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Bill Clinton Mastering the Presidency ❮PDF / Epub❯ ☄ Bill Clinton Mastering the Presidency ✑ Author Nigel Hamilton – A decade and a half after President William Jefferson Clinton first took the oath of office biographer Nigel Hamilton tells the riveting story of what was possibly the greatest self reinvention of a p Mastering the ePUB ☆ A decade and a half after President William Jefferson Clinton first took the oath of office biographer Nigel Hamilton tells the riveting story of what was possibly the greatest self reinvention of a president in office in modern times The Clinton presidency began disastrously—kicking off with the worst transition in living memory and deteriorating through a series of fiascos from gays in the military to Hillary Clinton's failed health care reform  How Bill Clinton faced up to his failures and refashioned himself in the White House thereafter Bill Clinton PDF/EPUB ² is an epic hitherto unwritten story—a story that climaxes with the trouncing  of Bob Dole in the landslide presidential election in Clinton began his second term as the undisputed and tremendously popular leader of the Western world In vivid prose Hamilton charts Clinton's dramatic reversal of fortune and his ultimate triumph over himself—and his foes Bill Clinton Mastering the Presidency is a riveting narrative of American politics an incisive character portrait and powerful reminder of what a  great president can accomplish.

  • Hardcover
  • 784 pages
  • Bill Clinton Mastering the Presidency
  • Nigel Hamilton
  • English
  • 01 April 2014
  • 9781586485160

About the Author: Nigel Hamilton

Mastering the ePUB ☆ Nigel Hamilton is an award winning British born biographer academic and broadcaster whose works have been translated into sixteen languages.

10 thoughts on “Bill Clinton Mastering the Presidency

  1. Joe Joe says:

    Book Forty Three and the final book of my Presidential ChallengeIt's been a long road people but at last I come to the end The final presidential biography For this honor I chose ole Slick Willy himself He was the head honcho during many of my formative years in the 90's but during that time I was very concerned with the length of skirts and the size of breasts but it appears that he was too sothere's thatThis was a great book It went down smooth like reading the longest Time Magazine article in the world This was the second book in what I imagine will ultimately be a three part series The first was about his upbringing and rise to power in Arkansas This one was about his tumultuous first term in the White House Because I was actually alive during this time period all the names were familiar but I often had no prior idea who was who and what was what I knew thatsomethinghappened in Bosnia I knew there were some BJ's in the Oval Office I knew that Universal Health Care went over like a wet fart I knew Vince Foster killed himself or did he? Yea he totally did That conspiracy theory is way off Putting all these events in their proper context was great funI especially loved reading about Newt Gingrich and how he is clearly his own worst enemy What sucks for him is that 9 out of every 10 things he says sounds like he's a genius which he clearly is But that 10th thing ho boy that 10th thing is always a doozy It made me sad that the relationship between Congress and the President hasn't really progressed since this timeI was very impressed with Clinton's ability to rally during his first term He stumbled numerous times out of the blocks but recovered nicely and really turned around the economy and America's reputation in the the world His true power came from the Republican's constantly underestimating himDo I care that he got some special treatment from a certain intern? Not in the least The only time I rejoice in this is when a social crusader who loves condemning people gets caught doing this Clinton put himself out there as a family man and then cheated because it's not socially acceptable to just cheat If it was he would but such is the world Hamilton does a great job of showing that the FBI basically wasted their time on this matter while terrorist cells around the world operated unhamperedA very enjoyable read and a fitting end to my two year challenge to read at least one biography on every president My next goal is much lower brow To read all of the Stephen King books I haven't yet gotten to Wish me luck

  2. MzDivaDawn MzDivaDawn says:

    I actually learned about Newt GingrichDick Morris and current CIA Head Leon Panetta in this book than I would have expected Very insightful certainly changed my opinions on some things

  3. Brian Brian says:

    In the dozen or so books that I have read about Bill Clinton including his autobiography Nigel Hamilton's books always stand our These are among the most balanced and well thought out books written on the presidency of Clinton Hamilton takes time for painstaking research of not only presidential archives but newspapers and voluminous secondary sources This book which follows Clinton's rise to the presidency and his time as governor focuses on the first term in office It accurately and effectively assess the first years where Clinton learned how to be president The book encompasses several areas from the scandals the role of Hillary in the White House and of course domestic and foreign affairsThe start of his first term can only be described in one word disaster Clinton was unable to effectively set up a transition team which would plague him through his early years in office when many of his candidates particularly in the justice department would have to resign over various scandals Clinton himself was plagued by the scandals of Troopergate and Paula Jones while fending off his wife's scandals in Whitewater and Travelgate These early years and political naiveté of the president were mastered by the end As Hamilton points out and Clinton admits in his autobiography the stonewalling tactics that were used in these early scandals only fanned the flames uicker and in many cases particularly with Whitewater dragged the case along further than necessary These scandals followed several legislative failures and executive failures from universal healthcare reform to gays in the military Despite this those first two years were not entirely dark The passage of NAFTA and the Oslo Peace accords were triumphs that came out of these dark days of his early presidency and a tax cut package that saved the American economy proved viableHamilton argues that Bill Clinton finally began to master the presidency and appear presidential after two events In his previous book Hamilton shows that Bill Clinton is at his finest when he is running for office When Clinton decides to fight the contract of America and use Dick Morris triangulation arguments to reposition himself as a candidate he is given for the first time a solid position to run from since 1992 The bombing of the Oklahoma building was the second event that helped redefine his presidency Here Clinton was able to be at his finest when empathizing with people and demonstrates leadership He ends his co president ship with his wife and takes responsibility to lead the nation doing an impressive job for most people and his approval ratings soar The Bosnian crisis gave President Clinton the best chance to showcase leadership and coupled with the republican shutdown of government he emerged on top of his republican opponentsIn the final analysis of President Clinton's first term he is seen as a brilliant politician but a flawed man The scandals and poor organization of the White House plagued Clinton and forced him to spend his first two years at a public relations disadvantage Hamilton's work is one of the best accounts on Bill Clinton and one of the fairest It is encompassing of a wide range of sources and fairly asses them to come to logical conclusions

  4. Amanda Amanda says:

    This is the second in what I assume is a trilogy on Bill Clinton Having read the first a few years ago I was looking forward to the next one I only have a vague memory of his early first term but I was surprised to be reminded of how chaotic his beginnings were how laughable the management of something as huge as the White House was and how nuch of a learning curve both he and his team underwent On the other hand I was reminded of how inspiring he could be with his ability to empathize and how much he really did connec to the American people I will say it makes me sad to think his second term will be one of promise unfulfilled due to his bad choices

  5. Brian Eshleman Brian Eshleman says:

    The retrospective from the President the major players in his administration and in the form of the author's analysis gave food for thought a decade later Was amazed to find Clinton so candid about his mistakes and limitations and irked by the author's repeated unwillingness to distinguish between Islamic terrorists masking violence with religious rhetoric and American Christians motivated by reasons of faith to vote and speak under the Constitution against actions they disagreed with

  6. Inta Waylett Inta Waylett says:

    book made me hate Hillary

  7. Mona Ammon Mona Ammon says:

    TITLE Bill Clinton Mastering the PresidencyWHY I CHOSE THIS BOOK I am trying to read a book about every US presidentREVIEW This book presented a balanced perspective showing Clinton's strengths and flaws It also showed what is often a truism that what is often our greatest strength can also be our greatest flaw So Clinton's ability to see all sides and empathize with others when taken to an extreme can be paralyzing indecision and wishy washiness On the whole I still believe Bill Clinton was a president who cared and tried to do the right thing for the little people However he was a centrist candidate and president so he sometimes did things that seemed like appeasement or a betrayal of his principles However I do think his principles were center left Hillary was left at that time I think that her experience in the white house pushed her to the centerAs for his philandering I know I have had occasion to be dismissive or apologetic but I really should uneuivocally say that he when it comes to his interactions with women sexually is a pig likely a sex addict It is not clear to me whether Hillary was okay with his behavior as long as it was not too public it was the public part that bothered her the most of course it was very public I certainly think they are two people who love and respect each other as individuals and whatever reason they have stayed together they have versus Trump Limbaugh Gingrich Dole who have cast wives aside after affairs and you have to give them props for that

  8. Sam Motes Sam Motes says:

    A fairly balanced review of the accomplishments and foibles of Bill Clinton during his time in office From the shaky start to a cabinet running on cylinders to coming off the rails morally as he struggled with personal daemons and running the country

  9. Eileen Eileen says:

    A very honest account of a man man who bungled the presidency at first and then got it right If you like historical novels this one fills in a lot of detailsones that I missed at the time

  10. Francis Francis says:

    Seems to have a bit of an agenda but uite insightful nevertheless

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