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The Discovery of Dragons ❮PDF / Epub❯ ☂ The Discovery of Dragons Author Graeme Base – A Victorian scientist RW Greasebeam presents the original correspondence of early explorers who encountered some of the world's most fearsome dragons Base's fans will be delighted by his humorous stor A Victorian scientist RW Greasebeam presents the original correspondence of early explorers who encountered some of the world's most fearsome dragons Base's fans will be delighted by his humorous stories and intricate renderings of these colorful creatures.

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  1. Beverly Beverly says:

    This companion book to Base's The Discovery of Dragons adds a new chapter by Francisco de Nuevo about the New World dragons Love the dragon illustrations

  2. Christen Christen says:

    This is a vertically oriented postmodern picturebook The images are realistically done with amazing detail Each dragon image is framed with a thin black line It is positioned on the right hand side of the page and crosses over onto the left side of the page by a couple of inches Each dragon is paired with a letter from Bjorn of Bromme Mei Ying Dr E F Liebermann or Francisco Each letter has a different typographic style that pairs with the dragon being described The bottom of each page has a boarder with images that connect to the letter written and dragon discovered In addition location of and size of each dragon is given This postmodern book contains several metafictive devices such as characters commenting about their own stories and other stories and new or unusual design and layout Readers must closely examine all aspects of this book to understand the details

  3. Kathy Gold Kathy Gold says:

    Dragons leap off every page This is a 9 12 x 13 12 inch book 📚when closed Imagine when openThis is a big Pictorial coffee table type book Created by a gifted Authorillustrator and YOU WILL be readingThis OVER and OVER many times to seek out his Discoveriesseenunseen hidden as this is what Graeme BaseIs KNOWN for Fabulous prose brilliant Illustrations uniue twist on a tale not thought of beforeYou MUST go in with IMAGINATION and you'll be delighted DragonsMaps Explorers traveling writing letters documenting their exploits as they goBelow letter on each page is 'Document Info' on Dragon by 'editor' Below that is a FABULOUS entry'Plate Info' with a Plate# for each DragonComplete with Audubon TYPE ILLUSTRATIONS and describing Dragon in every detail Just like perhaps an Audubon Book FABULOUS Detail ACROSS the Bottom from LEFT to Right crossing BOTH pages you WILL find Whimsical pictorial timeline of the entire the adventurer andDragons VERY funny Look Closely Book is made in 4 sections Discovery of European DragonsDiscovery of Asiatic Dragons display of Tropical Dragons THIS new version book has this ADDITIONAL Section NEW World DRAGONS This is the only difference in the 1998 Discovery of Dragons book Except for THE chance in Cover And that alone is FABULOUS And the new 10 page section 1st book 32 pages 2nd New Edition 42pagesSo each section has it's own Adventurer Example European Adventurer is Viking Bjorn of Bromme sending letters to Cousin Olaf the GrimFollow the letter and pictorial at bottom if Page So much fun 1 of his Dragons is the famous St George Dragon 856AD 863AD Bjorn seems to lose men with each Dragon find Next Adventurer is a 13th century girl going to Katmandu to get money by selling her dad's silks but a pair of Mongolian Screamer Dragons ruin them Returning home she discovers a Napa butterfly lizard dragon it has many Healing oils and could heal her dad Leading her to discover several on her adventureTropical Prussian Cartographer Dr E F Lieberman travels to Africa to Madagascar to Tasmania searching for A RARE FRILLED FROG to prove his theory of continental drift Instead finds 4 crazy DRAGON Species builds a typewriter and well see what happens to himIn honor of the FROG hidden on EVERY page in the FABULOUS illustration find a frog NEW World DRAGONS adventurer is Francisco de Neuvo 1st letter is dated May31 1532 tells about finding a 2 headed drack whoTalks fluent Spanish France Portuguese Swahili and can type 60 wpm One head claimed to know the secret to eternal YouthNext letter was so funny dated may1678 then may 1882then may 2006Followed by a page on the BACK of book saying that the 2006 letter was found and can't be authenticated OR did Francisco really find the Fountain of YOUTH ? Then funny pseudo Scientific press disclaimers on the Very back of BOOKHilariously fun So MUCH to READ Award winning🌠Zoological type book as much as Done LIKE As Aubudon birding BOOKS Clevertrademark hidden pictures a Treasure in YOUR Collection

  4. Travis Travis says:

    I am pretty sure I received the original edition of this book as a Christmas present around when it was first published I had uite a collection of books about dragons in particular and mythical creatures generally so it was a sensible gift Looking back I'm not really sure what I thought of the book I think I liked it but there is also this frustrating feeling of incompleteness to it and I know that I knew there were jokes that I was missing since I wanted to read it as a straight catalog of my favorite type of monsterI was not aware of this newer edition with four extra dragons from the Americas until just recently I decided to read it out of a sense of nostalgia and curiosity I found it a bit disappointing The art is good but doesn't uite hold up in comparison to similar sorts of works We only get a single illustration of each dragon uite often in a pose that makes it hard to really get a sense of its anatomy and a small silhouette for size comparison The majority of the text in the book isn't even about the dragons but rather about circumstances where the characters first encountered the creatures The actual factoids about the dragons are mostly limited to short paragraphs sometimes just a long sentence under the letters The new dragons have the same issues but further compounded by doubts expressed in the books as to the authenticity of these dragons There's also this weird meta fiction to the book that I don't uite get the point of The book pretends to have been written by Rowland W Greasebeam the original in 1807 the revised in 1908 And it is presented as true scholarship the collected correspondence of early discoverers of dragons But then there are hints that it is actually fraud and the pseudo author freuently rails against a rival scientist and critic of his work and there is a statement that the pseudo publisher only produced the book out of contractual obligation and disavowed the contents of the book having been convinced of the theories of the rival But the rival's theories aren't just to denounce dragons as fictions or simply claim the letters are fictions but to advance an alternative belief that dragons come from space an idea that seems completely out of left field The whole thing is just weird convoluted and almost incoherent

  5. Kathleen Kathleen says:

    I liked reading the comic panel retellings of major events along the bottoms of the pages

  6. Jbondandrews Jbondandrews says:

    A very enjoyable book I own the original and have always hoped to read of Graeme Base's books I enjoy the some extra parts to the letters at the bottom of the pages

  7. Daleb. Daleb. says:

    Reading it again for the second Timerecently came across the 11yr updated version and just had to compare the two booksThe updated version has a whole new chapter on the New World Americas Dragons and a new intro and end notes Other wise the European Asian and Tropical chapters are exactly the sameI luv the little cartoon depictionscaptions describing the pages above themGreat light read for Anyone who enjoys the magical world of Dragons like I DoxoDaleBxoPS Well it won't let me list Both of these books seperately even tho' they are two Different Books one has New material that the previous Doesn't contain and have Two seperate and distinct coverback pictures I've Now read Both versions twice as i first read the revised edition sometime in mid to late 2009early 2010

  8. Mloy Mloy says:

    I do like uirky cheeky books like these especially when they are about dragons This is just another addition to my growing collection entertaining but pretty silly I'm fond of books that takes the subject of dragons seriously but occasional pursuing through funny compilations like this one; the illustrations are definitely pretty interesting The creatures in the Western dragon section were altogether strange and looked like a lab experiment than your stereotypical dragons; but overall the book was rather cute but not at all educational

  9. Chris Lynch Chris Lynch says:

    Droll I've read and enjoyed Base's other books and am a sucker for descriptions of fictional species but I was expecting from this one It was written first but only published much later and I can see why A series of sketches the tone is uneven and neither the dragons or their discoverers are developed very much Despite the lovely artwork it all feels a bit thin

  10. Annette McIntyre Annette McIntyre says:

    I was expecting far better from the producer of the Animalia bookHowever it is a fairly cheerful tongue in cheek romp through the old fashioned naturalists work and all about different varieties of dragons Sadly the dragons are all ones he made up instead of being about the dragons people have made tales of for generationsWell drawn pictures though make this a not too bad book

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