Reaching for Glory: Lyndon Johnson's Secret White House

Reaching for Glory: Lyndon Johnson's Secret White House Tapes 1964-65 [Reading] ➾ Reaching for Glory: Lyndon Johnson's Secret White House Tapes 1964-65 By Michael R. Beschloss – Transcribing editing and explaining the most powerful moments from hundreds of hours of newly released LBJ tapes Michael Beschloss has added another lasting treasure to the American historical record Transcribing editing and explaining the Glory: Lyndon PDF ´ most powerful moments from hundreds of hours of newly released LBJ tapes Michael Beschloss has added another lasting treasure to the American historical record Reaching for Glory exposes the inner workings of the Johnson presidency from the summer of through the summer of From behind the scenes you Reaching for PDF/EPUB or will hear Johnson pulling the strings of his presidential campaign against Barry Goldwater and pursuing his feud with the new senator Robert Kennedy He agonizes over Martin Luther King Jr and the bloody march on Selma Alabama and twists arms on Capitol Hill to pass voting rights Medicare and basic laws than any American president before for Glory: Lyndon PDF º or since Above all you will hear him sending young Americans off to Vietnam while privately insisting that the war can never be won Winding Johnson's voice and exclusive excerpts from Lady Bird Johnson's private diaries into a gripping narrative Michael Beschloss provides context and historical insights showing how profoundly LBJ changed the presidency and the for Glory: Lyndon Johnson's Secret ePUB ´ country Reaching for Glory allows us to live at Lyndon Johnson's side day by day through the dramatic for Glory: Lyndon Johnson's Secret ePUB ´ triumphant and catastrophic year of a turbulent presidency that continues to affect us all.

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  1. Lobstergirl Lobstergirl says:

    This is the second of three volumes in which Michael Beschloss edited and transcribed LBJ's secret White House tapes It covers 1964 65 and deals with domestic policy Johnson's concerns about getting his Great Society agenda through Congress his wariness of Bobby Kennedy and Kennedy's allies within his administration conversations with politicians MLK Jr and the like and with his advisers; and with foreign policy almost entirely Vietnam the war was slowly but surely ramping up and a crisis in the Dominican Republic Beschloss's criteria for selecting a conversation to include was whether it added anything of historical importance to our knowledge of LBJ or showed us an unseen facet of the president or those close to himThere's an entire chapter on the Walter Jenkins sex scandal Jenkins was perhaps LBJ's closest aide a Catholic married with six children and had been caught giving oral sex to a YMCA employee in a basement bathroom of the DC YMCA It happened in 1964 and LBJ was terrified that it would affect his election prospects It didn't; a privately conducted poll showed that most Americans didn't care LBJ fussed and fretted on numerous phone conversations as Jenkins convalesced in a hospital the public reason given as nervous exhaustion before resigning Jenkins' wife was furious and maintained it was completely out of character for her husband and that he had been entrapped although it turned out he had a previous arrest for precisely the same thing in precisely the same location What was pleasant about the story was how LBJ vowed that when he got out of office he was going to give a big hug to Jenkins and how Lady Bird felt terrible for the family and vowed to give Jenkins some kind of accounting position managing the Johnsons' personal accounts And evangelist Billy Graham presumably not knowing he was being recorded was full of compassion You know when Jesus dealt with people with moral problems like dear Walter had and I was telling Bill I wanted to send my love and sympathy to himhe always dealt tenderly AlwaysI know the weaknesses of men and the Bible says we're all sinnersand I just hope if you have any contact with him you'll just give him my love and understandingThere's his touching friendship with former president Harry Truman going back 30 years and the two men's obvious fondness for each other LBJ also respected Dwight Eisenhower the former Republican president and sought advice from himOf course there's the creepy command to the newly widowed Jackie Kennedy Give Caroline and John John a hug for meTell them I'd like to be their daddy Jackie's response I willBut mostly I ended up liking Johnson after reading these conversations With the caveat that he knew he was being recorded and had the option to leave any unflattering things unsaid or said before or after the recording button was pushed Here he is wanting to give a job to Patricia Roberts Harris a black law professor at Howard University Why don't we make her Ambassador to Luxembourg?These women I want to move them up Women and Nigroes Beschloss varies the spelling between Negroes and Nigroes depending on Johnson's pronunciation Dean Rusk If she were our deputy legal adviser she'd do a lot work and be help to us thanas Ambassador to Luxembourg LBJ Yes but it wouldn't have the honor and the standing and the status and the glory that all the Nigroes want and the womenI don't want to send her to Jamaica but I want to send her to some Scandinavian country or Luxembourg or something like that She did go to Luxembourg as America's first black woman AmbassadorLBJ wanted to appoint African Americans to high positions in his administration He called Thurgood Marshall at that time an Appeals Court judge and said I want you to be my Solicitor General Wow said Marshall LBJ continued I want you to do it for two or three reasons One I want the top lawyerrepresenting me before the Supreme Court to be a Negro and to be a damn good lawyer that's done it beforeNumber two I think it will do a lot for our image abroad and at homeNumber three I want you tobe in the pictureI don't want to make any other commitments I don't want to imply or bribe or mislead you but I want you to have the training and experience of being there at the Supreme Court day after dayI want to do this job that Lincoln started and I want to do it the right wayI want to be the first President that really goes all the way And of course LBJ did appoint Marshall to the Supreme Court a year after this conversation in 1966 after Marshall had gained the Solicitor General experience It's nice to see LBJ telling Marshall that he's doing this because he values Marshall's expertise and for image reasons Marshall would know this anyway but the honesty is appealingFinally Beschloss includes some tapes LBJ had made in recording thoughts for his memoir Here he is on JFK Kennedy was pathetic as a Congressman and as a Senator He didn't know how to address the chair Speak on the Senate floorOn Bobby Kennedy I thought I was dealing with a child I never did understand Bobby I never did understand how the press built him into the great figure that he was As JFK's vice president LBJ would sometimes get elbowed out by Bobby JFK asked me to do things I'm sure Bobby didn't approveOn civil rights I recommended to the President that no savings and loan associationcould continue if they did not make loans for open housing Bobby called and said What are you trying to do? Defeat the President? On the Secret Service Not all the Secret Service are sharp It's always worried me that they weren't They are the most dedicated and among the most courageous men we've got But they don't always match that in brains But the problem is you pay a man four or five hundred dollars a month and you get just what you pay for LBJ exempted his own agent Rufus Youngblood from this description; he found Youngblood tougher and intelligent than the others It was he who had prostrated himself over LBJ at the moment of JFK's assassinationOn bigots The greatest bigots in the world are the Democrats on the East Side of New YorkErrata in the cast of characters at the end of the book Bill Moyers' birth year is given as 1919 Of course it was 1934

  2. Neil Pierson Neil Pierson says:

    Be careful what you wish for You might get it Lyndon Johnson wanted to become President of the United States But he was never comfortable or happy once he got there In retrospect it's no surprise at all that he didn't run for a second termAs Senate Majority Leader he was a master at moving legislation in a body where accountability was always shared by at least 49 others But there's only one president at a time Throughout his term Johnson sought the comfort of numbers but for presidents there is no such thingHe was a man of huge unresolved and painful contradictions Forceful to the point of brutality in getting his way yet wounded by every word of criticism from any corner A southerner through and through yet sincerely and completely committed to the end of segregation and to civil rights The list goes on and onIf you want to know how we got entangled in Vietnam you don't have to read some 1200 page tome Just listen to Johnson's tape recorded phone calls as he agonizes over every step deeper into the Big Muddy He inherited the US commitment to Vietnam but he knew we would not win a war there His choice was to either be the president who pursued a hopeless war sending thousands of young Americans to die in Asia; or to be the president who broke US treaties retreated from aggression and lost Indochina to the CommunistsFaced with that choice he relied on magical thinking liberally laced with paranoia He tried to convince himself and us that if we made things difficult enough for the North Vietnamese they would stop meddling in the affairs of their southern neighbor The trouble was North Vietnam never saw the south as a neighbor It was all one country and the meddlers were the USIt leaves you wondering what would have happened if he had taken the advice of one elderly senator during the merry go round of US puppet governments in Saigon Install a government that would ask us to go homeThe first book of taped transcripts Taking Charge is also excellent

  3. Terry Terry says:

    Reaching for Glory is Lyndon Johnson's taped telephone conversations during 1964 and 1965 momentous years that included Medicare and civil rights legislation escalation of the war in Vietnam the invasion of the Dominican Republic and much And this proved a lot interesting that you might think You really gain insight on Johnson's methods rhetorically at least and how deeply committed he was to Medicare and the civil rights bills even knowing he was alienating his own Southern constituency and how he agonized over Vietnam He was terrified of going down in history as the president who lost a war or who lost the Dominican Republic to Castro It's easy to forget now just how threatening communism was in the 1960s and how little room for maneuver politicians had in foreign policy Conversations about the Walter Jenkins scandal top level presidential aide caught having sex with a man at the DC YMCA are a reminder of how homosexuality was viewed in that era Also revelatory was how obseuious and deferential Johnson's top advisers and cabinet secretaries were clearly unwilling to disagree with the boss even when they knew better I was among the anti Johnson anti war throngs of the era and rejoiced when he declined to run for re election in 1968 we got Nixon instead but Reaching for Glory reminded me of the good that he did Medicare civil rights and made me sympathetic and understanding of his foreign policy decisions

  4. Sgilbert Sgilbert says:

    I actually listened to this book and highly recommend to go that route LBJ taped all of his conversations which were the major parts of the book along with Lady Bird's dictated diary He was uite the reluctant leader in many ways but one who most definitely expected people to do whatever he said And his treatment and view of women not the greatest He viewed himself as a big civil rights supporter but his choice of language and use of inappropriate words did not match his self image Now I will have to listen toread the other books in this series

  5. Dave Gaston Dave Gaston says:

    An awesome set of audio books Beshloss does all the setup and color commentary between the actual taped recordings of President Johnson Johnson had all his phones taped the oval office his private lines the coffee table the situation room Beshloss screens the previously sealed archived collection and hand picks critical and sometimes comical sound bites from throughout Johnson’s ruckus first presidency It is just an astounding effort We’ll never again have taped access to the intimate running of the White House as we do in this collection thanks to the Nixon Tape snafu Lady Bird is there in full glory Martin Luther King and the Southern black movement Jac Jack and Ted Kennedy jockey for position in the wake of John’s death Mac’s Vietnam is contemplated launched and promptly mismanaged The list goes on and on It will change your vantage of Johnson to the positive Powerful stuff

  6. Tommy Kiedis Tommy Kiedis says:

    Reaching For Glory by Michael Beschloss is reuired reading listen to the audio version for an extra bonus as it includes LBJ's own voice for those who want to better understand the enigmatic life that is Lyndon Johnson Covering the years 1964 1965 Beschloss gives us the unvarnished and uninterpreted voice of Johnson Lady Bird and many of his associates I especially appreciated the Editor's Note some of Beschloss research methodology the Cast of Characters listing key players of the time and the Appendix some of Johnon's ramblings from 1969 as he reflected on his time in the Oval Office Unfortunately the Audible version is abridged only so one who would follow both the written and audible versions will have their work cut out for them That said it was worth all the time to follow both which I did

  7. Tom Schulte Tom Schulte says:

    The author frames the tape excerpts with very little commentary which I like because the reader can draw their own conclusions from LBJ's words The LBJ I saw was an imprerfect conflicted man with the office thrust upon him trying to find a way forward for civil rights and a way out of Vietnam but without the gifts to do either gracefully

  8. Patrick Barry Patrick Barry says:

    Transcripts from the Johnson White House with commentary by the author Good stuff for the history buff

  9. Tom Morgan Tom Morgan says:

    Interesting overall Some of the transcripts were less than vital Now that the internet has given everyone a voice and a huge megaphone to broadcast it it's nice to hear the actual motivations behind how and why things are done at the highest levels While I may not agree with the thinking or like the s of the times it is compelling to read about

  10. Frederick Bingham Frederick Bingham says:

    This book contains transcripts of tapes recorded by Lyndon Johnson during the years 1964 1965 The subject matter is interesting enough but presented with far detail than I wanted to plow through

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