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Twisted ➹ [Reading] ➻ Twisted By Laurie Halse Anderson ➮ – When Bethany Milbury is the victim in a teenage sex scandal 17 year old Tyler is nailed as the prime suspect With everyone believing him to be guilty Tyler spirals into a nightmarish paranoid state of When Bethany Milbury is the victim in a teenage sex scandal year old Tyler is nailed as the prime suspect With everyone believing him to be guilty Tyler spirals into a nightmarish paranoid state of mind He is desperate to find a way out of the mess he's in.

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  1. Tatiana Tatiana says:

    I don't know exactly what it was about this particular book that touched me so much I've read other books written by Laurie Halse Anderson they were all great but Twisted just totally blew my mindThis is a story about Tyler a teenage boy who trying to disengage himself from years of social invisibility commits an act for which he is given 6 months probation and forced to a summer filled of character building labor When the summer is over Tyler is a new person he is now a muscular hunk and has a reputation of being a dangerous badass He is suddenly courted by his dream girl and hated by her jock brother the two are accidentally his father's boss' kids On probation for his stunt Tyler struggles to balance his consuming crush with pressure that comes from schoolwork and his explosive father and after Tyler is implicated in a serious crime his balancing act falls apart He reaches a point of such pressure that he is not sure he can take it I am always skeptical of female authors who try to write from male POV Very often we end up with unrealistic dream boat type males But Anderson doesn't disappoint Her Tyler is so real so flawed so lost and confused and twisted His story consumed me and I couldn't help myself from praying for Tyler to succeed in his uest for his own identity At one point I was fearful he wouldn't make it but thankfully Anderson's books always end with triumphA very moving read that I will not soon forgetReading challenge #1 T

  2. Emily May Emily May says:

    This is the second book I've read by Laurie Halse Anderson and I was impressed yet again Her writing is very personal and gets right inside the protagonist's mind in a way that pulls the reader into the centre of her stories Twisted is about a teenage boy called Tyler who finds himself in the high school limelight after pulling a stunt that lands him with 6 months probation and hard labour which then results in him gaining a super hot body and a bad in a good way reputation Suddenly his impossible crush on Bethany doesn't seem uite so impossible and everything looks like it's going Tyler's way for once that is until he is accused of a serious crime that he didn't commit Then his whole world turns upside down and almost no one is on his side including his fatherI think Anderson has done an amazing job with Twisted I was never bored and I sympathised with all the protagonist's emotions and turmoil I still didn't enjoy it uite as much as I did Speak and I think that's simply because I can never uite relate to male point of views as well as female But I want it understood that Anderson did a great job as a female writer creating a male voice that was realistic and not romanticised I am definitely going to read from Laurie Halse Anderson

  3. Trevor Trevor says:

    Laurie Halse Anderson’s Twisted is one hell of a hand grenade launched into the canon of teen lit Tyler’s senior year is about to start and things are looking like this community service for the Foul Deed is about over classes are going to be hell and the hottest girl at George Washington High has Tyler on her radaras does her ahole brother Chip Ty has changed a bit as well the summer of landscaping has given him a new physiue and a new confidence but like Aunt May says to a transformed Peter Parker “with great power comes great responsibility” And who exactly is going to teach Tyler how to be responsible? This is where Twisted really gets going Talking to the overworked distant father is a certain heat getter for Tyler so that option is out Ty’s best friend codename Yoda has learned everything there is to know about life from Star Wars not a bad place to learn a thing or two but it’s not Tyler’s holy grail of worldly wisdom Then there is “The Party” Not to give anything away about that but I’ll just hint that this also is a story about how one’s past screw ups can make others point the finger at you when some really scary stuff hits the fan

  4. Annalisa Annalisa says:

    I started off liking this I tend to prefer male protagonists and Tyler is funny And then I start cringing Anderson gets how shocking teenagers are because she's cool like that You know every girl's a little easy dressing like a tramp and just waiting to get laid and every guy's a pervert doing you know what on the internet and in the shower And they have to throw around the f word and party like crazy It would not be authentic at all to write about teenagers and not use that shock value to the extreme because that's what teenagers are like and it's what they want to read right? I appreciate the stamp at the beginning of the page that says the book is not for children but I'm not a fan of edgy YA just for the sake of being edgy and this felt gratuitous than authenticBut about the story Did I relate to Tyler? Yes Anderson's characterization is very well done Tyler is one of the good guys I wanted to root for him and I felt for him when things went wrong She did a great job of switching from light hearted to heavy A story is only as strong as its characters and Anderson nails it in that department Did the story wrap up to give you that good hope for the future feeling that defines young adults? Absolutely and I liked that it didn't do it with a bowSo I liked the story just not all the superfluous material there to make it edgy For that I'm downgrading a solid 4 read to a 3 maybe even 35 It's one of those cases where if I like a book if it's a good book and if I would recommend it don't match up

  5. Valerie Valerie says:

    This book didn't really do it for me The whole time I was reading it I kept thinking that if I was a teenager I would have had my jaw gaping open at some of the plot twists but since I'm now a jaded adult I felt like the events that occurred were a bit emotionally manipulativeMain things that bugged me the fantasy of a dorky guy who works all summer and comes back to school buff and suddenly semi popular The gun The inattentive father and the resolution that occurs with their relationship at the end of the novel I just wasn't buying itBut like I said I'm not really the intended audience for this book so I'll shut up now On the flip side many YA books can cross the line and engage both teens and adults I just don't think this is one of them

  6. ivana18 ivana18 says:

    A former geek Tyler Miller got himself in trouble because of a prank The Foul Deed he pulled at the end of his junior year He was sick and tired of being a nobody a zit on the butt of the student body so he decided to to something that will put him on the map But things don't go exactly as planned and he gets caught Judge ordered him to do community service all summer helping janitors in his school Plus he had to pay for the damages he caused so he sold his car and worked for a landscaping company all summer Tyler doesn't mind hard work it's something he's good at and it's a cleansing experience for his mind and body especially his body I decapitated dandelions all morning leaving carnage and death strewn in my pathI was good at digging holes It was the rest of the life I sucked atIn addition with dealing with his messed up family dad is a first class asshole mom is a pet photographer cake baker and a nice lady who smells faintly of gin and sister Hannah is just staring high school he has to deal with his new reputation his AP classes his parole officer and his alarmingly high testosterone levelsHe's on a short leash AND on thin ice AND he really needs to keep his nose clean „That's that Work hard at school Keep your nose clean and come back in a month“Again with the clean nose thing Authority figures had a pathological fear of boogers that's how I saw itBut things are not all that bad there's a upside to all this During the summer he goes trough a growth spurt he's six three and one ninety five now and because of his hard work for the landscaping company he's packing some nice looking muscles so the most popular girl in school Bethany Milbury is finally noticing him Tyler has a huge crush on her but he's not exactly confident enough to do something about that and when he finally makes a move some unexpected things happen and he must figure out how to deal with themTyler is a great guy and one of my favorite YA characters He's a great brother to his younger sister he's a great son to his mom and his trying to please his over controlling and a little bit psycho dadOne of the reasons I loved this book so much is because it's written from a guys POV and Laurie Halse Anderson does a great job with TylerHe's not emo but he's sensitive enough and his hormones are working overtime but he's not acting like a dog in heat And he's really funny in a sarcastic and intelligent way I picked up one of the books and flipped through it Don't get me wrong I like reading But some books should come with warning labels Caution contains characters and plots guaranteed to induce sleepiness Do not attempt to operate heavy machinery after ingesting than one chapter Has been known to cause blindness seizures and a terminal loathing of literature Should only be taken under the supervision of a highly trained English teacher Preferably one who grades on the curveThere are some things about Tyler that are disturbing but probably not that unusual for a teenager who's going trough these kind of problems He has violent thoughts about hurting his father and hurting other kids in school and about hurting himselfview spoiler But thankfully he never does any of the things he's imagining doingexcept when he smashed his father's train set with the baseball bat but he didn't really hurt his father even when he wanted to and even when his dad really crossed the line hide spoiler

  7. Drew Drew says:

    “Once you’ve thought long and hard enough about doing something that is colossally stupid you feel like you’ve actually done it and then you’re never uite sure what your limits are” If you've never read anything by Laurie Halse Anderson before let me tell you that she writes some of the best hard hitting realism Speak took a close look at a rape victim; Wintergirls focused on an anorexic girl Twisted is centered around suicideAnderson has a gift for being able to dive into the minds of teens I think a lot of authors miss the mark when they try to write teen voices and their characters end up sounding like they tried way too hardWith Anderson it comes naturally Her characters think like teens have realistic relationships and their behavior accurately represents teenagers Twisted shows the side of Tyler's life that he won't let his friends see his depressed abusive father who is tearing their family apart and how Tyler spends his time thinking up different ways to hurt people “I didn’t fit I was a different size a different shape I kept trying to sueeze into a body a skin suit that was too small” Tyler's narrative was so sympathetic; no matter how hard he tried he could never live up to his father's expectations But the portrayal of a serious issue wasn't the only good thing the plot also intrigued me and the writing was addictingI loved the ending; it sent a great message about suicide No matter how bad things are what people are saying about you or how you feel about yourself you can take control of the situation and change things for the better When there is the possibility of a brighter future ahead why give up now?

  8. Ashley Ashley says:

    The I think about Twisted the I think it is an effective and unusual contribution to any YA collection Halse Anderson accomplishes two remarkable feats in this book First she gets the teenage male voice and preoccupations perfect; Tyler's hard ons are just as much a part of his daily life as his social anxieties crushes and homework And secondly she manages to address the deep level importance of family life however dysfunctional to adolescents The plot seems at first to offer only a predictable scenario over the summer ugly duckling dweeb transforms into possibly cool and sexy swan But as Tyler's promising proto relationship with super popular Bethany gets twisted by one late night party and a heap of false accusations it becomes impossible to ignore the pressure from Tyler's asshole dad and eually impossible for Tyler to ignore doing something about himSome elements the reconciliation between Tyler and his father for example are a bit predictable but all in all this is a thought provoking worthwhile read that guys and gals alike will enjoy

  9. Jay G Jay G says:

    Want to see bookish things from me? Check out my youtube channel being caught graffiting the school during summer vacation Tyler Miller is given 6 months probation of hard work and heavy labour This slowly transforms him from invisible Nerd Boy to suddenly hunky semi bad boy which catches the attention of his long time crush Bethany Milbury Unfortunately for Tyler Bethany is the daughter of his father's boss as well as the twin sister of his arch nemesis Chip As the school year progresses Tyler's life drastically changes as he tries to balance his overbearing father his school work and his crush on BethanyI absolutely love Laurie Halse Anderson and her writing she is so talented She has a way of sucking you into the story from the very first page The book flies by so uickly but its message is so effective Tyler is an amazing character Through out Tyler's story you sympathize with him and just want things to get better Anderson does a great job balancing between the serious parts of the story with light hearted jokes and feel good moments

  10. BookNightOwl BookNightOwl says:

    45 Stars When Tyler commits a foul deed he is served with a summer of probation and community service With all the hard labor of his community service his body starts bulking up which catches the eye of a popular girl named Bethany Bethany invites Tyler to a party When Tyler shows up Bethany is drunk and takes Tyler up to a room Tyler realizes Bethany is drunk and tells her he doesnt want to do anything which makes Bethany mad When naked pictures of Bethany start to show up on the internet the blame is automatically pointed at Tyler I enjoy anything Laurie Halse Anderson writes I think she did a great job of writing from a Male's point of view I loved how she writes about real life issues There are trigger warnings of Suicide depression bullying and alcohol

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