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    I enjoyed this stand alone novel from duo Nicci French, who also write the successful Frieda Klein series.The lead character Neve Connolly is a popular person, wife, caring mother and a friend to go to She feels trapped in her marriage to Fletcher and is experiencing problems with her teenage daughter Mabel When Neve starts an affair with a married colleague, she feels revitalised and happiness is back in her life Her life is shattered and thrown into turmoil when on visiting her lover she discovers his dead body He has been murdered She now faces choices that will have great consequences on her family Does she report the murder to the police and come clean about her double life or does she try to hide the truth to protect her family There are life changing decisions to be made and who killed her lover DCI Hitching leads the hunt for the murderer and every lie Neve tells just leads to complications The suspects mount and the finger of suspicion is getting closer to home.Well written with a gripping plot that will make it difficult for you to put the book down I would like to thank both Net Galley and Simon and Schuster UK for supplying a copy of this novel by co authors Nicci Gerrard and Sean French in exchange for an honest review.

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    A perfectly pitched psychological thriller here from Nicci French, with very strong domestic drama elements and a twisty as you like storyline that is immediately involving.I read this in one sitting, so caught up in the life of cleverly written main protagonist Neve, who faced with the dead body of her lover tries to extricate herself from a dangerous situation..An ever tangled web is woven as Neve tries to protect her family and herself, this is a highly engaging and extraordinarily addictive read, often unexpected and with an intelligent conclusion.Some of my favourite parts involved Neve versus Inspector Hitching, those portions crackled with tension in a kind of cat and mouse chase with no real indication who might come out on top.Overall a really great read One for your October lists not to be missed Don t worry I ll remind you Recommended.

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    I didn t give up, but this wasn t the most riveting book I ve read recently a little lacklustre and has scope to be so much better.Disappointing 2 stars.

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    Een heerlijk nieuw verhaal van Nicci French Eigenlijk vind ik alles fijn om van ze te lezen Zo ook weer deze Wat een toestanden in het verhaal, laat maar weer zien dat vreemdgaan erg onaangenaam is.Neve heeft een affaire met een collega Op een ochtend treft ze hem dood in zijn flat aan Wat moet ze doen de politie bellen en haar affaire uit laten komen of alle sporen van haar zelf in de flat uitwissen en de affaire in de doofpot houden Hoe dan ook, er volgt een toestand waarin je al haar vrienden en collega s gaat verdenken van de moord Ik had de dader niet geraden.Een heerlijke psycho thriller met veel menselijke emoties Zijn we niet allemaal op zoek naar een constante aandacht en begering Kunnen we niet gewoon tevreden zijn met wat we hebben en hebben opgebouwd met een partner gezin

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    In hindsight, I changed my rating from 5 stars to 4 I don t do this often, but I read parts of the book again before writing my review, and I found out what kept nagging me.Ok, it is a great psychological thriller It is the kind of book you want to read in one sitting However, what was nagging at me was the drinking The continuous drinking.Don t get me wrong I do like a glass of wine with dinner and I do like a drink when chatting with friends too I have nothing against alcohol in moderate quantities.But Neve and her friends They drink and drink and drink And when they are not drinking they are thinking about having a drink I m not surprised Neve is making mistake after mistake because she is almost drunk or completely drunk most of the day And when she isn t, she s hangover Ditto for her friends and family I would have liked her and the other characters to be sober every now and then, to see how the story would have played out then Thanks to Netgalley and Simon and Schuster for this digital review copy.

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    When Neve Connolly finds the murdered body of a man a man she knows, in a place where Neve shouldn t be her first instinct is to call the police Her second, quickly overriding it, is to protect herself and her family.What Neve decides to do next will lead her into what can only cliches notwithstanding be described as a tangled web of deceit Can she hold her nerve Life at home is far from straightforward Troubled teenage daughter Mabel is causing her parents no end of grief possibly out of revenge for having been called Mabel Husband Fletcher is prone to depression and disappointment And nobody ever remembers to feed the guinea pig.As the murder is discovered and investigations commence, Neve has to contend with the inscrutable DCI Hitching, who always seems to know than he s letting on Then there s the murder victim s wife, delivering potentially loaded comments, and his assistant doing something similar Meanwhile, a seemingly endless stream of old friends are apparently taking up permanent residence in Neve s house Nicci French is excellent at conveying the feeling of being trapped in a situation at least partly of ones own making constructing a shaky edifice of often flimsy lies which it seems inevitable will come crashing down at any moment, while having to somehow appear to be functioning normally both in public and in private I m not sure I could do it.I m not sure this is Nicci French s best Catch Me When I Fall and Secret Smile are always the ones I remember most but it s undeniably a compelling read.

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    Neve is cheating on her husband, Fletcher Saul, her romancer, has arranged to meet Neve but he has been murdered What unfolds breaks everything apart I struggled to enjoy this book as I haven t read any of Nicci s books before but I m sure plenty will love it Thank you to netgalley and the publishers for this arc in exchange for my honest review.

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    I very much enjoy Nicci French books,and thos one was certainly entertaining.I can t imagine how your first thought on finding your lovers dead body ,is to scrub the flat clean of al traces of you There seemed to be no panic at actually finding a dead body.The main character Neve, was so likeable,that I forgave her that.she was so likeable she was everyone s rock and friendly ear.I ve got to be honest,at points,the whole book felt like a farce,mainly the comings and goings at the house.So,entertaining as it was,just a bit too far fetched for me to take it seriously.

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    Wat zal ik over dit boek zeggen Het is een beetje een teleurstelling, dit boek Een nieuwe Nicci French is altijd reden om me te verheugen, maar dit is verwarrend geschreven, De stijl voelt anders aan dan in de eerdere boeken Ook het verhaal zelf is verwarrend Af en toe kon ik er geen touw aan vastknopen Een 7, maar hier een 6 Ik vind het geen 8 waard.

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    This was a fantastic read with lots of twists and turns which had me page turning until it s nail biting ending.Neve Connelly is a wife, mother and friend to many She feels trapped in her marriage to Fletcher and her teenage daughter Mabel is troubled and causing problems for both her parents Neve embarks on a affair with a married colleague which seems to give her the excitement and happiness she has been missing When events overtake her she finds the discovery of her colleagues murdered body throws her life and choices into turmoil What should she do next Should she do the right thing which will uncover her secrets Will this destroy her family How can she protect her loved ones Who is the murderer The choices she makes have spiralling consequences It shows that one decision and lie automatically leads to a multitude of tangled secrets As the murder is uncovered Neve s nerve is tested to the limit DCI Hitching seems intent on uncovering the murderer and along with her lovers wife, his work assistant and Neve s old university friends it seems no one is beyond suspicion The book displayed the devastating consequences of secrets and lies There discovery inevitably brings consequences which touch the lives of not only the perpetrator but those around them as well A truly compelling read which had me hooked until the end Very well plotted with great characters Thank you to netgalley and Simon and Schuster Uk for my chance to read this highly recommended read.

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The Lying Room In This Thrilling Standalone From The Internationally Bestselling Author Of The Frieda Klein Series, A Married Woman S Affair With Her Boss Spirals Into A Dangerous Game Of Chess With The Police When She Discovers He S Been Murdered And She Clears The Crime Scene Of All Evidence.One Little Secret Between A Married Woman, Her Lover, And A Killer.It Should Have Been Just A Mid Life Fling A Guilty Indiscretion That Neve Connolly Could Have Weathered An Escape From Twenty Years Of Routine Marriage To Her Overworked Husband, And From Her Increasingly Distant Children But When Neve Pays A Morning After Visit To Her Lover, Saul, And Finds Him Brutally Murdered, Their Pied Terre Still Heady With Her Perfume, All The Lies She Has So Painstakingly Stitched Together Threaten To Unravel.After Scrubbing Clean Every Trace Of Her Existence From Saul S Life And Death Neve Believes She Can Return To Normal, Shaken But Intact But She Can T Get Out Of Her Head The One Tormenting Question What Was She Forgetting An Investigation Into The Slaying Could Provide The Answer It S Brought Detective Chief Inspector Alastair Hitching, And Neve S Worst Fears, To Her Door But With Every New Lie, Every New Misdirection To Save Herself, Neve Descends Further Into The Darkness Of Her Betrayal And Into Danger Than She Ever Imagined Because Hitching Isn T The Only One Watching Neve So Is A Determined Killer Who S About To Make The Next Terrifying Move In A Deadly Affair.