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  1. Kavita Kavita says:

    What a mess of a book I usually enjoy Holt even if I don't necessarily like her romances but this book was a complete mess It started off uite interesting with Frederica growing up with a bitter mother who pines after her old grand life But when she moves to be with her aunt the story becomes becomes darker The first half of the book held my interest There is the secret of the Seven Magpies her new friends Rachel and Tamarisk and the different men in the vicinity to keep the story moving But then the plot got convoluted and every two pages I began to exclaim Wait what why? Like a man agreeing to accept some other man's child as his own What if it had been a boy and not a girl? What about inheritance and such? I asked the same uestion about Tamarisk blithely telling Crispin he must stay on and deal with the estates What if she had a son? Would she be happy about this child living in some remote island or would she want him to receive his inheritance? What if she had a daughter wouldn't the money come in handy to provide a dowry for her? The entire British aristocracy was built on such flimsy ideals Why even depict it when you're just going to evade it all to suit your story? I also did not really feel the romance between Frederica and Crispin I mean what the hell really? He lied to her about having a living wife and was going to go ahead with a fake wedding with her because he loved her Instead of being furious and protecting Frederica which would be their duty under Victorian custom her aunt and father prose on and on about true love What utter nonsense How about introducing her to other eligible bachelors? As for Frederica's trip to some island near Australia it didn't add anything to the plot or the story It didn't even make any sense Some of the dialogues were excruciating and didn't bring out any emotions at all Frederica particularly annoyed me consistently with her pompous dialogues Tamarisk tells her about the biggest tragedy in her life and all she could say was Poor Tamarisk Same with her other friend Rachel I mean who talks like that? There was also incessant repetition with the dialogues She told her father five times that he ought to have returned to Aunt Sophie to be cared for and he responded five times that he couldn't have done that because she deserved better Didn't understand it the first time Fred? Are you stupid? Same with Crispin Same same same ughThere are other books by Holt that make better reading and at least have a coherent plot if nothing else This book was published the year before Holt died Clearly not her best effort

  2. Maria Elmvang Maria Elmvang says:

    I'll be the first to admit that Victoria Holt doesn't write great literature Her stories are fluff meant for entertainment and not much else But so what? Once in awhile a bit of entertainment is all I really ask for in a book and as such Seven for a Secret did a great job The writing was tighter than I've seen in some of her other books and while somewhat contrived the plot wasn't altogether improbable and the ending very satisfactoryIt's not a book that'll leave a lasting impression on a reader but if you need a bit of light literature to read by the pool or on a long plane ride you could definitely do much worse than picking this one

  3. Laurie Laurie says:

    She is such a good writer I love how she writes from childhood and unravels all these cryptic mysteries My husband was excited that I was reading a romance But this disappointed him for it was really really clean and a story of discovery I loved it and I love her books

  4. Summer Summer says:

    Books written by Victoria Holt are so cheesy but sometimes that's exactly what you need I've read a loooot of her books when I was 1415 years oldthat was the last time I've read them I absolutely loved them at the time I'm thinking of reading one of her books just for the old times sake

  5. Emily Emily says:

    I like Victoria Holt generally though sometimes the gender dynamics are problematic to say the least What creeps me out a bit is the hero who is supposed to be appealing1 He is fully willing to marry our heroine despite the fact that he believes he is legally married already and thus would be a bigamist and make our heroine an adulteress and their children illegitimate Because he can't risk losing her Fan freaking tastic Because HIS feelings matter so much than her right to understand the situation fully2 He doesn't want the world to know that he has no right to his estate and he certainly doesn't want to tell the rightful heir because he really LIKES the estate and he's GOOD at estatingWhat a fantastic moral compass he has I sure see why she loves him so He has some good ualities of course but he seems to me to be cowardly and self serving in very crucial everyday kinds of ways Anyone might reasonably be afraid of mortal combat the kind of cowardice these books always deplore but apparently basic moral courage and decency are highly negotiable because FEELINGS and LOVEAlso why do so many of her books seem to involve heroines going on long pointless boat trips? Seriously what did that detour accomplish that couldn't have been as neatly achieved by an outing to Scotland or something?

  6. Shalini M Shalini M says:

    Now this did not turn out to be as interesting as I expected I don't know whether it is one of her worse works or whether her books may not so intriguing to a mature adult as they could be to a schoolcollege student I read a few of her books way back then and loved them I was never much into romances but found her kind of romantic thrillers uite enjoyable I didn't find another of her books since then and was therefore thrilled to find one at Blossoms a couple of weeks back And I was rather disappointed It was all too predictable and the suspensesecret wasn't that good for all the build up

  7. Eva Seyler Eva Seyler says:

    Another author I keep hearing about from my friends I don't know if all her books are this rubbishy or if I just picked a bad one but it read like the magnum opus of a fifteen year old who reads too many sordid newspaper articles How else can you cram seduction suicide identity crises divorce deception illegitimate children and South Sea islands into just one story?Also the NAMES Tamarisk is bad but Crispin??I rest my case

  8. Jamie Jamie says:

    One of my all time favorite books I first read Seven for a Secret when I was in high school For a few years I looked in local book shops for a copy of my own but didn't find one until recently It was still as good as I remembered it being seven or eight years ago

  9. Mary Cushnie-Mansour Mary Cushnie-Mansour says:

    In my teens I was an avid reader of Victoria Holt novels and had every one I could get my hands on However after lending my collection to someone with the promise they would all be returned then never seeing my precious books again I moved on to other authors I picked up Seven for a Secret at a used bookstore thinking to re visit my childhood author Seven for a Secret did not totally disappoint; it is a nice story as were all of Victoria Holt's books However I felt there was something missingThe story starts out strong enough the tragedy that befell the heroine Frederica could very well have been such during those times Her mother born into luxury lost it all the money the marriage life as she had known it Yet in trying to keep up appearances she loses her mind and then her body crashes and Frederica is collected by her mother's sister The young child has never known her father as he left when she was but a baby The aunt is much different from her sister practical and she and Frederica get along well Frederica becomes friends with the two young girls in the area Rachel and Tamarisk Rachel is uiet and withdrawn; Tamarisk is rich and spoiled and the three girls take lessons at Tamarisk's estate Tamarisk has a brother Crispin who scars Frederica upon their first meeting when he calls her plain The story is interesting enough to keep one engaged There are incidents that happen around the lives of the three girls but they are not dealt with in a profound manner actually the writing is a bit naive although I suspect for the target market it is what is expected I must admit there was a nice twist at the end which I had suspected much earlier in the book but nice all the same I am not sure if we live in a fairytale world like is being depicted in Seven for a Secret then again did we ever? And what is a story supposed to do for us? Maybe it is just meant to take us into an alternate universe for a time so we don't have to dwell on the everyday mundane events of our livesIs Seven for a Secret worth reading? Yes A nice story for a rainy afternoon Three stars for old time's sake

  10. C. C. says:

    35 stars rounding up When I was a teen I worked my way through most of Victoria Holt’s books and gothic romancemystery remains one of my preferred comfort read genre Frederica is an orphan raised by her aunt with a friend who is the daughter of the estate and another who is being raised by her Aunt and incredibly creepy Uncle Early on she catches the attention of the son of the estate who rescues her from said Creepy Uncle The secret is acknowledged early on and there is murder and suspicion throughout the story The mystery in its generalities were clear to me pretty early on but the journey was enjoyable despite some frustrations with tropes and dates perspectives notes below Not my favorite of Holt’s books but an enjoyable diversion for the afternoon •••CW with spoilers••••Some of Holt’s books suffer from out of date perspectives on and this one is no exception to that the most troubling ones for me personally in this story were the tendency towards the main character to constantly explain to her friends how they were feeling in a scenario Additionally there was a lot of gaslighting from her aunt in regards to Freddie’s suspicions and instincts regarding Crispin There are additionally some outdated perspectives on missionary and native people Suicide and attempted sexual assaultPedophilia also are parts of the narrative

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Seven for a Secret [PDF] ⚣ Seven for a Secret ✯ Victoria Holt – Tragedy brought young Frederica to the idyllic hamlet of Harper's Green But as she grew from child to woman she became powerless against her love for the enigmatic Crispin Tamarisk and drawn closely t Tragedy brought young Frederica to the idyllic hamlet of Harper's Green But as she grew from child to woman she became powerless against her love for the enigmatic Crispin Tamarisk and drawn closely to his family's secrets and curses that seemed directed to her.