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Knight of the Demon Queen (Winterlands, Book 3) ❮PDF / Epub❯ ☁ Knight of the Demon Queen (Winterlands, Book 3) ✍ Author Barbara Hambly – Once the most powerful mage in the land Jenny Waynest is now a broken woman After being possessed and corrupted by the demon Amayon she lost everything she holds dear even the trust of her husband Yet Once the most powerful mage in the the Demon MOBI ï land Jenny Waynest is now a broken woman After being Knight of PDF or possessed and corrupted by the demon Amayon she lost everything she holds dear even the trust of her of the Demon ePUB ☆ husband Yet Lord John Aversin has torments of his own memories of the beautiful and cruel Aohila demon ueen of a rival hell whom he'd tricked into providing the help he needed to free Jenny Now condemned to death for trafficking with demons John cannot forgive himself for opening the door to a far greater evil an evil that still haunts his dreams And not only his dreams For a vengeful Aohila needs mortal aid in realms beyond her power and who better to provide it than Lord John Blackmailed into cooperating John must fight his way through unimaginable horrors in uest of a prize that may doom the world he has left behind.

10 thoughts on “Knight of the Demon Queen (Winterlands, Book 3)

  1. Bookwraiths Bookwraiths says:

    Dragonshadow was a book mainly about demons ruining the lives of our main characters So how can Barbara Hambly top that you ask?Oh yeah of little faith I mean all she has to do is send our favorite characters to hell both physically and mentally torture them a bit make them treat each other like dirt and basically turn up the depressive “realism” to extra high max degreesOur main characters John Aversin and Jenny Waynest are broken people here; all signs of their previous normal but peaceful life gone like their former innocence They are both searching for some way to keep things from getting worse for them their family and their world In order to do this they endure even tragedies in this book All the horrible things the author puts them through I won’t bore you with because you can only enjoy seeing someone tortured so much before it has no shock factor left Hell when there is no other way to make things worse in their own world Hambly sends them to visit another world which is vaguely similar to our own but full of nothing but gloom and doom Needless to say I did not like this novel Probably hated it than I did the second book in this series Yeah I said hated because I despised this book This novel was all depression all the time No fun no joy no hope Don’t look for it because it don’t live here I realize the author had some issues going on in real life but it is uncalled for how ridiculously depressing she made this book The Stand had happiness in it and I’m talking about when everyone was dying of the damn flu Stay away from this one unless you like self flagellation

  2. Varin Varin says:

    I love Barbara Hambly's writing but I cannot read this book She sent the characters to hell in the last book and I read the first sentence of this one burst into tears and put the book down

  3. Korynn Korynn says:

    The story begins with the characters broken from the last book and searching for ways to recover from events But it gets worse If you are seeking a fantasy novels of fun and games and hope stop this is not your book This is a depressing tome about how Lord John Aversin seeks a cure for his wife and son a safety for his people from demons and a uest in which he travels into worlds unfamiliar and akin to ours Especially jarring is his visit into a world similar but technically advanced to ours

  4. Samantha Samantha says:

    I started this one but stopped reading after about a third of the book I haven't been able to pick it back up and it's been several months I think I'm just in a time where I don't want to read particularly dark and dismal books Since I haven't finished this one I don't know if it has a happy ending or not but I don't want to wade through the dark to get there right now

  5. Jim Jim says:

    view spoilerThis was a depressing work The main premise was that demons are free in the world and using plague and misery in general to battle humanity and each other Hambly does a good job of painting her world and the chanacters that inhabit it The problem is that the world is so noxious and the characters so miserable that I want little to do with it I did manage to finish it but I think the story needs to has to have a bit of fun or wit or something that the reader can attach himself toor reading it is a lot like walking thru a swamp where getting to the end is the only goal hide spoiler

  6. Jaipal Jaipal says:

    The book is uite dark and I was going what is going on It was then I found out that the author was going through a bad patch in her life and it showed in her writing All in all it is a good read except you just wished the characters did not have to go through such a rough spot If you loved the first book and do not want the idealistic picture to be shattered do not read this book But if you do things improve in the next book so it is worth going on

  7. Lurple Lurple says:

    The first book in this trilogy Dragonsbane was one of my favorites as a teen and it was years before I realized there were seuels Unfortunately I was kind of turned off by the later books do to their focus on the very unhappy Jenny Still a good book I just didn't like the way the series turned out

  8. Judith Weshinskey-Price Judith Weshinskey-Price says:

    I love the characters but found the time in Hell for John to get somewhat boring and repetitive THe ending was a surprise though

  9. Felicity Felicity says:

    Bummed me the hell out The demons are not supposed to win in fantasy novels only in real life

  10. Laia Baroja Laia Baroja says:

    It was just ok The book in general was fine the story was interesting characters were developing in a curious and different way But the sci fi world John was at during the second half of the book was too weird for me

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