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A Posse of Princesses ➶ [Read] ➲ A Posse of Princesses By Sherwood Smith ➾ – Buyprobolan50.co.uk A POSSE OF PRINCESSES Rhis princess of a small kingdom is invited along with all the other princesses in her part of the world to the coming of age party of the Crown Prince of Vesarja which is the ce A Posse of Princesses Rhis princess of a small kingdom is invited along with all the other princesses in her part of the world to the coming of age party of the Crown Prince of Vesarja which is the central and most important kingdom When Iardith the prettiest and most perfect of all the princesses is abducted Rhis and her friends go to the rescueWhat happens to Rhis and her A Posse ePUB ´ posse has unexpected results not only for the princesses but for the princes who chase after them Everyone learns a lot about friendship and hate politics and laughter romantic ballads and sleeping in the dirt with nothing but a sword for company But most of all they learn about the many meanings of loveSherwood Smith is the author of over books in particular stories for children and young adults She has been writing fantasy since age eight and her best known novel CROWN DUEL is currently in its ninth printingVisit her website at wwwsherwoodsmithnetIn this delightful novel Smith's humorous narrative colorful descriptions of palace life and fully realized characters will appeal to romance and fantasy buffs alike School Library JournalFull on adventure with plenty of cliches overturned to entertain readers wanting a little extra bite to their fantasy Locus.

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  1. Alex Fayle Alex Fayle says:

    Sherwood Smith’s A Posse of Princesses does something that few female focused YA fantasies seem to do these days She gives us a smart heroine who isn’t a passive cypher waiting for others to use her and act through her Nor is the character operating in a depressing dystopian world against unsurmountable odds In fact although Rhis thinks she’s a rebellious princess she’s actually well behaved and rather conservativeHowever despite all that she’s probably one of the stronger feminist characters I’ve read in a long time Yes she thinks of boys a lot what sixteen year old doesn't? but she isn’t defined by them She doesn't accept people's opinions as fact and seeks to discover the truth on her own She also refuses to be a part of any one group thus making herself a leader to others who also don’t fit into the popular crowdA Posse of Princesses could very well have been set in a modern high school as much as as fantasy realm with magic and fancy dress This is a story about finding one’s place in the world while everyone else tries to do the sameHowever this book will ever reach the bestseller level that books like Meyer's Twilight and Hocking's Switched have which to me is a real shame The protagonists of the latter two books are held up as examples of modern teenage girls and worshipped for their passiveness The Twilight and Switched characters are too caught up in their own woe is me attitude to grow as people until they are forced to kicking and screaming while Rhis when presented with unpleasant aspects of herself and her actions first rejects the critiues as most people do but then considers them and decides for herself what is true and what isn’tShe's consciencious and conscious – that is she cares about other people and she moves through life awake aware and always open to learning Unfortunately in our apathy adoring culture she’s too nice too active and has too many social skills You only need to turn on any reality TV program to see how little appreciated these traits are We prefer our role models to be disconnected lazy near sociopaths who can't think beyond “what's in it for me?”As a teacher I see far too many Bellas and Wendys both male and female but it's the Rhis like girls and boys that I put my faith in for the future It's just too bad that the rest of the world doesn't see how important a role model like Rhis really isIf you want to read a good solid story that's entertaining as well and hope for the future giving then go buy Sherwood Smith’s A Posse for Princesses now

  2. Sophie Sophie says:

    I read this book from my pile of shame which is just a pile of books given to me at some point years ago and then have followed me from place to place without me ever reading them This one I got back in 2012 It was cute but I definitely felt like I would have enjoyed this book if I were younger

  3. Anne Osterlund Anne Osterlund says:

    Princess Rhis never gets to go anywhere or do anything Her only escape from dull tutoring lessons is hiding up in a tower writing ballads about well all the things she never gets to do But then Prince Lios returns to Vesarja and invites “every eligible young lady” to come try her hand at winning his And Rhis at sixteen is off for the adventure of a lifetimeMmm This book is total self indulgence for any reader who enjoys strong willed princesses heroes with great smiles and an occasional trip in a magic floating bubble For the Glinda the Good in all of us Extremely delectable with hot chocolate on a snowy day

  4. Laura (Kyahgirl) Laura (Kyahgirl) says:

    355; 4 stars; BI can't believe this book has been on Mt TBR for four years already I am glad I finally read it I don't read a lot of Young adult books but there are a few authors who do it well especially when in the fantasy genre Sherwood Smith does it well The thing I liked most about this story was Rhis the main female character She was 16 and the way her character was drawn reflected that Of noble birth but not really interested in statecraft and all that rigmarole she does her best to hide out and bury herself in her music and poetry When pushed into attending a big house party with other young nobles she really has a chance to bloom The first part of the book was about her meeting up with her Shera her sister in law's sister and the beginning of their friendship Then the story became about all these characters at the house party Rhis had many opportunities to show her common sense and kindness through her interactions with the others Since I have teenagers in my home I'd say the author captured the age group well They tend to show surprising amounts of wisdom and smarts mixed with silliness and emotional instability Ultimately the ladies shine when they go on an adventure to 'rescue' another of their group in an effort to avert a war They end up getting caught getting rescued getting caught again and saving the day I like the strong female characters the subtle use of magic and fantasy aspects of the story Now I have to talk about the audio book version of this book I reviewed the ebook because I started with the audio book and ended up ditching it The narrator Emma Galvin had a voice which sounded like an adolescent girl While a bit annoying it was fairly appropriate to the story However her lack of vocal variety and poor pacing made me feel like I was being hit by a wall of words The barrage of words was distracting and unpleasant so I switched to the ebook which I had bought a few years ago and thankfully had on hand

  5. TheBookSmugglers TheBookSmugglers says:

    Originally reviewed on The Book Smugglers Rhis of the small craggy but bountifully rich kingdom of Nym lives a charmed but rather boring lifeThough she’s intelligent Rhis is not the heir to the throne and thus has little interest in learning all the subjects that make a ueen especially not when her stuffy elder sister by marriage insists on nitpicking the flaws in Rhis’s attention span and work ethic Instead the plain young princess is far interested in the things that make her happy – music dancing and composing ballads to varying degrees of success Instead of studying politics or treatises Rhis spends her time escaping from her daily chores and sneaking away to her private tower spying the comings and goings of the kingdom with just her music and thoughts to keep her companyWhen an invitation arrives from Crown Prince Lios of Vesarja to attend the celebration of his return from adventures abroad Rhis can barely contain her excitement All of the eligible young princes and princesses from neighboring kingdoms will be in attendance and rumor has it that the young Crown Prince will be looking for a future bride When Rhis arrives at the palace she expects a whirlwind mix of dancing music and frivolity – she doesn’t expect the friends she will make the sides she will choose the incredible adventure uest she’ll find herself spearheading or falling in loveDudes DUDES I loved this delightful throwback to old school YA fantasy coming of age novel I’m happy to report that my memories of Crown Duel and Court Duel did not steer me wrong because A Posse of Princesses is everything I was hoping for and then some Resourceful heroine with agency? Check Believable teenage characters? Yep Fantastically varied ethnically and culturally fantasy world? You got it A dash of compelling non cheesy romance? Oh hell yes I went into A Posse of Princesses expecting a diverting fantastical romp with a dash of romance and Sherwood Smith delivered in spadesFirst and foremost I adored the heroine of this adventure young sixteen year old princess Rhis of Nym Rhis is not your typical heroine – she’s neither beautiful she’s rather plain with her stick skinny frame and mouse brown hair and eyes nor is she remarkably intelligent not that she’s lacking brains but rather lacking direction and drive to apply herself to those subjects that don’t interest her She is what one might expect of a sixteen year old princess from a sheltered kingdom; a dreamer naive a little dramatic and self absorbed but really when you’re sixteen who isn’t a little dramatic and self absorbed? but her heart is in the right place Instead of being particularly brave or a warrior princess or with a biting unparalleled wit Rhis is a heroine with an incredible sense of empathy She cares for others and puts aside social expectation as she tries to see others in new and open minded ways – and that is an incredibly cool uality in a YA heroine Though Rhis might not start off as a heroine or with an aptitude for studying or adventure she grows so much over the course of the book as her experiences and interactions with others shape her character This is similarly awesome and I loved her character arc from sheltered slightly superficial princess to a possible ueen with adventure and a rescue mission under her beltSimilarly the supporting cast of royals in this book are wonderfully drawn I loved the passionate fickle nature of Princess Shera the powerful warrior minded Princess Taniva of the plains and the foreign Princess Yuzhyu who tries so hard to master the language and fit in with a court that is largely happy to ignore her Of course what would the story be without Prince Lios and his trusty sly scribe Dandiar? I won’t say much for that way lies spoilers – but I loved loved the romance even if it’s a bit predictable so what It’s done well Sans super cheese YES Heck I even loved the ‘perfect princess’ Iardith – the epitome of beauty in this world with her dark skin and long dark hair but a cruel streak as broad as her ego I love that each of these characters Iardith included are humanized and we see through Rhis’s eyes why they might act the way they doFrom a plotting perspective there is a degree of familiarity to the story – secret identities courtly intrigue romantic misunderstanding and a daring rescue mission all factor prominently in the book While some of the bigger twists lean towards the predictable the writing is done so well and the characters so engaging that it hardly matters From a worldbuilding point of view I loved the setting and its varied cultures from the mountainous and resource rich Nym to the wild High Plains to the warish kingdom of Damatras to the distant shores of Ndai look there’s a map too There are many different realms here each with their own variations and entanglements and as A Posse of Princesses is just one standalone novel in a universe with other books and characters I’ll be sure to revisit it soonFinally can I just say how much I loved that Sherwood Smith takes a cautious look at LOVE FOREVER at sixteen years old? Instead of ending with a teenage marriage and happily ever after immediately there is a period of wait and angst with both Rhis and her prince exploring what they want for themselves apart from each other before making any lifelong decisions This is in a word awesomeIf you couldn’t tell I loved this book A whole lot I’ll need to find and dust off my copy of Coronets and Steel very soon and also search out the vast sprawling waste of my TBR for a copy of Inda I know it’s in there Somewhere Absolutely recommended Please for the love of all that is good do NOT judge this book by its cover

  6. Estara Estara says:

    This was as lovely as I remembered the ebook has one or two spelling mistakes but that's it I think it's a believable portrayal of a naive princess who hasn't found an outlet for her interests at home but has lots of potential and now finds herself at a house party which opens up the whole world to herThe growth from silent and love struck observer to mediator and confidante is believable even though she is 16 And so the drama she gets into and her angst at having to forego seeing her love for five years is totally believable I wish there had been 200 pages dealing with her growing up in the meantime and her experiences in detail this is where I'm really thankful that Sherwood Smith wrote Vidanric's education in A Stranger to Command it makes Crown Duel so much multi layered for me but I was satisfied with what I gotJust a lovely adventure and romance and coming of age

  7. Amy Amy says:

    I wrote out a long review and then my computer went wonky and I lost itso here is the short versionGreat book with many flaws but overcomes those flaws with fantastic realistic characterizations and situations The sort of book I would read to my future kids for the ending alone

  8. Lydia Presley Lydia Presley says:

    One of my favorite things to do when I was young was go to the library I loved the crinkle of the plastic covers over the books and the smell of the pages when I opened a book and prepared to dive into its adventures for the first time I even loved the overly used part of the pages the fingerprints and stains because those told stories to me in addition to the words that were printed on the pageOne of my favorite types of stories to read were stories of princesses and adventures What little girl didn't go through a princess phase? A Posse of Princesses would have been a perfect addition to those books I frantically checked out Even though I'd never read this story as a girl as I opened my library copy of this book I was transported back to a time when happily ever after was something I believed in with all my heart and where princesses really could be strong kind wise and funNow before I talk about the awesome Rhis from the kingdom of Nym let me just say that the cover for this book is horrible Seriously just look past it and listen to me when I say that this is a princess story you want your daughters readingEvery kind of princess is represented here They all gather together for a Cinderella type of weekend in which they are to woo the most eligible prince the Crown Prince of Vesarja While the plot is a big predictable the antics of Rhis and her friends had me laughing out loud and remembering just how much I loved these types of stories as a young girlI loved the ending of this book the most In a world of young adult books that give instant gratification to the heroine Rhis is treated differently Sherwood Smith approached the ending with a uniue but perfect solution and I applaud her for providing a great example of patience and maturity to girls todayGrab this book and start reading folks See if you are inspired to remember some of your favorite books and reading memories as well

  9. Keertana Keertana says:

    Rating 25 Stars I believe I got about 100 pages into this book before giving up on it This wasn't because the writing was bad or the characters were annoying it was simply because the novel felt far too juvenile for me Sherwood Smith's Crown Duel Series have been receiving some remarkable ratings and seems to have been marketed towards teens and adults which is why I thought I'd give one of her other novels a chance while I could However A Posse of Princesses is a middle grade story It was cute and interesting and I'm sure it would have gotten much better if I had continued with it but I'm in the mood for something sophisticated and serious hence the reason I'm not finishing this book That being said I'm sure this is a wonderful novel and I would definitely recommend it to younger readers or even older readers who are looking for a uick light and interesting read

  10. Sherwood Smith Sherwood Smith says:

    Posse has been polished and a new chapter added Look for the spiffed version in e book form

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