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Green Baby [PDF] ✪ Green Baby By Susannah Marriott – Millions of diapers are thrown away every day and much of babycare is far from environmentally friendly However now than ever parents are taking notice of the environment and their effect on it Most p Millions of diapers are thrown away every day and much of babycare is far from environmentally friendly However now than ever parents are taking notice of the environment and their effect on it Most people are aware of today's ecological issues but it may not be until the life changing event of having a baby that they are motivated to actually change their lifestyles Even people who already live in a relatively green way may find that they want to know about what chemicals they are applying to their baby's sensitive skin Or it might be that the additional waste a baby generates encourages them to be creative about reusing household items After all parents have a higher stake in the planet's future as they need to ensure a habitable world for their children How parents decide to feed clothe transport and entertain their baby has huge conseuences Green Baby will provide them with all the information they need to make the very best choices both for their baby's welfare and for the environment Without being alarmist this timely book clearly identifies the key ecological issues broadening knowledge and interest It provides practical advice on how to reduce a baby's environmental impact from the transportation parents use to the diapers they choose.

10 thoughts on “Green Baby

  1. Ella Ella says:

    To be honest I didn't find anything particularly new in this book but it is a rather good compilation on how to make your baby care greener It does promote a lot of green product ideas but unfortunately doesn't have enough ideas on making your own eco products cost much and are not very affordable to all parents Still some greener choices are inspiring Overall a very uick and easy read

  2. Cristina Cristina says:

    Terrible read Any book that advocates an anti vaccination stance as somehow 'green' has no basis in reality Not only was this book judgemental and unrealistic it's based in ideologies that have nothing to do with trying to live lighter on the planet

  3. Gillian Gillian says:

    How does being anti vaccination help the environment? By reducing population??? And call it what it is The website link included in the book was not about “vaccine awareness” Did my bit for the environment by recycling this book and keeping it out of public circulationEdits for typos of frustration ;

  4. Amy Amy says:

    The information in this book was very enlightening and had some good tips on being earth friendly and healthy for your baby I don't think that I could implement all the green suggestions but some of them are just no brainers Definitely recommended for anyone interested in being healthy for themselves or new babies

  5. Jennifer Kyrnin Jennifer Kyrnin says:

    interestingly enough my copy is called Green BabyI finally just skimmed this book and then gave it away The advice it gives is good but I found being the mother of a toddler and baby too time consuming to really implement all the suggestions

  6. Suki Suki says:

    For me this book was a general overview of green ideas It was one of those books that can make you feel good for the decisions you've made so far about being green and then gives you suggestions for going one step further

  7. Charlene Mason Gallego Charlene Mason Gallego says:

    A very concise helpful compact guide to making the right green choices for you and your baby

  8. mari mari says:

    Reading for Eco Libris' Green Book Campaign Come by my blog on November 10th to see my reviewhttpmarireadsblogspotcom

  9. Tricia Price Tricia Price says:

    Mostly just depressed me because there's so much that I could do to be green but who's got the time? Not really a lot of information I didn't already know

  10. Leah Leah says:

    Encourages women to express milk using only their own hands Need I say

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