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Patagonia Express [PDF / Epub] ☁ Patagonia Express ✎ Luis Sepúlveda – Full Circle invites us to accompany Chilean writer Luis Sepulvéda on a journey without a fixed itinerary Whatever his subject brutalities suffered under Pinochet's dictatorship sleepy tropical towns Full Circle invites us to accompany Chilean writer Luis Sepulvéda on a journey without a fixed itinerary Whatever his subject brutalities suffered under Pinochet's dictatorship sleepy tropical towns visited in exile or the landscapes of legendary Patagonia Sepulvéda is an unflinchingly honest yet lyrical toryteller extravagant characters and extraordinary situations are memorably evoked gauchos organising a tournament of lies a scheming heiress on the lookout for a husband a pilot with a corpse on board his plane Part autobiography part travel memoir Full Circle brings us the distinctive voice of one of South America's most compelling writers.

  • Paperback
  • 192 pages
  • Patagonia Express
  • Luis Sepúlveda
  • English
  • 06 May 2014
  • 9780864424655

About the Author: Luis Sepúlveda

Luis Sepúlveda was a Chilean writer film director journalist and political activistHe studied theatre production at the National University In Sepúlveda was given a five year scholarship to continue his drama studies at the Moscow University but it was withdrawn after five months on account of 'misconduct' he attended a party with a Politburo Officer's Wife which was considered high o.

10 thoughts on “Patagonia Express

  1. Luís Luís says:

    Tasty travels and encounters Especially for the reader of the Chilean writer Start with his anarchist grandfather who makes him pee on the doors of churches and to whom he will keep a promise During his adventures he risks arranged marriage a flight in a small plane and meetings over a drink with colourful characters who will give him their friendships but above all to tell each other

  2. Cathy Cathy says:

    Short book of episodes and meetings on trips taken by the author The stories are uneven and have unfavorable comments about gays and women in general First book I read by the author and I was not particularly delighted rating 25

  3. David Rush David Rush says:

    A somewhat rambling book by Sepulveda that starts in Spain follows stories to Patagonian and back to Spain Full of wild characters and wild stories Some charming some scary A short book but it packs a lot and he has lived a pretty amazing life A life filled with bravery danger and audacity and still giving off a feeling of soft curiosity I am not sure what that means but somehow it seems right at least to meWe get to see the unconventional charm of the unconventional people he meets Like after the 18th Patagonian lying Championship“I lifted my head to look at the sky studded stars thousands of starts'Nice Lie that one about the louse; says Baldo'And the sky? All the stars Blado?Are they another Patagonian lie?''What does it matter? Down here we lie to be happy But we all know the difference between lying and deception'” pg 111I remember his novel about the old man who read romance and after all the craziness in this book his ending had me fighting back the tears that must somehow compare to the sweet emotions the old man in the other book was yearning for Maybe it is just a simple display of a happy pure expression of human connectednessnow that I think of it maybe that is a stretch; maybe we are just both sentimental suckersThe story ends in a small village in Spain where upon meeting his grandfather's younger brother for the first time the old man realizes the connection Sepúlveda writes“A serious look came into the old man's countenanceThen Don Angel cleared his throat and pronounced the most beautiful poem life has rewarded me with and I knew I had come full circle I was at the starting point of the journey my grandfather began Don Angel said'Maria bring some wine a relative has come from America' ”pg 183Thumbs upGood stuff

  4. John John says:

    Fits under the travel genre in the sense that the episodes occur in various locations though the author focuses on the people there than the surroundings Sepulveda came off as slightly obnoxious to me but he's certainly a keen observer

  5. Chana Chana says:

    While I personally feel that the author's grandfather gave him some uestionable guidance as a child my heart goes out to him for the things he and his countrymen suffered while imprisoned This is not a traditional travel book in any way but I felt privileged to share the journeys that he writes about Somewhere before I had read about Aparicio the potential bride My favorites were the flight of the influential corpse and the liar's contest

  6. Nato Nato says:

    From Pinochet's prisons to a rotting pile of bananas in Ecuador Sepulveda takes the reader on a wild contemplative and often absurd ride through South America in all of its magic beauty corruption and latin ness Great travel reading

  7. Daniele Daniele says:

    I devoured this book in few hours while flying to Argentina and really enjoyed it either my flights are too long or his books too shortSepulveda has a great way to tell travel stories and an amazing life

  8. Michelle Michelle says:

    Patagonia Express is a musty old purse filled with rocks and old coins and marbles secret treasures to mull over at different moments probably to be reread several times It is a collection of memories so vividly described that I can clearly see it as a film a collection of shorts that could be strung together to help describe the experience of being from or living in Patagonia We are treated to the colorful and deeply poignant memory of summer days spent with a wily libertarian grandpa; the sparse pain of Chile’s political prisoners; the befuddling Mark Twainian adventures of traveling through South America after being expelled from Chile; and the colorful people encountered once he returned to the extreme lands of Patagonia This book has some great uotes to reflect on satisfying characters to digest and enough suggestion of the lands inhabited that it fills me with wonder and desire to see what he saw meet who he knew and live what he felt

  9. سعاد علي سعاد علي says:

    At the end you feel nothing about all the stories that had been said about that man but they will make u imagine the stories people tell about you after your death of course if you are worthy

  10. Beatrice Beatrice says:


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