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The Handyman's Dream ➹ [Download] ➵ The Handyman's Dream By Nick Poff ➼ – Ed couldn't help it In the days that followed he couldn't get the new mailman out of his mind From the time he had broken up with Cathy Carroll after high school graduation and had devoted himself exc Ed couldn't help it In the days that followed he couldn't get the new mailman out of his mind From the time he had broken up with Cathy Carroll after high school graduation and had devoted himself exclusively to the pursuit of those whose body parts matched his own Ed had had an image in his mind a full blown mental The Handyman's MOBI :º picture of the perfect guy That first day when the new mailman dropped a handful of bills into Ed's mailbox Ed knew he had found him Told with warmth humor and optimism The Handyman's Dream is a story for everyone who has ever had a fantasy about the perfect mate Ed Stephens is a small town handyman He also happens to be gay and lonely Ed is practical enough to realize that finding a man in Porterfield Indiana population nine thousand is unlikely so he's shocked and amazed when the man of his dreams suddenly begins delivering his mail each day Suspecting Fate has lent him a helping hand Ed schemes to meet the mailman Rick Benton hard working and responsible who has moved to Porterfield to lend a helping hand to his sister a single parent Rick it turns out is gay and lonely as well When Ed and Rick meet the attraction is spontaneous and mutual and soon loneliness is forgotten in the joy of falling in love As their relationship grows and deepens they find themselves dealing with the same situations every couple faces the reactions of friends and families job responsibilities and whether their love is a strong enough foundation for a long term relationship Ed and Rick though have another problem to cope with as well whether a small Indiana town is the best place for two men to build a life together in the early 's With asoundtrack of timeless pop classics the story of Ed and Rick is a heart warming journey from that special first kiss to the golden moment when one couple realizes their love is strong enough to endure any and all hardships Gay or straight you'll enjoy the ride.

  • Hardcover
  • 324 pages
  • The Handyman's Dream
  • Nick Poff
  • English
  • 12 August 2014
  • 9781420875706

About the Author: Nick Poff

Nick Poff enjoyed a long career in the radio industry until technology took all the fun out of it That same technology however enabled him to pursue another dream writing and publishing stories about everyday gay men in the flyover states of the US A widower Nick lives in Fort Wayne Indiana where he currently has a day job in the The Handyman's MOBI :º transit industry to take care of the mortgage payments o.

10 thoughts on “The Handyman's Dream

  1. Stefano Stefano says:

    Expected something a bit riveting

  2. Scott L Scott L says:

    The Handyman's Dream followed by its seuel The Handyman's Reality are written by Nick Poff an Indiana author from a small town outside Ft Wayne A great trip down memory lane especially for those of us of the gay persuasion The uestions the loneliness the excitement of meeting someone special the day to day reality of living together in a small town in the early 1980's are all deliciously unfolded in these two books A third book is in the works There are definitely ups and downs for this new couple as they discover each other their strengths and foibles as well as their situation in their town with its critics and supporters The author Nick Poff is also a music nut and his love of contemporary period music permeates the background of this warm assuring tale of what it means to be different what it means to be in love and what love is all about Highly recommended

  3. Stephen Stephen says:

    The Handyman's Dream is a Midwestern gay romance set in the early 1980's As a 50 something Michigan born and bred gay man it's a story that could easily have been mine The handyman and the postman are two nice guys with real family values It's good solid feel good read and has some novel aspects Admittedly it's not of the can't put it down variety but it is very affirming and you definately like these characters after just a few pages As with much of midwestern life it's nice and comfortable and not as thrilling as a big city story but still it speaks to those with the patience to listen If you can get over the absence of death and mayhem and jeopardy on every page then you might just enjoy the uiet contentment that this book contains

  4. David Burkam David Burkam says:

    An enjoyable readNot great literature no complex structure to analyze no deep insight into the human condition no real conflict for the characters to overcome A Hallmark Hall of Fame feel good story for midwestern gay men

  5. Mountie Mountie says:

    Sweet simple straightforward and satisfying It's historical in that it takes place 30 years ago It is nice to read stories sometimes where they meet they fall in love they face outside trials and they succeed

  6. Penniphurr Penniphurr says:

    This is a mild sweet romance You will know all the author's favorite tunes by the end Too bad there wasn't a CD to listen by but I imagine the copyrightroyalties would have bankrupted the entire venture

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