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Vision Quest [PDF / Epub] ✅ Vision Quest Author Terry Davis – You think I’m just another muscle bound sex crazed fuzzy brained futureless JOCKBut You’re WrongI dream big I love hard I think far I act fast I live humbly I want to winAnd yeah I’m a jockMy Vi You think I’m just another muscle bound sex crazed fuzzy brained futureless JOCKBut You’re WrongI dream big I love hard I think far I act fast I live humbly I want to winAnd yeah I’m a jockMy Vision My uest My LifeThe cult classic coming of age novel is back.

10 thoughts on “Vision Quest

  1. Brett Starr Brett Starr says:

    Vision uest is one of the movies that all wrestlers covet however I never even knew the book existed until recently The book isn't exactly like the movie so if your like me and just finding the book after you've loved the movie for years all I can tell you is in the book Louden never wrestles Shute and Shute's first name isn't Brian its Gary?? Terry Davis is a great writer and this book is written very well For a novel written about being a teenager and a high school wrestler you'd be surprised to find out that it was written in 1979 Louden Swain is an unforgettable character both as a teenager and as a wrestler Not all fans of Vision uest' the movie will enjoy this read but some who see the bigger picture of the story will Great writing excellent book

  2. Vaughan Vaughan says:

    Technically this is a Young Adult novel but I don't want to ghettoize one of the greatest books Ive ever read and re read Was made into a movie back in 85 or 6 with Linda Fiorentino and Matthew Modine Madonna's Crazy For You was on the soundtrack but I digress About a high school wrestler who gains weight in order to wrestle the best wrestler in the state Apparently author Terry Davis was mentored by Chris Crutcher and this is definitely a case of the student eclipsing the teacher as it's far better than almost anything Crutcher's written Will make you believe in the human race again

  3. Diana Diana says:

    Terry Davis was one of my favorite writing teachers when I was in college Our fiction writing class got to read this book on its way to publication I fell in love with protagonist Louden Swain This achingly honest real coming of age story is well worth a read

  4. Michael Michael says:

    I'm calm as I enter the circle Behind me trails a brief tradition It's made up but it's mine Win or lose the river flows again Shute and I cross and shake hands The whistle blows Through me flows the power to blast Grand Coulee Dam to smithereens

  5. Brandon Valet Brandon Valet says:

    Overall I think this book was pretty good What I liked most about this book was that it was a book about a high school wrestler I'm a wrestler and I can relate to a lot of the stuff that the book contains Another thing I liked about this book was how the author portrayed how Louden was feeling through all the events he went through For example he had to lose 29 pounds in 2 weeks to wrestle the undefeated reining state champion; Shute his last nameSomething I didn't like about the book was how uickly it went by at the end I would've rather had a bit detail about the ending match with Shute I just cut off right at the start of the match which made me want to throw the book out the window because it made me so mad that it just cut off and didn't say who won I was really waiting for that but it didn't say The thing I did like about the ending though was the words the author put at the end I made me feel like I was in a match again and I was the one wrestling Shute

  6. Brian O& Brian O& says:

    Years ago I saw the movie first and really liked it so I finally got around to reading the book Lots of differences between the two For once I like the movie better but the book is a good coming of age story

  7. The The says:

    I finally tracked down a copy of the book that inspired the movie I've watched like 58502855 billion times I already liked the character Loudin Swain hell I even named one of my characters after him but I really fell in love with him through the book which is much nuanced than the movie Matthew Modine was a great Loudin because though his expressions and thoughts he was able to fill in the gaps the movie created Still going back and really getting to know this character was definitely a treat

  8. Donna Donna says:

    This book was interesting I found out it had been made into a film in the 1980's so decided to read the book before watching the movie Which I still have not seen yet Didn't read any of the reviews until after I finished the book so I was surprised at the broad range of comments I can understand why the reviews were so different and how they captured some of the same things I felt about the bookThe best part about this book is that it proved some teenage students have very strong work ethics Whether it's just academics sports part time job or all of the above Growing up I noticed there were about three different types of students in my high school class Those who knew exactly what they wanted to do upon graduation and worked hard to achieve that goal; students who were on the fence and hoping that college if they could afford to go would help them discover their true vocation; and lastly those who just didn't have a clue Each group had students from various socioeconomic backgrounds So you could witness a student from a wealthy family just going through the motions to graduate and experimenting with drugs on the side at the same time as watching another student from a lower to middle class background working two part time jobs staying on the honor roll and attaining a scholarship to a college that they wanted very much to attend Louden Swain was one of these types of studentsWhat I disliked about the book was a lack of closure for characters like Carla Louden's father Kuch and of course Louden's final high school wrestling match It's my opinion that the author wanted the reader to decide for themselves the true outcome because of all of the hard work Louden put into his trainingWhen time permits I'll watch the movie and maybe update this review Or notOkay so I finally watched the movie that was released in 1985 Good soundtrack Loved the Journey music Brought back great memories for me from that decade Film was far tame than book in language and sex Most of the time I'm cynical about a film produced from a book because I'm a firm believer that the book is always better This movie is an exception Even though there were a lot of things translated differently from book to film it was still a decent movie I view both as separate entities that were eually entertaining Also the fact that they both conveyed the same message regarding Louden's view of life and youth and hard work paying off was important to me

  9. Todd Wilson Todd Wilson says:

    I've read this book multiple times and own a first edition hardcover from 1979 I knew of the movie first and found the book in my HS library I've read it probably ten times I love the book and I've gotten to know Terry Davis a little bit through emails he is a great guy and an awesome writer

  10. Hezekiah James Hezekiah James says:

    I recently found out through this site that one of my favorite high school movies came from this book The book is really different but mostly because of time and place I loved the pacing and the insight this book has It really reveals the best part of the male libido

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