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JLA League of One ❮PDF / Epub❯ ☁ JLA League of One ✍ Author Christopher Moeller – Buyprobolan50.co.uk One of the year's grandest most breathtaking adventures unfolds in this 112 page instant classic that continues the proud new tradition of JLA original hardcover graphic novels begun by last year's sm One of the year's grandest most breathtaking adventures unfolds in this page instant classic that continues the proud new tradition of JLA original hardcover graphic novels begun by last year's smash hit JLA Earth Written and fully painted by the brilliantly gifted Christopher Moeller JLA A League of One is an epic story in which the Justice League is divided against itself in a heartbreaking battle to JLA League eBook ↠ the death An ancient evil dragon awakens from his subterranean slumber once again to menace a world that's forgotten that such monsters of flame and guile ever existed But the new world of today has its own Round Table of protectors in the form of the JLAWhen Wonder Woman goes to the infallible oracle and learns that the JLA is destined to die in battle against the dragon she must make the most difficult decision of her life; embarking on a terrible unwinnable uest to thwart fate putting her at odds with those she loves most In JLA A League of One Superman Batman and the rest of the League learn that while some heroes maybe Wonder Woman's match none surpass her JLA A League of One is a sumptuous visual feast a rich tapestry of storytelling that is poetic in its soaring beauty.

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  1. Shannon Shannon says:

    Two tales in this graphic novelWonder Woman beats down everyone in the JLA because a prophecy predicts that when they face a dragon everyone else but she will die Some nice folklore is woven into this one with good artworkThen Wonder Woman and the JLA help aliens warring with one another and not sharing the entire truth A fairly good rationale for why the JLA have to wear giant robotic suits I was tempted to get the next tale after this one but never bothered after seeing the low reviews MY GRADE B

  2. Jace Jace says:

    I'm a big Wonder Woman fan Here's the one problem Wonder Woman is a great character but she doesn't have many great stories Personally I think it's because she lacks a uality rogues gallery After all one of the thing that makes Batman Superman Spider Man and the X Men so great is the sheer variety of colorful villains they're always fighting Wonder Woman hasCheetah? Ares? I'm not sure Another problem is that back in the hey day of comics many of the best writers in the industry who happened to be male didn't want to work on a book with a female protagonist Jerks As a result WW was written by a rotating lineup of second tier talent for a number of years and never really established classic storiesThankfully LEAGUE OF ONE is one of those rare Wonder Woman gems that fans hope for This was a uick read and a good one The gist of the plot is an interesting blend of superhero and classic fantasy A bunch of evil gnomes awaken an ancient dragon deeps in the mountains of Europe Wonder Woman learns of this development from the Oracle who foresees that whoever confronts the dragon will be successful in stopping it but will perish in the process Wonder Woman knows that if the Justice League discovers the dragon they will attempt to help her defeat it and all seven members of the league will be killed In order to protect her teammates she deceives preoccupies and subdues all the other members of the JLA and faces the dragon herself My favorite part of this book is the characterization of Wonder Woman The story portrays Wonder Woman as a being of immense purity who regularly subjects herself to her own Lasso of Truth in order to purge herself of lies and deceit As a result of her enduring honestly its interesting to watch her struggle to betray her teammates even though she's doing it to save their lives The action seuences in this book are a lot of fun but its the character interactions with the rest of the Justice League that interested me most The inclusion of dragons gnomes and other fantasy elements in a superhero story was also a fresh inclusionThe author of this book is also the artist and his painted panels are beautiful It's rare to find a creator this adept at both writing and illustrating My only complaint is that the characters are sometimes painted without much detail and their faces do not always look consistent through the entire book Still it's a small complaint and understandable given the amount of work reuired to paint 100 pages Overall I was very pleased with this book and would recommend it to all comic book readers but especially those looking for a great Wonder Woman story

  3. Earnest Earnest says:

    This edition contains two Justice League stories by Christopher MoellerThe first tale which the book takes its name from Justice League A League of One has Wonder Woman taking the lead When she learns of the prophecy involving the fate of the Justice League she takes it upon herself to prevent it at the cost of her own life What defines this story is the characterization of Wonder Woman Moeller for me perfectly captures an aspect of her that made her DC's premier female superhero SelflessLoyal Truth seeking and a powerful warrior Another thing is that though using mythology ostensibly from the Middle Ages it fits perfectly with her own mythology taken from the GreeksI liketo read read stories that puts Wonder Woman in a fantasy setting Though I admit there are times when other writers does not pull it off as well as Moeller in this one The 'ancient world meet the modern world' story does not comes across as cliched or forcedThe second story JLA CLASSIFIED COLD STEEL has a sci fi bent to it This time each member of the JLA has eual screen time There's that subplot about Green Lantern not as well developed as I would like it to be Two alien civilizations at war with each other and the Justice League takes part in the side that they think is the good sideof course Batman doesn't easily buy into their story Though not as well written as the first and the revelation at the end left me a bit confused it features one of the coolest things ever portrayed in comics; ie mecha versions of the Justice League It would have also benefitted from having world building put into it Through it all I thought that Moeller has a great grasp on the dramatic; the first story reads like classical tragedy while the second is space opera I'm also a fan of his painted artwork it adapts uite naturally to the comic medium

  4. Tanya Tanya says:

    This is one of my favorite Wonder Woman books I have read reviews on it throughout the internet and it usually receives 3 stars I think that people are expecting something different The book is not really about an adventure but about Wonder Woman as a person and I feel the book does an excellent job of portraying who she really is and what she is all about truthWonder Woman was created by the man who invented the lie detector test To him telling the truth was an important part of life He chose a pretty interesting lifestyle and was always honest about it and surprisingly people's judgements did not hinder his successIn the book Wonder Woman lays her lasso of truth over her shoulders every morning to bring to light any lies she may be telling herself Considering how strong denial is in people I find this to be amazingly strong and honorable I wish I had my own magic lasso to expose my lies to myselfWonder Woman also has to lie in this book and is not very good at it Plus the books antagonist is a dragon Dragons are always cool in a book

  5. Christine Christine says:

    3 stars only because the second two stories in the kindle edition are meh But the cover story Wonder Woman vs a dragon rocks It is so completely awesome I loved it Wonder Woman at her best

  6. Jesse A Jesse A says:

    Not uite sure about this one The art was ok Grew on me some The title story was interesting but kinda had a uick sitcom resolution The 2nd story was JLA Pacific Rim IDK

  7. Michael Michael says:

    I was reading the top 10 stories for Wonder Woman and this graphic novel was in the top ten I'm not much for Wonder Woman but this comic was amazing Christopher Moeller has writen and painted a beautiful comic It has some of awesome things in it1 A Dragon2 Wonder Woman taking out the JLA3 Wonder Woman fighting a Dragon4 Painted comic that is drop dead gorgeousThat alone should be enough for anyone to want to read this comic I don't think I need to say anything else The comic is awesome

  8. Maged Raafat Maged Raafat says:

    35 stars Christopher Moeller is proably one of the best artists to draw wonder woman He gives her this divine persona which is great It's not like any other regular comic book art It's like watching portraits depicting the JL as divine beings The story itself was nice not super interesting just nice I loved how he used physical bodies to represent Good or evil wonderwoman representing the good ofcourse The story is a mixture of biblical metaphors and greek mythology which i always find very interesting I recommend this book to any WonderWoman fan out there

  9. John Yelverton John Yelverton says:

    Such a great and fun novel that is well worth the reader's time

  10. Shawna Hunter Shawna Hunter says:

    I haven't gotten to the second half of the book with the crashed alien ship and the giant JLA robots but I doubt I'll review that part anyway so let me focus on the titular story Justice League A League of One aka WHINER WOMAN The plot Dragon wakes up Oracle says JLA will face it but die in the process WW knows that the JLA is an ideal not individuals so she knocks out her friends to be the JLA by herself and take on the suicide mission alone slight spoiler BS where death means a need for CPR Oh and there are Dryadsfor no apparent reason beyond giving WW someone to talk toSo I picked up this book because it was on a watchmojo list for top 10 WW stories and I really like WW but I did not like this Yes it does explore Diana's character Beneath the truth beyond the warrior is a loving heart willing to shoulder the burden of all the world to protect those she loves A pure honest desire to do whatever it takes to keep others safeand CONSTANTLY complain while doing it Yes I get it she's so into truth that she doesn't even tell little white lies and betraying her friends must suck but she's not killing them At worst she's worrying and annoying them Stop being so damn melodramatic She actually has a panel reminiscent of Furiosa from Mad Max Fury Road where she falls to her knees and cries oh why me to the Gods Except in this case I just imagine them rolling their eyes and saying uit your complaining Yes facing death is horrible but she only mildly regrets that because her work as an emissary for peace will be left undone No she's crying because of the betrayal and even the JLA doesn't REALLY care Only Superman seems mildly hurt by it To compare and contrast In Gotham Sirens Harley and Ivy literally torture Catwoman for information without a second thought and she forgive them because they make her breakfast No fuss no muss Terrible thing to do but its the sort of thing that happens all the time so they laugh it off Here WW basically lets hundreds of people get killed by the dragon because she's busy moping about lying to her friends That's not the hardened warrior she literally turns into an armor clad monster for a moment when the dragon semi corrupts her who ends wars with wisdom compassion and tactical prowess That's WW acting exactly like the feint hearted women she hates to see in movies All that said Batman giving an anti feminist rant about blaming others for your problems and Superman falling for the hey look over there trick was pretty funnyI mean if you don't know WW give this a read but this is certainly NOT her best outing The WW of Greg Rucka's run or the Circle would look at this incarnation and be offended

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