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Indian Summer: A Good Man in Asia ❰Reading❯ ➶ Indian Summer: A Good Man in Asia Author Will Randall – Will Randall thought teaching in an inner London comprehensive was a tough job But that was nothing compared to the next assignment saving a slum school in the Indian city of Poona Learning as much as Will A Good Man in Epub / Randall thought teaching in an inner A Good PDF/EPUB ë London comprehensive was a tough job But that was nothing compared to the next assignment saving a slum school in the Indian city of Poona Learning as much as he is teaching Will finds his life transformed by his remarkable class of orphans Dulabesh the head standing joker Indian Summer: Epub / who lost his parents on a crowded railway platform; Prakash who learned self sufficiency by scavenging in dumpsters; the charmingly madcap Tanushri fan of the singer Maradona When Summer: A Good Man in ePUB ´ the slumlords threaten to level the school Will hits upon the idea of a fund raiser to save it a stage production of the verse Indian epic Summer: A Good PDF/EPUB ½ The Ramayana ever so slightly condensedBy turns funny and poignant this is a gloriously life affirming account of the India tourists never see.

  • Paperback
  • 256 pages
  • Indian Summer: A Good Man in Asia
  • Will Randall
  • English
  • 19 May 2015
  • 9780349116785

About the Author: Will Randall

English A Good Man in Epub / travel writerEducated in London he taught A Good PDF/EPUB ë languages in the English west country for ten years including years at Blundell's School before moving to live in the South Pacific islands He is best known for his book Solomon TimeHis book Indian Summer is about time he spent teaching in a school for orphans Indian Summer: Epub / in Poona India While in India he also spent some time in the Indian film i.

10 thoughts on “Indian Summer: A Good Man in Asia

  1. Julie Thomason Julie Thomason says:

    I enjoyed this albeit I found bits of it a bit of a slog to read and a bit difficult to get into However I was hooked by the end and routing for the children in the ashram Since I visited India in 2011 I read a lot about it and tis was good a light touch but very real

  2. Saskia (Smitie) Saskia (Smitie) says:

    An interesting look into the adventures of Will Randall in India Starting as an escape from the unappreciated work as British teacher Will ends up organizing a play with children from an orphanage in the slums of Poona to get enough funds to buy the land During his stay in the chaotic India he meets all kinds of people and even ends up in two Bollywood productions Sometimes I get the feeling the coincidences of Will meeting the right people at the right time a bit too good to be true but the overall story is inspiring

  3. Matthew Matthew says:

    I have never written a book review before but Will Randall's Indian Summer is as good a place to start as anyWould have given a 25 if it were an option alas out of fairness will round up to 3s The book is elouently written and I feel it does a decent job of placing you into the antagonists position absorbing some of the sights and smells of India By the end off the book I was left a little disappointed just needed to be tied together better

  4. Joe Spoto Joe Spoto says:

    Easy to read entertaining I will probably never go to India but this book fave me a very good idea of the conditions he was dealing with It was amazing to me that he always seems to be in the right place at the right time and seems to run into the right people

  5. Drew Dalton Drew Dalton says:

    An outstanding book Thoroughly enjoyed it Touching funny and moving it gives an insight into an English man who teaches the slum children of India Read it

  6. Charlotte Charlotte says:

    I did get a bit bored of the book halfway through and struggled despite it being pretty short

  7. Amit Amit says:

    Entertaining read

  8. Sally906 Sally906 says:

    INDIAN SUMMER is elouently written and sums up the sights sounds and smells of life in India However I feel it was mainly written to demonstrate the attitude differences between the ungrateful children from the UK the haves and the grateful children from the slums in India the have nots The two contrasting events that he used to demonstrate the difference were the bus trips At the start of the book Will takes his UK class on an excursion to an art gallery and it was a nightmare The children were unruly disrespectful did graffiti on artwork and just generally didn’t care They didn’t want to be at school and did everything they could to make this obvious to all and sundry Then there was the school excursion in India where the children reacted with a sense of awe and wonder when taken on a bus trip No sense of entitlement here – no rejecting any educational opportunity – the children knew the importance of education That it will get them a job which means food on the table and maybe a ticket out of the slums There will be no government handouts for them if they don’t attend school and don’t get a job It was very sad to see how people have to live in some parts of the world but I was heartened at how they take every opportunity that comes their way to try and overcome their lot in life and move up to better things Rather than sit and complain about their lot in life and do nothing to change Overall the book was a little slow in parts but gave enough insight into life in another country to keep me reading – there was humour and pathos and there was no condensation on Will’s behalf that you often see when people write about other countries

  9. Ape Ape says:

    This is the story of Will Randall's adventures in India Having read his books about the Solomon Islands and Botswana I thought I'd give this book a go It's an interesting tale of his time in India and his experiences It's good promotion of enjoying the little things and also taking chances in life it's wonderful what these serendipity chances lead to although sometimes it does seem to run a little to conveniently easily for himBack in the UK from his Solomon Time he's working at a school full of obnoxious bratts in London and feeling down A chance meeting with an old eccentric lady who offers to pay for his ticket to India in return for bag carrying to Poona to deliver her to her gentleman friend starts off the whole adventure He gets involved in charity work teaching at a school in one of the slums; ends up with film roles in two films arranges a school play and witnesses some horrors of the injustice of the slums and the ineuality between the rich and poor in India I find it curious that he states that sorting out this is a government issue; it's not something that charities are ever going to sort out themselves which is fair enough But it's up to the governments of other countries as if the Indian government doesn't have anything to do with itSo yes interesting tale occasionally dragged a little for me but uite entertaining

  10. Gill Gill says:

    Three stars? Three and a half stars really This one seemed slow to get under way to me and then there was a middle chunk which I didn't find so interesting but towards the end of the book it picked up pace and I really enjoyed that part I did come away from it wondering how Will Randall could admit to some of his actions or rather non actions The situations he describes included ones where I would have intervened whatever the conseuences and admittedly the conseuences would not have been pleasant He seems to be able to stand back and observe even when terrible things are happening to a child in his care and that I have never been able to do Professional detachment? Well to me teaching has always been something that goes well beyond a profession and detachment is the last thing it needs However were he not detached I presume we would not have books ranging over so many locations he would have stayed put in the first place where the children touched his heart It always strikes me as odd too that there is no reference to family or friends at home He seems to lead a detached fairly lonely lifeNot my favourite Randall The other I reviewed here set in Botswana I enjoyed far

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