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The Kennedys at War: 1937-1945 [Reading] ➿ The Kennedys at War: 1937-1945 ➶ Edward J. Renehan Jr. – A dramatic fascinating–and revisionist–narrative detailing how America’s first family was changed utterly during World War II First rate history grounded in scholarship and brought to life by a A dramatic fascinating–and at War: Kindle Ó revisionist–narrative detailing how America’s first family was changed utterly during World War II First rate history grounded in scholarship and brought to life by a critically acclaimed authorFrom breathless hagiographies to scandal mongering exposés no family has generated bestselling books than the Kennedys None of them however has focused on the watershed period of World War II when the course of the family and its individual members changed utterly Now in an engaging narrative grounded in impeccable scholarship Edward J Renehan Jr provides a dramatic portrait of years marked by family The Kennedys Kindle - tensions heartbreaks and heroics It was during this time that tragedy began to haunt the family–Joe Jr’s death the untimely widowhood of Kathleen aka “Kick” Rosemary’s lobotomy But it was also the time in which John F Kennedy rose above the strictures of the clan and became his own man In the late s the Kennedys settled in London where Joseph Kennedy Sr was serving as ambassador A virulent anti Semite and isolationist Kennedy relentlessly and ruthlessly fought to keep America out of the war in Europe His behavior as patriarch in many ways mirrored Kennedys at War: eBook ☆ his public style Though he was devoted to the family he was also manipulative and autocratic In re creating the intense and tension filled interactions among the family Renehan offers riveting often revisionist views of Joseph Sr; heir apparent Joe Jr; Kick the beautiful socialite; and Jack the complex charmer He demonstrates that Joe Jr although much like his father in opinion and character was driven to volunteer for a deadly mission in large part because of his fury at Jack’s seemingly easy successes Renehan also delves into why Kick a good Catholic girl chose to abandon her religion for the chance to enter the fairytale world of the British aristocracy only to suffer a horrendous tragedyIt is Renehan’s reassessment of Jack however that is particularly striking In subtly breaking away from his domineering father over the issue of World War II Renehan argues Jack began to forge the character that would eventually take him to the Oval Office Going behind the familiar and accurate image of JFK as a reckless playboy Renehan shows us a young man of great intelligence moral courage and truly astonishing physical bravery From the Hardcover edition.

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  1. Caroline Caroline says:

    Too many books on the Kennedys tend to skip over the war years or just focus on Kennedy Senior's time as Ambassador so this book is refreshing in that its sole focus on what the Kennedy family and that means all the Kennedys were doing during those years My only criticism is that it's very heavily skewed towards Kennedy Senior and Joe Kick and Jack with only cursory mentions of Rose Teddy Bobby Eunice Pat Jean and Rosemary I understand that none of them were actually actively involved in the war but some information of what they were doing and how the war affected them would have been nice But that's a small criticism This is very well written without being hyper criticial or hagiographic as so many biographies of the Kennedys tend to fall between It's particularly strong when highlighting the rivalry between Joe and Jack and it's one of the rare books I've read that doesn't try and gloss over Rosemary's very existence

  2. Ali Ali says:

    This is the best written Kennedy book I've read the meticulous detail about Joe Sr's failure to understand the threat from Hitler all the way to the enshrouding of why PT 109 was hit in the first place is excellent reading The author is funny in a way I don't expect from historical writers and I enjoyed this all the He portrays the Kennedys as I think they really were using research and evidence to neither deify nor demonize them as many books do but show them as real and conflicted people I'm sorry I waited so long to read this and recommend it to anyone who likes a good historical read especially about the WWII era getting so much attention now

  3. Julie Kennedy Julie Kennedy says:

    Excellent readEnjoyed every chapter and found the research by the author thorough Must read for those interested in the Kennedy dynasty

  4. Edy Gies Edy Gies says:

    This was a great picture of the Kennedy family It is a great look into what made the family something that became so fascinating For anyone interested in defining the Kennedy family this book is a must read The author covered the topics thoroughly without getting boring

  5. Rose Rose says:

    Very interesting Information I had not yet heard about the Kennedy family

  6. Katie Sprinkle Katie Sprinkle says:

    Great ReadIt's a great read bringing to light great insight into the people instead of the customary sterile reports of their daily lives

  7. Tara Tara says:

    Obama might be all about change like JFK but like John McCain JFK was a war hero first This book tells that story and some trash on the larger Kennedy family

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