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Sons of Camelot: The Fate of an American Dynasty ➾ [Download] ➻ Sons of Camelot: The Fate of an American Dynasty By Laurence Leamer ➷ – One of Bobby Kennedy's first acts after JFK's assassination was to write a letter to his eldest son reminding him of the obligations of his name Bobby sent the letter to eleven year old Joe but the me One of Camelot: The eBook ☆ Bobby Kennedy's first acts after JFK's assassination was to write a letter to his eldest son reminding him of the obligations of his Sons of Kindle - name Bobby sent the letter to eleven year old Joe but the message was meant for all his sons and nephews Sons of Camelot is the of Camelot: The eBook ☆ compelling story of that message and how it shaped each Kennedy son and grandson in the aftermath of President John F Kennedy's death Based on five of Camelot: The Fate of Kindle - years of rigorous research and unprecedented cooperation from both the Kennedy's and the Shrivers Sons of Camelot examines the lives characterized of Camelot: The Fate of Kindle - by overwhelming drama from the most spectacular mishaps excesses and tragedies to the remarkable accomplishments that have led to better lives for Americans and others around the worldThe third volume in Laurence Leamer's bestselling history of America's first family Sons of Camelot chronicles the spellbinding journey of a message sent from a father to his son from a president to his people.

  • Paperback
  • 656 pages
  • Sons of Camelot: The Fate of an American Dynasty
  • Laurence Leamer
  • English
  • 06 January 2016
  • 9780060559021

About the Author: Laurence Leamer

Laurence Leamer Camelot: The eBook ☆ is an award winning journalist and historian who has written fifteen books including five New York Times bestsellers He has worked in a Sons of Kindle - factory in France a coal mine in West Virginia and as a Peace Corps volunteer in a remote village in Nepal two days from a road of Camelot: The eBook ☆ He has written one novel and an off Broadway play but is primarily known for his nonfiction His new book The Lynchi.

10 thoughts on “Sons of Camelot: The Fate of an American Dynasty

  1. Erin Erin says:

    In my ongoing challenge to read every book about The Kennedy's I decided to read about about the 3rd generation of Kennedy's The grandchildren of Rose Joe Sons of Camelot focuses mostly on the children of Robert Ethel Eunice Sargent and of course Jack Jackie's son John John Kennedy Jr being the brightest star of that generation he naturally gets the most ink The most unexpected star of the book isn't a Son of Camelot but the last brother Ted Who's life the author decided was pointless because he never became President That's a sentiment the author shares about all the Sons of Camelot they apparently are all disappointments because none of them became great politicians I also had a problem with how even when a member of the 3rd generation did something greatmostly The Shriver branch he felt they were only doing Good because their mother was a Kennedy and they wanted attention but he judged John Kennedy Jr for not doing enough Good because he was a Kennedy and it would get attention Side Note Laurence Leamer really seemed to have a huge crush on Bobby Kennedy Jr If I had read how handsome smart and great he is one time I was going to lose my mind None of the other branches of Camelot sons are even mentioned except we get a whole chapter on the William Kennedy Smith rape trial but even that chapter is mostly about Ted The Lawford branch didn't even exist The last chapters are the saddest because they cover the last year of John Jr's life and his passionate marriage to Carolyn Bessette The author thinks it was a given that John would have run for Senate in New York and won The Senate seat that Hilary Clinton ran for and won How different would the political landscape be today had John lived and become the Senator from New York? The Shrivers are my favorite branch The sons stayed out of troublefor the most part and the humanitarian work they continue to do has had the most long term impact More importantly they seem like they are the most well adjusted of the bunch Overall I enjoyed reading about the kids of Camelot Its hard to even imagine what it was like growing up in the shadows of these mythical men you know you can never live up to No rec

  2. Lynn Lynn says:

    I bought this book years ago and decided to finally read it since Chris Kennedy is running for Governor of Illinois He lost the primary This is a very well written book about the Kennedy family which goes into great detail about the good and bad aspects of their lives It is not gossipy or salacious like other books have been As a matter of fact the author interviewed most of the people he wrote about all the Shriver children; the 5 surviving sons of Robert Kennedy; Ted Kennedy; and many of JFK Jrs close friends among others These interviews give credibility to the information in the book Being a Kennedy is not as glamorous as it sounds from the outside This family especially the Robert Kennedy branch was a hot mess at times dealing with addictions of many kinds lack of discipline arrogance self importance extreme risk taking just to name a few Ethel Kennedy basically absconded her responsibilities as a mother and her sons ran wild When she couldn't control them she threw them out of the house Drugs were everywhere It was a wonder that they survived their teens Obviously David Kennedy did not survive much past his teens As adults the RFK boys faced a lot of difficulties with bad marriages drugs and other scandals Some sought help and turned their lives around some came to disastrous ends The Shriver kids come off much better being raised under the very firm hand of Eunice and Sarge They weren't perfect but they had a much better start in lifeA lot of the book is about Ted Kennedy and all his troubles of which there are manyNothing is sugarcoated His drinking his womanizing his marriage to Joan his failure as a role model to his brothers' children his Senate career Chappauidick the trial of his nephew William Smith it's all here A lot of the book is also about JFK Jr Jackie did a great job raising her children unlike her sister in law and John turned out well He struggled with his fame sometimes and looked for ways to escape it Sometimes he was careless in estimating how dangerous an adventure might be He and some of his cousins took too many risks at times His marriage was troubled which was sad to learn My biggest disappointment with this book starts with the title The Sons of Camelot Why not The Children of Camelot? Or The Heirs of Camelot?Why just the boys? There are a lot of Kennedy daughters and they are given short shrift Maria Shriver Kathleen Kennedy Townsend Caroline Kennedy Rory Kennedy Kara Kennedy just to name a few are only mentioned in reference to their father or brothers or husband How sexist The author perpetuates the same misogyny that the Kennedy men have always practiced women don't matter They are just an adjunct to men This book would have been so much better if it had included the young Kennedy women That said it's still a good book for those who have any interest in the Kennedy family Although I gave a lot of information above I can't say that any of it is a spoiler since it is all pretty much in the public record I would recommend this book

  3. Clint Clint says:

    Author details exploits of post assassination lives of Ted Kennedy and the sons of John Robert and Ted Kennedy Truths revealed with both a little bit of a gossipy slant as well as a dose of sympathy In sum the picture shows a family with a streak of tragedy a perceived desire to help their fellow man a good dose of arrogance and than a little entitlement

  4. Lynda Kelly Lynda Kelly says:

    The third instalment in Leamer's terrific books on the Kennedy family who I've always been utterly fascinated by I really enjoyed this one just as much as the other two and it was nice to hold a proper book for a change as well since it's not available digitallyThis one continues onward post JFK's assassination and brings to life John the Shriver boys Chris Lawford though very little about him the Kennedy Smith lads and the Bobby Kennedys To say the children of Bobby were a handful is to so underestimate the job Ethel had although it's not as though she wouldn't have had help in the home It didn't do her any harm either as last time I looked she's STILL going strong at 91 However their father's death clearly left all her sons adrift in differing fashions along with his brother Teddy who had lost every single one of his brothers Just devastating that had to beI did notice the author referred to Joe Kennedy as the eldest of all the Kennedy grandchildren He was the oldest male but his sister Kathleen is the eldest I liked Mark Shriver's bill about revoking the drivers' licences of those fathers who didn't meet their child support paymentssomething we should invoke here too I was less than impressed by Joe Kennedy's attempt to annul his first marriage though when he had twin sons What an outrageous thing to do I'd no idea John had suffered with Graves' Disease which I have tooIt made a change to read about the next generation although all THEIR kids have to be grown ups now too

  5. Dru Dru says:

    This was a really good book I've always wanted to know about the Kennedy family especially since I grew up hearing about them considering I'm from MA Not only that but I'll have friends or families gushing over the younger Kennedys saying they went on a date or something The air of eliteness surrounds them so it was refreshing reading this book I've always heard about the Kennedy curse but didn't know the details about different things that went on in the family's lives It was surreal as if their lives literally were made for the movies a Hollywoodized life I didn't want to put this book down but I had to for work school and when I did it was with regret that I didn't have time

  6. jessica jaworski jessica jaworski says:

    i wasn't too crazy about this book mainly because of the way it was set up because i am not too familiar with the kennedy sons it was hard for me to follow the stories of each and there are MANY pretty much each chapter focused on one of the sons but in an erratic way one chapter for tim then 2 for john then 1 for michael then back to tim for 2 chapters etc it was all very confusinghowever i did like the particular focus on jfk jr who i was interested in learning about also liked how the author did not sugarcoat his life because of who his father was

  7. Nancy Nancy says:

    This was a fascinating book Being a Kennedy was sometimes a blessing but often a curse

  8. Artemis Artemis says:

    A really good read about the Kennedy family with alot of insider information I checked the author's sources and he detail many interviews with members of the Kennedy family including Ted Kennedy It offers readers an honest view on JFK Jr and Carolyn Bessette's relationship I have alot of respect for Leamer and his booksLaurence LeamerSons of Camelot The Fate of an American Dynasty

  9. Jennifer Jennifer says:

    I was surprised at how many of these young Kennedys' stories were unfamiliar to me

  10. Hal Hal says:

    I have found books on the Kennedy's endlessly fascinating More had probably been written on them then any other American family Laurence Leamer's lengthy tome on the fate of the son's of patriarch Joseph P Kennedy is no less entertaining and a balanced and fair look into to lives of these men The Kennedy dynasty and its generations is based on the will of that patriarch along with the mythology and media worship that has kept it clearly in the spotlight for so many years Joe who created the fortune through what we would today label as white collar crime drove his sons with the blind ambition toward his ultimate goal of political conuest Jack of ultimately reached that pinnacle and would be the only one to do so The book looks into the lives accomplishments and failures of the these sons and grandsons The darker side of alcohol drugs and womanizing is a big part of the story as are some of the successes in causes such as the Special Olympics What could have been and what might have been did not uite play out as fate along with a fair measure of risky behavior ultimately decided things

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