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Dead Again [EPUB] ✰ Dead Again By Lisa Andel – Werepanthers dragons and demon sorcerers What's a normal red blooded woman to do Have sex with them of course Even though Lisa is mostly human her life is anything but normal Spending time with the su Werepanthers dragons and demon sorcerers What's a normal red blooded woman to do Have sex with them of course Even though Lisa is mostly human her life is anything but normal Spending time with the supernatural side of society than with humans might account for that Then again it might have to do with all the people who want to kill her for sport since she doesn't stay dead Whatever the reason she's come to the painful realization that something important is missing from her life Sex And if she doesn't get some soon she might just lose her mind Her best friend Ashur decides to help her out He starts the ball rolling by introducing her to a werepanther who's known to have a way with women The shifter is so good that he leaves Lisa craving Wherever she can find it With whoever she desires Though she's no longer in danger of going insane her life becomes stranger yet as she acuires and loses lovers and lives and dies and lives Where will it all end Only God knows And he's not talking.

About the Author: Lisa Andel

Lisa Andel writes unconventional often dark always hot erotic romance Her heroines are sassy and uniue; her heroes undeniably sexyShe loves to work with all things paranormal but has written both contemporary and futuristic stories as wellLisa currently lives in a small town in Ohio though she has her eye on warmer climates where life is relaxed and men wear fewer articles of clothi.

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  1. Julie (jjmachshev) Julie (jjmachshev) says:

    Dead Again is a very strange fantasy erotica story by Lisa Andel The heroine of this story is a woman who can be killed but doesn't stay dead In a few minutes to hours she's alive again with no wounds Her only real friend is a paranormal being who looks after her When she finally has sex she loves it and proceeds to have sex with a dragon a werepanther and a demon And inbetween with her friend who turns out to be a god Each of the creatures she has sex with grow to care for her but something happens in each relationship that ends it I really didn't see the ending coming until just before it happened But I did feel like I was 'missing' something that maybe would have helped me to understand the heroine a little betterIf you want a book with a lot of hot paranormal sex then give this one a try If you want a logical story to go with the sex you may want to pass

  2. Lizzy Lessard Lizzy Lessard says:

    To say Lisa is promiscuous would be like saying fish like water Lisa wasn’t able to survive a single page of text without having some man’s parts inside her own She fucks every male character in the book except for the bartender and he might be “done” in the seuel The author flirts with the idea of Lisa having sex with half animal beings which normally would turn off the average reader but the scenes are written so dryly and without character thought or emotion that there’s nothing special or tabooLisa honestly doesn’t have a personality Her entire mission in life is to have sex She prefers to have sex with dangerous half beings Luckily for her Lisa is automatically revived if she happens to be fucked to death The title of the book literally comes from Lisadyingagainafter some humongous male member penetrates a little too farThe story line is the only thing that kept me from DNFing this novel But it’s like watching soft porn and fast forwarding the sex scenes Well written erotica is suppose to enhance the story I don’t read much erotica but the sex scenes were so flat and mechanically written that I was bored reading them And worse they were repetitive If I was reading Dead Again to “do it” I think I’d have better luck “getting off” with the dictionary F I received a copy of this book from the publisherNetgalley in exchange for my honest review

  3. Teresa Teresa says:

    35 starsThis is the first book by this author I have read The writting is actually pretty good and the characters uickly draw you in That being said the only thing that kept this book from getting 4 stars was there is no kind of intro prolog or explaination for the reader You are just dropped into a world were humans vampires weres of all types demons and even gods intermingle Magic is all around and sex between the species is commenplaceThe sex itself is very unrealistic the human? heroine once has 3 weeks straight sex with a demon wizardand noone seems to want or need any foreplay The writting is good enough to where I would happily read other books by Ms Andel but they will not be on my Must Read list ARC ebook given by NetGallery for review

  4. StrangeBedfellows StrangeBedfellows says:

    This book had its moments and there's uite a cast of sexy extraordinary characters My critiue would be the monotony After the first little bit things just kind of blur together as of the same without enough plot or character development The main character Lisa wasn't very easy to connect to and some of the interesting paranormal elements weren't explored enough These factors took away from the overall potential of this book

  5. Sara Brown Sara Brown says:

    Great book read this in one long afternoon What's not to love with demons dragons shifters etc

  6. Mario Vitale Mario Vitale says:


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