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The Element Encyclopedia of 5000 Spells The Ultimate Reference Book for the Magical Arts [Read] ➵ The Element Encyclopedia of 5000 Spells The Ultimate Reference Book for the Magical Arts By Judika Illes – Enter the world of folklore myth and magic Discover binding spells and banishing spells spells for love luck wealth power spiritual protection physical healing and enhanced fertility drawn from Earth Enter the world of Encyclopedia of PDF/EPUB ¶ folklore myth and magic Discover binding spells and banishing spells spells for love luck wealth power spiritual protection physical healing and enhanced fertility drawn from Earth’s every corner and spanning years og magical history In The Encyclopedia Of Spells The Ultimate Reference Book for the Magical Arts independent scholar educator and author of several books The Element eBook ¼ of folklore folkways and mythology Judika Illes enables the reader to enter the world of folklore myth and magic with binding spells and banishing spells spells for love luck wealth and power as well as spells for spiritual protection physical healing and enhanced fertility drawn from Earth's every corner and spanning years of magical history.

  • Hardcover
  • 1120 pages
  • The Element Encyclopedia of 5000 Spells The Ultimate Reference Book for the Magical Arts
  • Judika Illes
  • English
  • 06 February 2016
  • 9780007164653

About the Author: Judika Illes

Born in New York Encyclopedia of PDF/EPUB ¶ City my metaphysical career began early My first encounter with tarot cards at age six was also my first experience of love at first sight That passion still burns true Although I do practice other forms of divination tarot remains the foundation of my practiceA lifelong pursuit of metaphysical wisdom followed and continues astrology The Element eBook ¼ mythology Kabbalah the Egyptian myst.

10 thoughts on “The Element Encyclopedia of 5000 Spells The Ultimate Reference Book for the Magical Arts

  1. Priscilla Priscilla says:

    A personal friend of ours Judika is very knowledgable of all the various types of spiritual paths out thereThis book is by far the most comprehensive book that I have found on magic in my 20 years of following a Pagan pathI highly recommend it if only for the historical value in it

  2. Keshia Keshia says:

    This book is a collection of spells from a variety of sources The most basic thing that this book does for the reader is That it gives a wide variety of spells from ancient sources and a diverse variety from different disciplines This book should be a welcome addition to any person who is interested in magic regardless of the level Of your understanding of magic The main drawback to this book is the indexing The indexing leaves a lot to be desired For example the book contains a great deal of basic formulas for conditioning oils throughout However in the section entitled formularies it only contains a Fraction of the recipes dispersed throughout the book Searching the index for Orioles is very tedious to say the least Not of this however detracts from the great goodness that this book provides in the numerous battles that are contained within the book This book is good for beginners as well as the experienced

  3. Valenfore Alestreneon Valenfore Alestreneon says:

    A really good reference book that's very comprehensive Although I notice she has a lot of unnecessary filler material that seems to be geared towards people who are newer to the study It's kind of pointless since newer people shouldn't be looking at reference books if they don't have the basics of spellcraft down

  4. Victoria E. Keen Victoria E. Keen says:

    Without a doubt this is the Larousse Gastronomiue of the modern witchy world Clearly written and categorised any witch would want this on their bookshelf or coffee table Don't be fooled this is not light hearted reading It assumes the reader already has a clear knowledge of using magic when to use it how to use it and most importantly when not to use it The spells are from around the world and from a variety of different cultures and religions Some are extremely complicated and involve ingredients that are almost impossible to source but so does Heston Blumenthal's Fat Duck Cookbook and that was still a bestsellerOf course with 5000 spells there are many that can be used and adapted to your own specific reuirements but don't expect them all to be easy magic that involves a coloured candle and a bit of string I enjoy reading through the obscure spells as well as the 'usable' ones as I think this book is such a valuable resource in preserving those spells which may otherwise be forgottenIf you have a Book of Shadows or witchy journal that you want to pass through the family then ensure this goes with itI even went on to buy the Encyclopedia if Witchcraft The Psychic World and Mythical Creatures the latter being almost entirely useless in a world clearly not full of mythical creatures at all but it's a fascinating read has helped out many of my fantasy writing friends and looks fantastic on the book shelf ;

  5. Juli Anna Juli Anna says:

    This book is enormous I did not read it cover to cover There is a 102 page intro section that contains all kinds of good basic information about the construction of rituals and the details and tools of spellcrafting which was interesting for me as a beginner The spells themselves are taken from many many magickal traditions throughout history giving them a wide variety Illes modernizes the wording and ingredients for many traditional spells which may be a good or a bad thing depending on the readerAs someone who is less interested in performing these spells and interested in their details and historical context this book left something to be desired While there is a hefty bibliography in which all the source texts are named individual spells are not linked back in any way to the original sources making it at times unclear whether you are looking at something from Middle Kingdom Egypt 10th century Britain or 1920’s New Orleans Sometimes you can tell from ingredients or deities invoked but not often I ended up trying out one recipe for a magickal floorwash while I had this book in my possession; it smelled nice at the very least peppermint and angelica root I copied out a few others for later ideas as well but most of this is too entailed for my taste

  6. Willow Willow says:

    A great beginners guide for every spell Absolutely enchanting to read and evokes the desire of further study as a good book should However I was incredibly disappointed to see it explicity mention changelings as a metaphor for autism and then list spells to save or cure your child Autism is a hereditary neuro divergence and not something that can be 'cured' You will never 'get your child back' because that IS your child You're just being a crappy parent by shaming and attempting to alter their true nature This mindset has been causing physical and emotional damage to autistic people since the beginning of society Stop perpetuating the myth that we are broken that we don't belong or that we need fixing

  7. Nicole Nicole says:

    Massive book large thick and heavy I was impressed by the amazing variety some spells are dangerous though and some are a little ridiculous so use common sense If you are unfamiliar with any of the ingredients research them thoroughly before use A fascinating read with spells from a multiple of cultures great for ideas when creating your own spells includes recipes for incenses oils and the likes although not all are indexed which was frustrating and reuired scanning every page while I was searching for oil recipes None the less highly recommended for spell collectors and curious minds a must have for every witch's bookshelf

  8. Scottsdale Public Library Scottsdale Public Library says:

    Want to cast a spell? This is your book The Element Encyclopedia of 5000 Spells certainly stands up to its name If you love magic and Wicca you will truly enjoy this book Drawing on many different magical traditions Illes puts together a book on the topics of wealth love success and even curses From Hoodoo to historical grimoire magic you will be amazed Happy spell casting Colleen M

  9. Heather Heather says:

    This is the only book about spells most people need Great writing about magic great history lessons and 5000 spells from around the world

  10. Occultorum Occultorum says:

    For me this is an incredibly important book Not because I would be using it as a spell book but because I am researching the field of the occult and witchcraft and this book is incredibly useful as it covers so many spells from different cultures and times It also comes in handy when you're out of ideas then you can use it as a reference to help you with your spell work It covers many spell categories from from love spells to protection spells and it includes even some hexes

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