No Dragons for Tea Fire Safety for Kids and Dragons

No Dragons for Tea Fire Safety for Kids and Dragons ➹ [Download] ➵ No Dragons for Tea Fire Safety for Kids and Dragons By Jean E. Pendziwol ➼ – While out for a walk with her mom a little girl has the surprise of her life she meets a real live fire breathing dragon Now this dragon is nothing to be afraid of in fact he's so friendly that she in While for Tea Fire Safety eBook ☆ out for a walk with for Tea ePUB ¹ her mom a little girl has the surprise of her life she meets a real live fire breathing dragon Now No Dragons Kindle - this dragon is nothing to be afraid of in fact he's so friendly that she invites him home for tea But their afternoon snack is suddenly interrupted Dragons for Tea PDF/EPUB è when the dragon sneezes and sets the table ablaze Luckily the girl knows just what to do and she teaches her new friend to be fire smart Dragons for Tea Fire Safety PDF/EPUB ² too With its funny rhyming verse and spunky illustrations Dragons for Tea shows kids that learning about fire safety doesn't have to be scary The story ends with The Dragon's Fire Safety Rhyme a fun and easy way to remember what to do in case of fire.

10 thoughts on “No Dragons for Tea Fire Safety for Kids and Dragons

  1. Erin Erin says:

    Visiting my two nephews ages 4 and 2 This rating and review is based on what my 4 year old nephew told me after reading I really liked the pictures of the dragon I thought it was funny when he sneezed But there were too many words I don't like books with lots of words I had to ask him what he learned about fire safety All I got was a blank stare This book would probably be better when he's a little older

  2. Char (lunarchar_) Char (lunarchar_) says:

    Nothing like a nostalgic read

  3. Alexandra Alexandra says:

    I think this book does a good job of what it sets out to do Teaching basics about what to do in a house fire and giving parents a starting point for discussion in a way that is not negitive or scary And of course showing children why dragons really shouldn't come over for tea even if they're nice dragons just in case they're wonderingIncludes fire safety tips for parents to share in the back

  4. Little Miss and the Legomeister Little Miss and the Legomeister says:

    2 14 12Legomeister loved this book when he was four and five He thought it was a hilarious story and loved the fire safety information We checked this out for Little Miss recently She freaked out She had tons of uestions about what we would do in case of fire and What if? this and that She's generally not an anxious child I'm not sure if it was a temporary mood or if she has a special fear of fire Still even though it's scary it's important to discuss fire safety So although I can tell this won't be a favorite book of hers I'm still glad we read itI do recommend it It's a cute story and has tons of good fire safety info And it's fun to read3 5 12Little Miss has been reuesting this freuently and enjoying the story Luckily the freak out was a one time thing

  5. Mario Flores Mario Flores says:

    I thought that the author did an excellent job at teaching the reader about fire safety via the story of the little girl's encounter with a dragon in her kitchen I think that using the example of the little girl knowing what to do during a fire can help students feel like they too can remain calm if a fire breaks out near them and can teach them what they could do if they are ever found to be near a fire Not only that but the example that the little girl sets in teaching the dragon how to combat a fire can serve as an example to other kids that they too can lead others and teach them to be fire smartsavvy If I were to have this book in my future classroom I would choose to use it during a monthweek in which our school would be practicing safety drills for all purposes

  6. Sara Sara says:

    This is an excellent book about fire safety explained in a way that children will understand A young girl invites a dragon over for tea While drinking tea the dragon sneezes fires which causes a fire in the little girl's house The girls springs into action and gets her and the dragon to safety She also doesn't let the dragon go back in to get his teddy bear

  7. Tindle Tindle says:

    This charming story written in rhyming prose has a memorable message Let our young narrator introduce you to Dragon and Teddy as they make friends and have adventures I was beyond thrilled when my daughter danced down the hall after the story ended receipting the verse about never re entering a burning house We loved this book

  8. Anthony Anthony says:

    A young girl meets a dragon and after spending time playing together she invites the dragon home for lunch and tea The dragon causes a fire when he sneezes and panics but the girl shows and tell the dragon what to do during a house fire Told in rhyme this book on fire safety is an excellent teaching device for young children

  9. Cam Cam says:

    This book is great for teaching little ones about fire safety what to do in an emergency and how to handle situations I liked this book so much that I went back to the library and got books by the same author

  10. Ellen Ellen says:

    This book is a bit cutesy but it gets the job done The fire safety instructions are clear the danger isn't too scary the rhyming not that bad and the back matter including a fire safety rhyme is helpful for grown ups

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