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Henry James A Life ✅ [PDF / Epub] ☉ Henry James A Life By Leon Edel ⚣ – Buyprobolan50.co.uk This is the one volume edition of a famous biography of Henry James which includes new material Born in America Henry James was educated both there and in Europe before settling in London where he was This is the one volume edition of a famous biography of Henry James which includes new material Born in America Henry James was educated both there and in Europe before Henry James PDF \ settling in London where he was to spend most of his life in His novels represent the culmination of the th century realist tradition of Austen George Eliot Flauberty and Balzac and a decisive step towards the experimental modernism of Woolf and TS Eliot His works often focus upon an innocent American in Europe and assess the ualities and dangers of both American and European culture at the time as well as showing their vast differences.

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  1. Paul Bryant Paul Bryant says:

    This is a great biography Henry James dined out like B B King toured relentlessly unswervingly exhaustingly in one year over 200 times After stuffing his orifice with broiled warthog steamed lark and pomegranite marinaded in brandy and garnished with something unspeakable he'd stroll back home and dash off a chapter of The Wings of the Dove and wake up next day and do it all again RespectProbably reading this giant biography is in my top ten of useless time wasting things I've done What I should have been doing in the hours it took me to finish it was practically anything else For instance dancing the night away with a seemingly endless parade of lovely young women That would have been better Why didn't I do that?

  2. Tobias Tobias says:

    I reach beyond the laboratory of the human brain would be one of the last sentences Henry James left to the world and coming from anyone else than him it would be a pompous statement but arguably nobody worked as hard or did as much for the novel in its modern development as James did Though born and bred in America he was a transatlantic and found his home in the gilded houses and palazzos of Europe in Venice in Paris in London He began essentially as a late Victorian novelist aspiring to become as FR Leavis once wrote of him a French master in English but once he accomplished that he went above and beyond what even Flaubert had done to the poor old novel His life not surprisingly reads like a James novel extravagant and excessive but in Edel's hands the biography never becomes a fact checking device Like Ellmann he believed that authors like James or Joyce wrote from experience which is not to say that they simply inserted situations and personages from their lives into their fictions and like Joseph Frank's Dostoevsky there is an author behind it all no matter how well hidden he may appear to be A master class in literary biography nothing less

  3. Stephanie Stephanie says:

    I really enjoyed this The main downside was that sometimes the author bent over backwards to support his biases and sometimes he gave Henry James a pass for things that he the author criticized contemporary women authors for

  4. Prakhar Bindal Prakhar Bindal says:

    All the James you want without having to read him

  5. Rachael Rachael says:

    I don't think this is the text I'm looking for What I want is the seven volume biography each about 800 pages that were part of the reuired reading for my defenseI started out grudgingly and then got totally caught up It was like an intellectual soap opera When would James move to England? What was his real relationship with so and so? Ahah What a revealing letterIf you have a few spare weeks and you love James come on 'fess up these really are fabulous

  6. Matt Matt says:

    This is if I'm not mistaken the condensed single volume edition of Edel's massive five fat volumes literary biography It's just what the doctor ordered I nicked one of the volumes last years I think off some dusty shelves awhile back and was surprisingly mesmerized by Edel's meticulous absorbing near novelization of a writer with whom I fear I may in fact share a great deal except the exposure to and enjoyment of his prose itself Isn't it strange how that happens?

  7. Boweavil Boweavil says:

    Essential basic the real thing for those who admire the writing of Henry James

  8. Mark Dickman Mark Dickman says:

    One of the best biographies I have read comparable to Deutscher's The Prophet

  9. Chris Cangiano Chris Cangiano says:

    One of the great single volume literary biographies of the 20th Century Edel does a great job of setting forth in great detail the events of James’ life and weaving his major works into it James was one of the towering literary figures of the late 19th Century and the prototype for the American expatriate abroad He lived a massive life and produced a mass of literary works and this single volume biography does him and them justice

  10. Willis Willis says:

    This is a one volume abridgement of a five volume series on the life of Henry James Even though it is an abridgement it is still a lengthy book that takes some effort to get through There is a lot of discussion of how various events and people in his life influenced his stories and writings He was a prolific author but it was interesting to see how the stories he wrote are related to the things that were happening to him He certainly had a cushy life Never really had to work because of the wealth in his family Although born in the US he traveled all over Europe and used his ample leisure time for exploring places so that he could bring it into his writing Its hard to imagine that he would have produced his writings if he had to worry about where his next meal was going to come from As a life long bachelor he didn't have much to worry about I would have rated it higher but all the details of his travels started to get old I guess this abridgement could have been abridged itself

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