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Juicy Rebound (IceCats, #1) Chandler Moon S Career As A Defensemen For The IceCats Is On Fire However, His Marriage Has Gone Up In Flames Literally He S Resigned Himself To The Single Life And Being The Best Dog Dad He Can Be, But He Still Holds Out Hope That One Day He Ll Find The One So, Imagine His Surprise When He Runs Into The One Who Got Away Amelia Justice His Best Friend S Baby Sister AKA The One Who Is Totally Off Limits Amelia Is Broken The Punches That Life, And Her Ex Husband, Have Thrown At Her Have Her Down For The Count She S Cut Herself Off From Her Family And Friends As She Works To Rebuild Her Self Esteem And Her Spirit Hidden Away In A Small Town, She Never Expects To Reconnect With The One She Should Have Chosen Chandler Is So Much Than He Was In College Handsome, Muscular, Tattooed It Was Supposed To Be A Casual Fling While Amelia And Chandler Worked To Put The Pieces Of Their Lives Back Together But As Every Good Hockey Player Knows, A Rebound Can Turn Into One Hell Of A Goal

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    4 stars It s hard to forget the one who got away Juicy Rebound is the first book in Toni Aleo s newest hockey series, IceCats If you ve read her Assassin s books or her Bullie s books, you will notice a few tie ins I love these characters and it was amazing to see some familiar faces If you ve read End Game you ve already met the main characters of this book Ryan Justice s sister, Amelia, and his best friend, Chandler Chandler is a pro hockey player for the IceCats A year ago he went through a nasty divorce, and he s ready to move on When he lays eyes on Amelia Justice for the first time in years, he wants to rekindle what they had before It was just a kiss in college, she was his best friend s little sister, but they both felt something Amelia also went through a nasty divorce recently where she suffered unspeakable abuse As you can imagine, she isn t so ready to move on Though her cousin and bff Shellie talks her into dating Chandler A rebound could be exactly what she needs She learns quickly, Chandler is not the rebound kind of guy If I thought sleeping with him as a rebound would be only sex, I m a complete idiot This guy is no rebound My heart hurt for Amelia She has been through so much I could completely understand her hesitation about dating again, but I was so glad she gave Chandler a chance He was perfect for her Chandler and Amelia both had amazing parents with ideal relationships, but for some reason, they got it wrong the first time This time, however, they are both determined to get it right Their love story was beautiful Watching Amelia heal was inspiring And Chandler Sigh He was just a wonderful man The family, and friends teammates that become family element of these books is my favorite thing ever I loved seeing all of my favorite characters again and meeting some new characters as well After reading, I am dying for a Shellie book I seriously cannot wait This story had the absolute swooniest and bestest hero and a heroine that had so much strength I really loved the book and am looking forward to

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    Juicy Rebound was the first book in the new spinoff series by Toni Aleo, the IceCats.We met Chandler Moon in End Game book four, Bellevue Bullies series when he signed for the IceCats while playing college hockey for the Bellevue Bruisers Fast forward five years and he was a year out of a divorce and still playing for the IceCats.Amelia Justice was also in End Game She was the little sister to Ryan, was on a college gymnastic scholarship and although attracted to Chandler was totally off limits as a little sister At the end of End Game, against the wishes of her family, she ran off and married her ex, a newly signed NHL player in Pennsylvania Fast forward five years and she was divorced, hiding from the world and estranged from her very close family.Two broken people One who wouldn t risk again Another who was willing for the right person The journey was an adventure in friendship as barriers were slowly being broken down and a foundation of honest attraction, trust and hope was being firmly planted.I thoroughly enjoyed both Chandler and Amelia and their journey Aleo also used this time for us to get to know Shelli Adler, oldest daughter to Shea and Elli Adler Assassins book one, Taking Shots How can we not fall in love with her crazy sassiness I know she crushed on Aiden Brooks son to Fallon and Lucas, Assassins book two, Trying to Score but I would love to see her with Nico Hopefully we ll get Nico s story soon In the meantime, next up is Aleo s newest series, Nashville Assassins The Next Generation with book one Dump and Chase.

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    4.5 StarsThis is the first book in a new series by Toni Aleo but fans of the author will recognize this couple right away We have met Chandler and Amelia in the Bullies series Chandler is est friends with Ryan Justice and Amelia is Ryan s sister We also see the rest of Amelia s family and Assassin s series tie in So basically one big epilogue making readers so very happy This book brings the best of all worlds together We get quite a bit of hockey We get classic second chance love And for once we get a strong hero, not so broken, who is there to help our heroine heal her heart It helps a great deal that these two already know each other Once trust comes into play, they are as good as gold taking things a step further Loved seeing all the familiar faces You are ok to read this as a stand alone but my God why Pick up all the books by this author and have a long binge read You will thank me later Loved everything about this one Can t wait to see from this new team Complimentary copy provided for an honest review.

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    3.5 4 Chandler Amelia Stars This was a sweet, sexy romantic story It was great to catch up with characters from the Assassins Series Shea Adler is Amelia s uncle and the Bellevue Bullies Chandler is best friends with Amelia s big brother they were all at College together Amelia was off limits but they stole a kiss it could have been so much The timing was all wrong and Amelia instead pursued a relationship , and then marriage, with her High School boyfriend This turns out to be a mistake of epic proportions Fast forward a few years , both are now out of toxic marriages They meet and connect Told in dual POV we see Chandler doing a lot of the pursuing The story is romantic at times , sexy and quite sad in places Amelia has been isolated for so long it s heart warming to see her return to her former self Lots of funny dialogue , minimal angst and great secondary characters HEA Yes Cheating NoTriggers Yes Domestic abuse Miscarriage both off the page

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    ARC received for an honest reviewI have been a huuuuge fan of Ms Aleo s Assassins series, and she has not disappointed me with this first IceCats book though in my head I am calling this Assassins The Next Generation.We have already had the story of Ryan Justice, and now we have the story of his sister and his best friend.Oh how I love Amelia and Chandler Right from the very first time we meet them in Juicy Rebound, I was hooked.The Justice family is a strong one, however the past few years has seen them fracture Amelia is so strong, yet has been emotionally broken My heart hurts for her and the rest of the Justice family as they try to find their way back to each other.Chandler le sigh After what he has been through, you can t blame him for being gun shy when it comes to women well, except for his Amelia.Their story is one of loving when you don t feel like you are worthy Not just intimate love, but also familial love.This book really pulled at my heartstrings, as I went from laughter to tears, sometimes in the space of just a chapter or two.I did enjoy seeing a little of my first Assassins love, Shea Oh that man This was a fantastic start to this new series, and I am looking forward to where the IceCats take us next.

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    This is the ultimate second chance romance The one that got away romance The get you in the feels romance Or I just had to go through some sh t ones before I got to the real deal Chandler Moon is yummy and so damn swoon worthy You thought you loved Ryan Justice well his best friend is even swoonier I just made that up Amelia Justice has been through so much and in the end she has come out stronger woman Together these two complete the other They re like long lost soul mates finally fining their other half.Toni knows her hockey and why she writes epic hockey stories with a side of sexy Her characters are relateable and her stories are inviting Amelia and Chandler have a special love that only you can dream of.God this book made my heart so happy I loved the story I loved the characters, the Justices and the Adlers I loved the tension, the chemistry I just loved everything about it Gah my heart is so full.I can t wait for of this generation.

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    Juicy Rebound IceCats, 1 by Toni Aleo Toni Aleo scores with JUICY REBOUND, the first book in the IceCats series I had been looking forward to reading Amelia Justice s story since reading WHEN YOU RE READY, which was released in the Hockey Holidays Anthology WHEN YOU RE READY is Amelia s parents book The ending of the novella started Amelia s story prior to JUICY REBOUND In JUICY REBOUND, Amelia runs into her college crush and brother s best friend, Chandler Moon, who is a defenseman for the South Carolina IceCats Amelia s brother is Ryan Justice from book four in the Bellevue Bullies series, END GAME Both, Amelia and Chandler are in that story.I loved JUICY REBOUND Amelia and Chandler are both divorced and scarred from their previous marriages They were interested in each other in college but since Chandler is Ryan s best friend, Amelia was off limits I love that these two get a chance together Ryan and Amelia are the perfect people to help each other heal.The character development was noteworthy Amelia is the niece of Shea Adler TAKING SHOTS, Nashville Assassins book 1 needless to say a lot of the characters have been around for a while and made many appearances in multiple books and series Toni Aleo does a fantastic job of making the characters feel believable and grow throughout the series They are not perfect They are relatable The characters have weaknesses and strengths They have high and low points In this story, Amelia is trying to come off a low point She hasn t spoken to her family in four years She s embarrassed and trying to make a new life for herself Chandler is at a high point in his career but not in his personal life Chandler is an amazing guy He is patient and kind Amelia has lost her confidence and on the journey to healing.The plot was relevant and skillfully executed I love the similarities between Amelia s and Chandler s story and her parents life Amelia is a lot like her mom and Chandler is like Amelia s dad, James It s sweet and heartwarming I don t think I have read a book by Toni Aleo that hasn t made me cry JUICY REBOUND was no exception I love that Toni Aleo s books tug your heartstrings I voluntarily reviewed an advance reader copy of this book.

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    This one really ended up being sweet, but I think the thing I liked most about it was how Amelia and Chandler had a solid friendship first I also loved that at every turn Chandler was there supporting Amelia, always telling her good things After hearing his mother s story, you can tell that is where he got that from and something that Amelia desperately needed in her life As their relationship changed I found myself really rooting for these two as a couple, that the could work past their issues and what Amelia s family might think The ending to this one was so great, from the wedding to the welcome home, it couldn t happen to better people.

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