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Beloved Warrior ➿ Beloved Warrior Free ➶ Author Patricia Potter – Driven from his ancestral home Patrick Maclean has spent the last six years as a prisoner aboard a slave ship Embittered by his family's refusal to pay a ransom to free him he vows to one day claim hi Driven from his ancestral home Patrick Maclean has spent the last six years as a prisoner aboard a slave ship Embittered by his family's refusal to pay a ransom to free him he vows to one day claim his rightful place as the Maclean heir and exact vengeance on his father and brothers Finally when the mutiny he has plotted succeeds he gets his chance But he suddenly finds himself saddled with a most unsettlingly beautiful hostageJuliana Mendoza is on her way to a marriage with an English nobleman when the enslaved oarsmen on her ship mutiny and she's taken captive by their leader a powerful Scottish warrior But as weeks pass she discovers a reluctant kindness and compassion lurking beneath Patrick's gruff exterior and her terror gradually turns to smoldering attraction And yet she has no choice If she is to save her mother along with the man she had grown to love she must marry her intended even if it destroys her newly awakened heart.

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  1. Tammy Walton Grant Tammy Walton Grant says:

    Didn't finish this one it started out ok but didn't really hold my interest The story was interesting than the romance if that makes any sense The Hh were just meh for me but I did like the way the author wrote about the heroine's feelings for the hero She LUSTED after him felt amazing chemistry with him and went for it But then didn't do anything about it

  2. Danila Salvadei Danila Salvadei says:

    La storia è ambientata in Scozia nel periodo dei Tudor ossia nel 1514Protagonisti della storia sono Patrick Maclean catturato in battaglia e prigioniero ormai da sei anni su un’infame nave di schiavi e Juliana Mendoza anche lei sulla stessa nave costretta dal padre per raggiungere l’Inghilterra dove diventerà la sposa di un uomo che nemmeno conosce un matrimonio combinato contro la sua volontàDurante la traversata però gli schiavi capitanati dallo stesso Patrick si ribellano e uccidono l’intero euipaggio compreso lo zio della ragazza e conuistano cos’ il vascello Juliana si ritrova così prigioniera di un uomo che sembra odiare gli spagnoli e uindi lei stessa Sola e terrorizzata si troverà a dover affrontare un’avventura pericolosa ma allo stesso tempo travolgente e appassionante che la porterà a scoprire un sentimento che non conoscevaUn romanzo davvero molto carino una storia d’a avventurosa complicata ma anche molto dolce e tenera di uelle che mi lasciano con un sorriso sulle labbra una volta terminata la lettura“Adorabile Ribelle” è il terzo e ultimo romanzo di una serie intitolata “MaClean” di cui fanno parte il primo libro “Adorabile Ingannatrice” e “Adorabile Nemico” che purtroppo non ho letto ma che spero di riuscire a recuperare i due libri e uindi completare la serie anche se ho letto per primo l’ultimo PDavvero un romanzo carino che mi ha fatto tanta compagnia e che mi è piaciuto davvero moltoLa scrittrice Patricia Potter ha saputo coinvolgermi nella storia ad appassionarmi e mi ha fatto identificare in Juliana oltre che a farmi “vivere” la storia insieme alla sua protagonista descrizioni abbastanza complete e che ti fanno “vedere” i personaggi che incontri e ti appassioni alle loro storie Percepivo ogni stato d’animo e ogni emozione della protagonistaMi è piaciuto davvero tutto del romanzo non ho trovato alcuna nota negativa al contrario mi ha fatto trascorrere ore piacevoli di lettura immersa in un mondo lontano dalla mia realtà e mi ha portato a sognare ad occhi aperti uesta dolcissima e appassionante storia d’a

  3. Virginia Tican Virginia Tican says:

    I like the way the author do not make use of a reckless heroine's rash actions to save the day and sacrifice herself for the good of all thus getting herself into the villains' hands tired and annoying plot style For that alone plus a cleverly crafted tried and true formula given a refreshing twist most definitely have my vote She did it too in the first book and that got me to read this one Juliana Mendoza's family's fortunes unknown to her mostly come from trade shipping manned by galley slaves The Sofia is taking Juliana and her maid to England for a political marriage underneath the ship is Patrick Maclean and some other unfortunate individuals chained to a row of benches who row to the beat of the drum when there is no wind For 7 long years ever since the heir to Inverleith had been sold to Mendoza when his ransom has not been paid despite several demands he had been called One for being the lone survivor of many turnovers of galleyrowers and now he is ready for his Freedom by starting a mutiny This is Patrick's storyPS Whatever happened to Patrick's suspicions that his being thrown in prison before being sold as a slave to Mendoza was a plot by his clan's enemies? What happened to those messages demanding payment for his ransom? Were they even sent? Or were they intercepted?

  4. Leticia Vega Leticia Vega says:

    it was ok nothing to gush about a fast and easy read the romance was blah but the rest of the story was interesting enough to hold my attention barely like the other books in the series the ending is uickly wrapped up

  5. Saga Saga says:

    15152510Juliana Mendozavirginal stubborn duty over lovePatrick Macleanslave stubborn and I put an arrow from Juliana's duty over love next to stubborn here LOL so duty over loveStorycuz of the plot for some reason I read page by page the whole book I didn't get bored maybe because of Diego DennyYAYDIEGO DENNYFav things to mentionpg 154Oh Rory exclaimed How did you survive?I was too angry to die PatrickBonny' mayhap too much? UGH 0 LOL

  6. Emily Lou & Emily Lou & says:

    Still a great book to read I've been wondering about the charicter Diego He's been full of mistery and I think I'd like to read about him At the Epilogue at the end of the book it looked that the author wanted to make another series about Diego but then stopped for some reason Its seemed to me that this is the last of the Beloved series I hope one day that she consider publishing a book about Diego I really really hope soGREAT BOOK PATRICIA POTTER I'll never tire in reading ur books

  7. C J C J says:

    A wonderful Scottish romance full of emotions and enhanced by charming and not so charming characters An easy engaging enjoyable read ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ of 5

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