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Stalin's Revenge [Download] ✤ Stalin's Revenge By Anthony Tucker-Jones – In the summer of 1944 the Red Army crushed Army Group Centre in one of the largest offensives in military history Operation Bagration launched almost exactly three years after the Nazi invasion of the In the summer of the Red Army crushed Army Group Centre in one of the largest offensives in military history Operation Bagration launched almost exactly three years after the Nazi invasion of the Soviet Union was Stalin's retribution for Hitler's Operation Barbarossa Earlier battles at Stalingrad and Kursk paved the way for Soviet victory but as Anthony Tucker Jones demonstrates in this fascinating study Bagration ensured that the Germans would never regain the strategic initiative In one fell swoop the Wehrmacht lost a uarter of its strength on the Eastern Front And in a series of overwhelming assaults the Red Army recaptured practically all the territory the Soviet Union had lost in advanced into East Prussia and reached the outskirts of WarsawAs he reconstructs this massive and complex battle Anthony Tucker Jones assesses the opposing forces and their commanders and gives a vivid insight into the planning and decision making at the highest level He recreates the experience of the soldiers on the battlefield by using graphic contemporary accounts and he sets the Bagration offensive in the wider context of the Soviet war effort He also asks why Stalin's road to retribution proved to be such a long and bloody one for the Germans despite their crippling losses managed to resist for another ten months.

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  1. Singleton Mosby Singleton Mosby says:

    The subject matter of this book Operation Bagration is very interesting and not much is written about it This book however doesn't sattisfy your interest enough or at least that was the case with me After an introduction and a short summary of the war upto that point june '44 the author introduces us to the generals and armies the role of Hitler and Stalin and the terrain over which this massive campaign is fought The second part of the book obviously deals with the campaign itself But this is only some 50 pages 75 max if you count the preperations The events are dealt with much to uick and in a sketchy way Unfortunately as it could have been a great book Next to that there are very few personal accounts Another thing I miss are some good situation mapsThen the ending of the book In the conclusion the author returns to the same point over and over again He states some facts as much as seven times three or four times on the same page The appendixes are rather interesting on the development of Stalin's tank force the German tank models and both air forcesOverall I would give the book 25 stars But for the appendixes it will be 3 And now clearly I have to find another book on Bagration as I want to read about it

  2. Mike Uscroft Mike Uscroft says:

    This book attempts to sum up Operation Bagration in a scant 50 pages It is the briefest of overviews of one of the biggest military operations of the entire war Which is a shame really There's enough here to wet the appetite of anyone interested in this surprisingly little known event but nowhere near enough to really do justice to it Most of the book seems to be long lists of the units involved in the various battles during the operation which is awkward especially without detailed maps to better show the reader where exactly those battles were taking place There is also a lack of personal accounts from the soldiers involved though the author does makes mention of the lack of German first hand accounts of the battle due to the massive number of casualties sustained by the Germans Bagration deserves far in the way of books and study This feels like it'll be a great reference book for military historians looking to tell the tale of Operation Bagration and give it the treatment it so clearly deserves

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