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The Island ❄ [KINDLE] ✽ The Island By Heather Graham ➝ – On a weekend vacation Beth Anderson is unnerved when a stroll on the beach reveals what appears to be a skull As a stranger approaches Beth panics and covers the evidence But when she later returns to On a weekend vacation Beth Anderson is unnerved when a stroll on the beach reveals what appears to be a skull As a stranger approaches Beth panics and covers the evidence But when she later returns to the beach the skull is goneDetermined to find solid evidence to bring to the police Beth digs deeper into the mystery of the skull and everywhere she goes Keith Henson the stranger from the beach seems to appear He claims to be keeping an eye on her safety but Beth senses other motives Then a body washes ashore and Beth begins to think she needs help than she bargained for Because investigating is a dangerous game and someone wants to stop Beth from playing.

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  1. Mir Mir says:

    This is an all right light read if one can get past the fact that the suspense plot is predicated on almost all the characters being utter morons The heroine Beth was okay but everyone else seemed so dumb and one dimensional I just couldn't believe they were real The story opens with Beth and her brother Ben camping on a small island with his daughter Amber and her best friend Kim Beth and the two girls are walking and stumble over a skull Immediately a muscular stranger appears and starts chatting them up pretty obviously digging for information about them where do they live how long are they camping are they alone? When Beth tries to avoid giving Keith this information the girls act like she's being weird Okay they are supposed to be fourteen and boy crazy and maybe yeah they are from a very safe nice suburb of Miami note but this is exactly the stuff my parents drilled into to me never to tell strangers Are you alone? is the only uestion I can recall being explicitly told I should lie about When the three get back to camp Beth tells her brother about finding the skull Their conversation goes pretty much like thisBeth I found a skull buried in the sandBen You imagined itBeth No reallyBen It was a conch shellBeth It still had flesh on itBen Sigh Women are so irrationalThe Keith comes back and invites them to eat with him and his two buddies Also joining them are rich bitch flirt Amanda who freuents the yacht club where Beth works her father and two cousins and another couple unknown to anyone else Keith tries to find out from Beth and her family about where they live and work and also insists she did not see a skull That night Beth wakes up and hears someone skulking aorund her tent and screams and everyone acts likes she's crazy including Ben even though he later admits that he also heard something The next day everyone says they're going boating except Beth who goes to search for the skull Keith claimed to be boating but in fact hides in the bushes and grabs her from behind She doesn't bother to tell anyone about the incident Which I guess all evidence suggests that her loved ones will just dismiss her story once again so I understand why she like many women who are assaulted in real life sadly has given up trying to get helpAfter the weekend the family returns home Someone breaks into Beth's office searches her computer and leaves a threatening message She calls the policeCop It was a prankBeth But someone broke into my office And left a skull on my deskCop Just a prankBeth I want you to take a reportCop Don't wannaBeth I insistCop Sigh All riiiight Geez women are so irrationalNote Ben is present and someone has broken into his locker earlier that day but he does not mention this factWhen Beth gets home that night someone is lurking in the bushes She runs inside and locks the door The person hurls a dead animal at her door Almost immediately her brother comes to the door She is upset and he yells at herI'll stop because I don't want to give any spoilers for the rest of the plot such as it is Pretty much goes on in this vein for 300 pages with a few really fake sex scenes

  2. Olivia "So many books--so little time."" Olivia "So many books--so little time."" says:

    This is the first book in a long time that I've started and not finished I found it extremely boring So as I always do with books I don't finish I've given it one star

  3. Linda Linda says:

    The Islandi opens with a mystery did Beth and her niece stumble upon a human skull while camping on a remote island? But it rapidly becomes just another typical romance novel Beautiful Beth meets hunky Keith and immediately feels that there's something suspicious about him He can't say or do anything right in her eyes No one believes her tale about the skull but when she returns home and resumes her job as social director at the yacht club Beth is compelled to discover whether the skull might be that of a member who disappeared months before Soon some frightening even threatening incidents have her fearing for her own safety When Keith shows up at the yacht club she still can't trust him but is irresistibly drawn to him It soon becomes apparent that pirates are hijacking yachts for resaleBeth may win a prize for dumbest heroine ever written into a romance novel She's furious that no one will take her concerns seriously then goes blithely on with her investigation heedless of danger real or imagined She jumps into bed with Keith at every opportunity only to regret it in the AM and reverts to treating him badly If the situation were reversed it would be called sexual exploitation At any rate once the mystery is resolved she jumps into marriage with Keith There's a surpriseIf you like your skulduggery fluffy and fatuous interspersed with steamy love scenes you might enjoy The Island than I did

  4. Carolyn Carolyn says:

    The lead female character aggravated the crap out of me She was an idiot Not my favorite Heather Graham book

  5. Sarah B Sarah B says:

    WowI actually read this entire book inside of a single day and it seems to be awhile since I've done that for such a thick book Many of the plot elements just came together perfectly and that kept me turning the pages This is the second book I read by this author and I must say I prefer it without a doubt to the other one It was far interesting Danger in sunny Florida a skull on a tropical island buried in the sandyou find the skull and now someone is stalking you Or is it your imagination? Mysterious figures in the shadows threats someone messing with your stuff your nerves are jumpingand way too many suspects I really loved how the book painted the main character Beth as such an uncertain person She couldn't make up her mind if the danger was actually real or if it was all in her head Somehow that made the plot even better And truthfully I had no idea who the actual villian was I was too busy flipping the pages and enjoying the story to really contemplate it A really fun read

  6. Marica (The Book Chick) Marica (The Book Chick) says:

    You can read of my reviews at my blog The Book ChickIf one can get past the fact that the suspense plot is predictable and the characters are morons it is an okay light read Nothing overly exciting but a good fluffy book who got the job done I wanted something like it and i'm happy that I did get just that Even though I can't call it a literary wonder workI do like mysterysuspense romances and the idea of the book was good and believable There is some strong parts and in the beginning I did really like Beth and disliked Amber But later on in the book I really started to dislike Beth and like Amber instead Then I did really hatelove the character Amanda and she surprised me through out the book I had not expected it but I did predict the ending And I did miss some depth between Beth and Keith There was certainly a lot to build on in my opinion and the last 10% pages was boring and nothing newI like the book as one of those fussy easy time passers with light plots and characters Do not often find them great but they get the work done Which is keeping my mind occupied be interesting enough to feed me another book in the line of many and keep me company when i need it Sometimes my brain just need something easy and predictable Something warm and easy to connect to

  7. Bruce Bruce says:

    There was so many different people that were undistinguished from each other When it ended and was told who did what I didn't know who they were talking about

  8. Shalor T. Shalor T. says:

    I will warn you ahead of time This wasn't Graham's strongest book not by a long shot In fact I would say that it is one of the weakest books she's put out so far Even so it's not bad for a fluff read The story begins with Beth her family going to nearby Calliope Island for a weekend camping trip From there she finds a skull meets a hottie loses a skull gains a huge mystery Unfortunately for the hottie Beth is uber suspicious of him from the start something that puts a crimp in his secretive plans for the island sigh This book had a lot of potential but got bogged down by a shallow plot and characters Rather than give Beth a good reason to be suspect of Keith the hottie Beth is irrationally suspicious of him We're told that they're hot for each other but it's just not believable Then there's the background lusting of Ben Amber but that's practically non existent unbelievable If you want a brainless beach read then read this If you want something with substance written by Graham look elsewhere Whatever you do I recommend checking this out from the library instead

  9. Carl Alves Carl Alves says:

    In The Island Beth Anderson goes on a trip to a remote island near Florida with her brother and her nephew She finds a skull there and gets all freaked out recalling a story about a missing couple This leads her to investigate the situation in what turns out to be a convoluted mysteryThe Island is a very flawed novel For one thing none of the characters are all that interesting and it's hard to care about them in particular the love interest that Beth develops with the mysterious manly man Keith The plot holes in the story are too numerous to mention The tension never fully develops or perhaps it didn't matter because I could not get myself to root for or against any of the characters In the end this is a very forgettable novel I've read better from Heather Graham and I would suggest skipping this oneCarl Alves author of Blood Street

  10. Jerrine Regester Jerrine Regester says:

    I picked up this book because I was intrigued by the plot summary had just been to Cuba and was heading to Hawaii needed a good beach read This was not it As my daughter tells me life is too short to read a bad book This is a bad book Poorly developed characters poorly developed plot and poorly written Heather Graham is not an author I would pick up again Too many other good others in this genre to waste time on

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