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Catch a Fire The Life of Bob Marley ☉ [PDF / Epub] ☆ Catch a Fire The Life of Bob Marley By Timothy White ❤ – The classic biography of reggae legend Bob Marley updated and revised for the twenty fifth anniversary of his deathBob Marley left an indelible mark on modern music both as a reggae pioneer and as an Fire The ePUB ✓ The classic biography of reggae legend Bob Marley updated and revised for the twenty fifth anniversary of his deathBob Marley left an indelible mark on modern music both as a reggae pioneer and as an enduring cultural icon Catch a Fire now a classic of rock biography delves into the Catch a MOBI :º life of the leader of a musical spiritual and political explosion that continues todayUnder the supervision of the author's widow and with the collaboration of a Marley expert this fourth edition contains a wealth of new material on the Jamaican singer songwriter and musician including many revisions made by the author a Fire The Epub á before his untimely death An appendix to the new edition chronicles Marley's legacy in recent years as well as the ongoing controversy over the possibility that Marley's remains might be exhumed from Nine Mile Jamaica and reburied in Addis Ababa Ethiopia where hundreds of Rastafarians live The new edition also contains a Fire The Life of PDF/EPUB ² an expanded discography and is factually updated throughoutProbably the finest biography ever written about a popular musician — San Francisco ChronicleAs close as rock journalism comes to transcendent literature —PlayboyWhite has a deep appreciation for reggae's immediacy hypnotic power and contradictions An exhaustively researched labor of love — Chicago Sun Times.

  • Paperback
  • 576 pages
  • Catch a Fire The Life of Bob Marley
  • Timothy White
  • English
  • 21 September 2016
  • 9780805080865

10 thoughts on “Catch a Fire The Life of Bob Marley

  1. Jason Jason says:

    I always felt like Bob Marley got a raw deal the only time i ever heard him was when it was walking by stoned out frat boys at Miami University And it never sat right that this man who inspired so much loyalty to him and to his movement should be reduced to party music by people who weren't really listening to it This biography completely changed the way I thought about not only Bob Marley and not only about Reggae music but spirituality and oppression and what it meant to be an agent of cultural change and how to resist cultures This book does a fantastic job of setting Marley inside of a MUCH larger social context and will give you a much bigger appreciation for Marley and his music It's a bit dry at times and can be a little slow to get through but I expect that has much to do with my only cursory knowledge of the subject beforehand but it's really worth your time especially if you ever listen to Marley and his music

  2. Tim Tim says:

    This is not only a history of Marley but a history of Rastafarianism a bit of Ethiopia a lot of Jamaican culture and politics the overall arc of reggae the influence of African English and American music on Jamaica's art and most of all the spiritual influences and elements present in every part of it This was a lifelong work for the author and is an incredibly well researched book on one of music's most influential figures

  3. Adam Crossley Adam Crossley says:

    Bob Marley arguably the most universal musician of the 20th century Are you interested in knowing about the man where he came from and his beliefs?This book starts with a brief background on the rise of the Rastafarianism in Ethiopia before jumping to Jamaica and Bob Marley's Grandfather and his rural upbringing Before long he moves to Kingston with his Mother and joins forces with the Wailers Bunny Wailer and Peter Tosh and gathers a following The book zips through his fame and rapid downfall to cancer and the last uarter of the book regards cleaning up legal battles over his estateOne thing I like about this book how the writing captures the mood of Jamaica It is easy to imagine the violence and the poverty and the hope that music represented while readingOne thing I dislike about this book is how it gets mired in content that is outside of Marley's music and life There are long sections of the book on political leaders and power changing hands It is relevant as Marley became a political peace maker of sorts but at times it is wordy and difficult to follow for me with no background in Jamaican historyI gave this book 3 stars because it is an interesting read and worth it for fans It would have been four stars but that last 100 pages about court cases and Ziggy Marley were just totally unnecessary and a drag Also in those pages the author reveals a detail from the court cases where Marley is negotiating a contract and friend comes out with an Uzi or gun of some sort controversial and basically forces terms favorable to Marley Why include that in an afterward? Those are the kind of details I want to read in the context of his career Overall it felt like the author was striving to lionize Marley with a shroud of mystical power and glazed over inconvenient and for me interesting details I'd recommend this book for people who want to learn about Marley's life and upraising Just skip the last 100 pages

  4. Bruce Bruce says:

    I had been looking forward to reading this book for a long time and I came away only slightly disappointed In my humble opinion as a window into a world and a culture virtually unknown to those who live outside it meaning the struggles of the Jamaican population both against poverty and racism over the last century as well as a glimpse into the little understood world of Rastafari it works wonderfully As biography I feel it falls just a bit short Timothy White does a great job describing the upbringing and environment that helped shape a young Bob Marley's course but I felt once he got to the point where Bob's music really started to take off the book was already over and Bob was dead I would have liked to see a bit insight into the thoughts and actions that drove him as he wrote and recorded the albums that would ultimately become his legacy a little insight into the inner workings and relationships between Bob his band his family and friends His impressions as he rose from gutter poet to international superstar and icon of hope for the downtrodden The book delves into great detail during Bob's childhood and adolescence then abruptly turns into Bob made some records got famous got sick and died The End Also here's what happened to his kids and family during some court battles for his money Instead of fleshing out and humanizing Bob Marley Reggae Prophet the book seems reluctant to separate Bob from his mythos and show us the real human being behind this amazing and groundbreaking music Despite his incredible accomplishments he was just a man a human being with flaws like the rest of us and I wanted to hear a little about that side of him Still in the pantheon of great music biographies this one has definitely earned its place

  5. Pete daPixie Pete daPixie says:

    Like a breath of fresh air even with the rich aroma of mountain 'erb Timothy White's 'Catch a Fire The Life of Bob Marley' is wholly and perhaps holy unlike any other biography in the 'poptastic' genre that I have ever readWhite not only provides intimate insights to Marley his life family and musical journey but also documents the history of Jamaica and its people the politics and the fascinating origins of the Rastafarian religion The broad sweep of this book written with authority and elouence by the one time editor of 'Billboard' magazine should delight all who read it A short review from the San Francisco Chronicle says it all Probably the finest biography ever written about a popular musicianAlthough this author passed away in 2002 the original copyright of 1983 had seen seven editions up to his death and now we have this 2006 revised and enlarged 'Marley bible' of over five hundred pages A vital and highly informative tome that grows from the shanty of Trench Town with its hoodlums higglers and rude boys with the musical accompaniment of jazzcalypsoska and reggae The musical magic is infused by the cultural African magic of the obeahmen and the duppy The physical journey that was the life of Bob Marley rises from his Nine Miles childhood to international stardom Along the way from Smokey Robinson look alike 'Tuff Gong' pricked up ears became the soul rebel and dodged bullets in an assassination attempt Like John Lennon he was monitored by the twisted tentacles of the CIA The spiritual journey also emanated out of Jamaica and travelled back to the Old Testament the Egyptian Book of the Dead and into Ethiopia via New Testament and Coptic scriptsTimothy White's extensive research not just on the man and his culture also includes the Marley family their musical development through Ziggy Marley and the Melody Makers and their court wrangles after Bobs death Also the sad murder of Peter Tosh is documented along with the career of Bunny Wailer A discography of over seventy pages with added Appendices A fitting tribute just like its subject 'Catch a Fire' is fantastic

  6. Dawn Lennon Dawn Lennon says:

    I would have given this book a 35 if I could but in deference to Bob Marley I gave it a 4 It really is a fascinating biography as much a history of Jamaica and the roils of politics in the Caribbean as it is a detailed story of Marley's life It never ceases to amaze me how genius emerges from dreadful social and cultural conditions That Marley was one of the sufferahs a tough gong protege and the ultimate soul icon of Jah attests to what it means to be your authentic selfThis book weaves an extraordinary fabric of Marley's life as a boy born of a white man who had the decency to marryh is mother but then disappeared for most of Bob's life It then follows him through the emergence of his music the struggle to have his music heard beyond local audiences the mess that became the production of his albums including everyone who was taking advantage of him The underbelly of the music business in Jamaica paralleled the underbelly of the island's politics a combination that was full of deceit and violence often felt directly by Marley his family band and hangers on The fact that Marley was able to emerge to become a global musical figure to attain significant financial success and to survive the challenges of the industry was a monumental accomplishmentMy only real struggle with this book as a reader is the almost choking amount of detail both historical and biographical Timothy White the author was so committed to doing right by Marley whom he idolized and Marley's legacy that in my view he overstuffed the book with details that interfered with its flow and often obscured the story line That said if you want all the pieces that are Marley's story this book gives it unapologetically

  7. Ian Foster Ian Foster says:

    I was very disappointed with this book After reading it I have a pretty good idea of what Marley's childhood was like a hazy picture of his adult life but no understanding at all of how a poor man from a third world country was able to popularize a genre of music that was almost universally disdained in most of the worldI would have expected discussion of his music; specifically how he and Chris Blackwell changed the arrangement of Marley's reggae songs to appeal to a broader audience as well as how Marley's music evolved over time I know from watching VH1's Classic Albums that process was critical to Marley's success but I don't even get an inkling of that in this bookInstead the book has way too much on Marley's childhood 140 pages into it Marley is still only 14 This book also has too many vague cryptic references to conspiracy theories about the CIA Ronald Reagan the Jamaican government etcOn the bright side the book does a good job of describing the superstititious world of poor Jamaica full of demons and ghosts etc which helps explain the popularity of Rastafarianism

  8. David Cupples David Cupples says:

    Well written biography White is was RIP a talented writer He probably could have been a good novelist Catch A Fire is certainly an outstanding contribution to the field ie study of the life of Bob Marley and his times Is it the definitive work? No just like the recent Marley documentary is not the definitive film account of Marley's life That is not necessarily a criticism of the book as there is just so much to Bob and his story Further I argue that Bob is largely dismissed by mainstream Western society as a freaky dread when IMHO he was a world hero White hints at that too but I would take it further I readstudied Catch A Fire as part of my research for my own book on the subject Stir It Up The CIA Targets Jamaica Bob Marley and the Progressive Manley Government

  9. Rebecca McNutt Rebecca McNutt says:

    Catch a Fire gives readers a detailed and surprising biography of reggae music artist Bob Marley from his inspirational messages to his beloved wife

  10. Max Max says:

    Loved it

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