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My Enemy the ueen [PDF] ✈ My Enemy the ueen ⚣ Victoria Holt – It was Lettice who married the Earl of Leicester whom Elizabeth I loved And it was Lettice who was the mother of the ueen's beloved Earl of Essex That young earl would one day break the ueen's heartIt It was Lettice who married the Earl of Leicester whom Elizabeth I loved And it was Lettice who was the mother of the ueen's beloved Earl of Essex That young earl My Enemy eBook ä would one day break the ueen's heartIt was always Lettice the constant spoiler in the triangle of love surrounding Elizabeth.

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  1. Misfit Misfit says:

    The court of Elizabeth I from another viewpoint Interesting read I was fascinated to learn about Lettice Knowles From previous books I have read about the period I had heard Lettice's name occasionally and knew there was some speculation about whether or not Henry VIII fathered her mother during his affair with Mary Boleyn We'll never know All in all an enjoyable read not the greatest in the historical fiction genre but worthwhile to learn about the secondary players in the times of Elizabeth I

  2. Laura Laura says:

    Just arrived from Finland through BM The first part of this book was just about the love affair between Lettice Elizabeth I and Earl of Leicester nothing else After Leicester's death then the plot became uite interesting with the characters of Earl of Essex Francis Bacon and Raleigh

  3. Rusty Rusty says:

    Lettice Devereaux tells the tragic story of Elizabeth I and her love for two men the Earl of Leicester and the Earl of Essex One must move past the persona Lettice projects to see the essence of this tale Lettice's life revolves around court and the ueen who is her cousin A vain woman who prides herself in her beauty she falls in love with the ueen's favorite the Earl of Leicester a womanizing and most ambitious man He is handsome charismatic and devilishly capable of extracting himself from the ueen's anger The ueen loves him madly but she loves England and cannot bear to share her crown with anyone let alone the Earl of Leicester whose ambition is to become king Elizabeth adores her people and is in turn adored by them Whenever she goes on progress she stops to talk with them However she expects those at court to dance to her smallest whim Lettice plots to ensnare the Earl and finally marries him in spite of his colorful reputation and the ueen's love For this the ueen abolishes her from court while keeping the Earl by her side As the Earl ages he decides to bring Lettice's son the Earl of Essex to court When Leicester dies the Earl of Essex becomes the ueen's favorite but he lacks the maturity and political acumen of Leicester which lead to his downfall uotes at the beginning of each chapter give the reader a capsule of what is to occur within I truly enjoyed this book once I was able to put aside the personality of Lettice who outlives most of the key characters If you like historical fiction you will enjoy My Enemy the ueen as much as I did

  4. Karla Karla says:

    I read this back in grade school when I was first getting into historical fiction Jean PlaidyVictoria Holt was one of the first authors I read because my mother had lots of her books I enjoyed this one immensely when I read it but later Plaidy reads haven't been nearly as exciting IMO Plaidy is a great author to learn about a time period or historical figures but one you know the history the prose gets kinda dull as it tends to read like lightly dramatized biography

  5. Linda Bridges Linda Bridges says:

    Lettice Knollys cousin to ueen Elizabeth I becomes Elizabeth's rival throughout her life Vying with each other when young over who is the most beautiful and sought after Lettice a young widow angers Elizabeth by marrying Elizabeth's favorite Robert Dudley As Elizabeth constantly demanded his presence at court Lettice becomes and resentful Following Dudley's death Lettice marries again but concentrates her efforts on promoting her son from her first marriage Robert Earl of Essex Although he becomes one of Elizabeth's favorites as she ages he has none of Dudley's common sense and finds himself pitted against Elizabeth who cannot forgive him Lettice ends up outliving not only Elizabeth but all of her children but believes her life was lived futilely as she and Elizabeth never reconciledI would like to rate this book higher and it did have its moments However I found it extremely repetitive and Lettice somewhat annoying as portrayed I felt the author did not give the reader enough credit for understanding Lettice and Elizabeth's personalities and emotions and had to keep drumming it into the story over and over

  6. Susan Susan says:

    The Other Boleyn Girl should be this good Victoria Holt could tell a story and make it fascinating with nary a ripped bodice in sight I didn't believe Lettice Knollys actually existed until I came across a reference to her in a scholarly work She was the granddaughter of Henry VIII and Mary Boleyn the second wife of the Earl of Leicester and the mother of the Earl of Essex If you can find this book read it

  7. Kelly Kelly says:

    This is my favorite historical novel ever I had just recently traveled through England and Holt talks about all the amazing places that I had just seen the ruins of It is a must to anyone who has traveled through London and the surrounding countryside I had read so many different accounts of the Earl of Leichester and the ueen and this was absolutely the most engrossing

  8. Susan Susan says:

    Slow going unfortunately Lettice is neither likable nor entertainingly bitchy Hoping things will pick upUpdate finally picked this one up and finished it On the whole I liked it but I never really warmed to Lettice especially in her behavior to Robert Dudley This did whet my appetite for reading Margaret George's new novel about Elizabeth though

  9. Christine Christine says:

    I read so many Victoria Holt books that I don't remember much about them individually But this one did stick with me It was a great read and I really enjoy historical fiction especially about the old royal families

  10. Damona Damona says:

    This is the book that sparked a life long fascination with history in general and the Tudor period in particular I read it for the first time when I was 11 and read it about 5 times that year I've read it times than I can count and yet it never loses it's charm

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