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Dragon Outcast ❰PDF / Epub❯ ☁ Dragon Outcast Author E.E. Knight – Buyprobolan50.co.uk Dragon Outcast continues EE Knight's thrilling fantasy series about a brood of young dragon siblings each uniue each powerful and each fated to battle the other to the end Here the darkest of the drag Dragon Outcast continues EE Knight's thrilling fantasy series about a brood of young dragon siblings each uniue each powerful and each fated to battle the other to the end Here the darkest of the dragons is introduced as he strives to make himself the strongest and the last of his brethren.

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  1. Kerian Halcyon Kerian Halcyon says:

    Arguably I think this is probably my favorite book out of the original trilogy While Auron was busy trying to find of his own kind and Wistala was busy trying to avenge her family the Copper was trying to deal with his guilt no spoilers as well as trying to deal with being doubly outcast; driven out by his family as well as the rest of the world Surprisingly this part of the world where the Age of Fire series takes place got my attention far than the great Inland Sea ancient Hypatia Old Uldam and all the other lands of the surface world I don't know if it's because of the setting the 'Underdark' setting being one of my favorite concepts in modern fantasy or if it was because of the characters and there are a lot of great ones in this book believe me or if it's because of the change of pace dealing with dragons as if they were less like animals and far like sentient beings alongside the hominids but this book really tickles me in ways that the other two didn't or rather couldn'tThis is definitely a book on my recommended list to most fantasy readers out there I kind of wish that there was besides the next three to follow after this one Kerian

  2. Ryan Fong Ryan Fong says:

    Ah the story of the final sibling in the Age of Fire series First I want to note that 2 stars means it was ok not actually bad according to goodreads rating I know my first reaction on seeing 25 stars would be thinking it's not good so the rating is a little misleadingSecond I'll mention that Dragon Outcast was basically I Claudius with dragons Not saying that's necessarily a good or bad thing just that the story will sound very familiar to people who know it I won't get into the specifics of the comparisons Dragon Outcast deals heavily in the politics of a dragon society and it seems to me that it sacrifices character development and motivations in order to keep the political intrigue running The Copper later given a name even though it doesn't seem like he wants to use it has much the same issues that his siblings have in the first two books success If you read my reviews on Dragon Champion and Dragon Avenger know that the success itself isn't a bad thing The problem is that like AuRon but unlike Wistala everything works out for him all the timeThe book started off fine he made a decision and it worked out just not in the way he wanted blowing up in his face with horrible conseuences It actually would have been a great catalyst for character development Unfortunately this is the one and only time the Copper fails at anything or has to really struggle through adversity He only knows success from this point forward no longer needs to uestion his judgment and no longer grows as a characterAlong the lines of success other dragons seem to like or tolerate the Copper for no reason or at least not good enough of a reasonview spoilerThe Tyr seems to like him and adopts the Copper into the imperial line just because he saved a single griffaran egg and they vouched for him He also seems a tad forgetful so maybe that has something to do with it Yet the Tyr even went as far as naming the Copper to be his successor before he died Did he really make that great an impression? hide spoiler

  3. Laura Laura says:

    Dragon Outcast is the story of the Copper later Rugaard the outcast of the clutch sibling to Auron and Wistala Crippled at birth and cast out by his family only one male per clutch survives he seeks revenge through dwarves who betray him and slaughter his family before his eyes Fleeing to the Lower World the Copper finds a family in the form of the dragons of the Lavadome; however political unease makes it a dangerous place for those who oppose certain dragonsThis book was nothing like what I expected but I loved it just as I did the others Again it is different but follows the same hatchling drake dragon format It was interesting to see the Copper grow despite his limitations and watch him overcome them In some ways he is clever than his siblings he certainly got himself into less trouble with the hominids at least later on in the story I enjoy Knight's writing style and look forward to reading the next books in this series

  4. Jonathan Werts Jonathan Werts says:

    Dragon Champion Age of Fire #2 is the last good book in this seriesThe copper dragon is a Mary Sue Horrible things happen to him then he almost magically overcomes them Vampiric blood rites are a disgustingly common part of this novel I started reading this series for dragons not for the chapters on chapters of blood drinkingThe plot isn't all bad This book doesn't ruin the series I could have given it a two star rating on its own Unfortunately #4 does ruin the series and if I'd known that in advance I would have never bought this oneI literally used this book as kindling for my fireplace

  5. Amy Amy says:

    The Copper wasn't uite so bad or evil as his siblings make him out to be but they also wouldn't have a good grasp on what he's been through Granted he's also not a very nice dragon to those he doesn't like but you can't really blame him considering everything he goes through The Lavadome dragons made me want to throttle them a few times but I'm sure that's what Mr Knight was going for He certainly succeeded at setting up a corrupted lazy society of dragons Overall a good read

  6. Bogdan Gavriliuc Bogdan Gavriliuc says:

    I'd recommend this to anyone who loves dragonsThis one was different from the first two they are all different in some respect First off you really get to sympathize for the treacherous copper you learn his side of it all To put it in perspective from very early on he has a crippled limb an injured eye an injured wing later he loses a toe and a good chunk of his hide etc This poor thing can hardly fight or fly yet still finds somehow to keep up his end His thinking for the most part is uite different from the other two dragons He has values and he is smart at times at others he seems rash or even easily intimidated Once again he is different from AuRon or Wistala And as the story progresses he grows a substantially different view of how the world should be He also possesses some leadership skills I liked the use of bats in the storyline they really add depth to the experience And some cute conversation This book had action one war and two major battles though not as much as the other two I'd say it did have a lot politics And the read is uite emotional when you look at the copper's perspective Amongst all the conniving treachery the lecherous politics of the lava dome you practically get a re enactment of the dragons from Silverhigh if you've read the other two books you know what this is I still don't uite know what a griffaran is exactly even after the description It's apparently a two tailed large bird that acted as body guards for the lavadome for a while Also Knight introduces a new class of hominids called Demen which don't really do anything significant to the plot From the description they sound like a demon And I expected them to play a significant part and establish themselves but they didn't As with the other two books the story is in a parallel timeline and the plot overlap is kept to a minimal There's two non dragon characters that appear in the other books and though I was uite impressed with one of them the latter really disappointed me I don't want to spoil it but I really feel he'd turn out to be a good guy I suppose he needed to pay for his deeds The story line was engaging and well written 5 stars

  7. Jonathan Beckett Jonathan Beckett says:

    Alongside the first one this is one of the finest books of the series I have ever read You really do sypathize for The Copper in this book It has a very different tone in the early part of the book as you follow this young exiled hatchling than the other 2 before it Like the others before it this book restarts the events of the first and second except this time in the perspective of the nameless Copper You really end up sympathizing for this poor dragon not only for his loss of a family but for his terrible crippling wounds A crippled sii by his red brother who ends up getting killed after a brief duel one buy his sister Wistala who mercilessly plunged her claws into the poor dragons face just under his eye one by dwarves who beat his tail and cause it to become crippled and finaly one by the Dragonblade that prevents the Copper from developing wings able to allow him to fly Also the Copper's home in the Lavadome is a truly great place It is in the basic sense a kingdom ruled by dragons with humanoid thralls as slaves for the royal Dragon family lines there Like in Dragon Avenger it focuses a lot on the action surrounding one place Which is in this case the Lavadome Again you truly sympathize for the wounds he has recieved by his sister the Dragonblade the dwarves and the red hatchling that dies in the beginning I truly found that the action and plot driven around the great Lavadome was a great deal better than the action surrounding the Mossbell residence in Dragon Avenger A lot interesting and fun to read ALl in all an excellent read The great thing about these books is as soon as you move on to the next protagonist you uickly become connected with them at that is especially true with the Copper in Dragon Outcast Yu truly feel for him and how his crippling injuries take thier toll on almost everything the Copper goes through An excellent book If you read the other two andor you love Dragons and fantasy novels you MUST pick up this book

  8. Gabriel Wright Gabriel Wright says:

    So i had a great experience with this book i have only read the first three but i am enthralled by the worldcharacters and conflicts that happen within the Age of Fire series Fair warning this will contain some spoilers albeit i will try to refrain from doing suchThe age of fire books is about the adventures of three dragon sibling AuRon Wistala and the copper the first three books focus on one of these dragons starting out at the same point but with a different viewpoint This book focuses on the copper Dragon and his story of survival in the lower world and in the Lavadom the characters of this story are plentyfull but the big players are the copper later called RuGaard the Tyr's and the DragonbladeThe conflicts endured by the copper are many and yet he survives all of them first traveling the lower world and struggling to get out to the surface only to be thrown back into another struggle with the Lavadom plots and mystery seem to fill the air Tyr's deaths and attacks on the Lavadom Copper fights thru and triumphs against the oddsAs to how i liked the book? I believe the book is good to read if you have read the other previous age of fire books I found it as previously stated enthralling from the worldcharacters and conflicts But still this book does has a few flaws specifically with the copper overcoming things that i thought for sure would kill him such as when he survive having no food for some time in the caves or when the Copper fought against the assault on the LavadomSo for those who are looking for a good read i would suggest this book to you Its an change from other books and focuses on different viewpoints I have not read much books akin to this and i very much liked it It still has the struggles of the main character but i feel matching these struggles with the main character being a dragon gives a scene that everyone in Real life has to struggle as well even those who seem to be off easy If anything i would give this book a 4 out of 5

  9. Adelaide Metzger Adelaide Metzger says:

    In the recent past I’ve found it difficult to review seuels or books in an ongoing series because sometimes plots can get repetitive or thinned out after the first installment That isn’t completely true here with the first three of EE Knight’s Age of Fire series The first one was a great introduction to the series and stayed true to the praises that supported it it was a great adventure but with me being sensitive I knocked back a star or two for the animalistic brutality of the main character The second book I enjoyed so much because of the emotion and enlightenment the character went through to achieve victory However unlike his first two siblings the Copper in this book is followed by nothing but heart breaking bad luck and has to achieve victory through harsh circumstances Kill because you‘re forced to lose everyone you love because you‘re not meant to be happy I shouldn’t be whining because of this Knight’s done a great job at taking three different characters and creating three different paths around the same tragedy But that’s just what I was saying when I said these books aren’t “completely” repetitive Yes different things happen we meet different characters but the plot kind of remains the same Dragon escapes terrible tragedy dragon is on its own for a while dragon finds animal friend that helps it transition into the next stage of the story Did all three of them need an animal friend in each book? The Dragonblade’s appearance in each story doesn’t count because his importance is vital to each story but come one the animals are just their to drive the story But I’ll be sure to pick up the next book the next time I see it for a rainy dayor when I’m in the mood for dragons

  10. Ashley Ashley says:

    An exceptional installment of the Age of Fire series Dragon Outcast takes us down to the lowest pits of draconic society Maimed by his brother and cast out by his family the copper the first male hatchling on the egg shelf seems to have been born under unkindly stars for misfortune follows him wherever he goes Shunned by his family he leads a pitiful existence scrounging around in the garbage heaps for meager scrapings and living in the cold depths of the Lower World Nameless and lamed from his first moments out of the shell the copper looks for any opportunity for familial affection So when strangers come to cave he has no idea that their praise and pleasant words hold a darker hidden agenda Betrayed the copper sets off to find others of his kind eventually coming to the Lavadome a clan society of dragons that are masters of human and blighter alike Even here however his range of disabilities are looked down upon But as his mother told him he was an outcasthe must learn to overcome Even this seemingly peaceful if not politically scheming retreat is threatened when dragons bearing riders and an all to familiar insignia come and with their pretty speech patterns the copper knows too well masterfully make a grab for power the copper knows this is the moment of truth Taking a stand against the intruders the last of the proud rebels rise in a dragon vs dragon brawl that will mean everything if they are to remain free Follow along as we watch the copper from sad beginnings rise to the challenges set before him astonishing all and showing that its the heart not the shine of scale that makes the dragon strong

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