that span I'm apartmentcat sitting where there's a nice shelf of magic related books and this one didn't look too long for me to read That said reading some of the other comments it's tough to say how accurate the thing is that I'm reading but then the only other book of its kind that I read any part of was this really heavy tome by Israel RegardieThought I could finish it during my stay but didn't and will most likely move on to another book instead

  10. Effie Effie says:

    Hahaha wew what a controversial little book This was part of an original collection I had in my younger years and I still have a little space in my heart for it nostalgia maybe? I can't say it founded any of my beliefs or ways of practice though it has a few bits and bobs that I've carried with me but yes like most I've come to realize that a lot of the information inside doesn't bear much fact If you're going to buy it take it with a grain of salt

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