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Lord of the Far Island ❴Read❵ ➪ Lord of the Far Island Author Victoria Holt – Buyprobolan50.co.uk The past is never far behindEllen Kellaway orphaned at age five was raised by wealthy cousins but was never allowed to forget that her every advantage was owed to the charity of others However when th The past is never far behindEllen Kellaway the Far PDF/EPUB Á orphaned at age five Lord of ePUB ´ was raised by wealthy cousins but was never allowed to forget that of the Far PDF Í her every advantage was owed to the charity of others However when the son of a powerful London family asks for her hand in marriage her world is opened up to untold wealth and social position She never imagined that such an unlikely dream would come true Despite these wonderful new developments in her life Ellen continues to be wracked b the bad dreams that have haunted her since childhood What is the meaning of the lifelong nightmare—the image of an unfamiliar room a door opening and behind it a dreadful presence Perhaps it is a message urging her to uncover the secrets of her long lost family—the secrets of the ancient home of the Kellaways on the Far Island off the wild coast of Cornwall.

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  1. Tadiana ✩Night Owl☽ Tadiana ✩Night Owl☽ says:

    Lord of the Far Island is an older Gothic mysteryromance by the prolific Victoria HoltEllen Kellaway is the poor orphaned relative taken in by wealthier relatives who never let her forget her place She's reluctantly on track to become a governess when she's swept off her feet by Phillip the attractive son of a neighboring family We're way too early in the book for a Happily Ever After though and sure enough disaster strikes Luckily for Ellen a relative of her father suddenly and conveniently appears to whisk her away to Far Island the Kellaway family island in Cornwall Ellen begins to fall in love both with Far Island and with its owner But there is a dangerous mystery about the island and Ellen's past life that may interfere with her happiness once again LOTFI had its moments but was rather forgettable and a little formulaic? I guessed the villain by the simple process of discounting the obvious suspects and then picking the next most likely suspect Agatha Christie she's not I was also irritated with the love interest and his high handedness than charmed by him which isn't the main emotion you want to be feeling when you're reading a gothic romance And the whole thing with the heroine's lifelong nightmares of a vaguely ominous room was in the end I thought a little anticlimactic Like The Shivering Sands there's a Sybil fortune teller who Knows and Sees AllAlso commas can be your friends On the plus side I really enjoyed the scenes where Ellen was getting to know the island of her ancestors I want my own island And while the first third of the book and the rest were a little disjointed in the end the two parts came together in a satisfying way It's not a bad read if you enjoy the old fashioned Gothic romances

  2. Wanda Wanda says:

    2017 Summer Lovin’ Reading List I think this may have been the very first romance novel that I ever read in my life at around age 11 or 12 I remember how much I loved the book at that age and that is probably influencing my rating todayTalk about Gothic A heroine who is an orphan living with distant family members as a Poor Relation? Check Beautiful spunky? Check Mysterious goings on? Check Subtly threatening handsome man with secrets who arrives in the nick of time to save her from the horrid fate of governessing? Check New family members who maybe aren’t as into her as she is into them? Check and double check A second handsome and straightforward man as a foil for the intense dark one? CheckerooI believe it was my mother who introduced me to Victoria Holt and she I read our way through many of Holt’s novels This was very much a nostalgia read—it reminded me of my teenage reading years and reading with Mom I can definitely see where works like this one set my tastes in romantic fiction leading to my current affection for paranormal romance

  3. Tweety Tweety says:

    Just as good as I rememberEllen Kellaway is an orphan taken in by her Aunt's good will and for no other reason She grows up as the poor relation always knowing and dreading the day when she will have to go out and become a governess But one day changes everything and now Ellen is marrying into a wealthy family Ellen is not sure but that she has made a mistake in excepting Philips proposal Why they hardly know each other UnfortunatelyEllen doesn't know how to back out gracefully Then Philip sets his heart on a large creamy white ueen Anne house Ellen feels that there is something about the house that she doesn't like it has an oppressive air to it But Philip will not be dissuaded they must have a house and this one fits the bill Ellen still can't help feeling as if things are not uite right Especially when a strange man takes to following her aboutThen something terrible happens and all Ellen wants is to get away Unexpectedly that escape comes in the form of a letter from The Far Island and from her guardian she didn't know she had Jago Kellaway Once on the Island Ellen has a 'series of accidents' but whoever it is trying to kill her is hidden by the folds of mist around the Kellaway's Island Jago Kellaway is strangely passionate about the Far Island and Ellen finds herself trying to trust him against her better judgement I love this book It wasn't till the end that all the pieces fit together I didn't know who to trust till the end the villein was completely different from what I expected and it left me tremendously glad that Victoria Holt had seen fit to add an epilogue There were dungeons hidden passages carrier pigeons and the Kellaway necklace all enveloped in the Mystery of Kellaway Island Everyone who enjoys Gothic suspense and adventure should read this There is an old woman who tells fortunesthe you pay her the better your future will be that is the only paranormal effects in this book so I'd give it a G Then there was the beautiful end

  4. Regan Walker Regan Walker says:

    A Mystery set on an Island off CornwallI love Victoria Holt’s romances and every now and then pick one up as a “pallet cleanser” While a mystery than romantic suspense there is a lot of intrigue hereAs always it’s written from the first person And presumably it’s a Victorian Ellen Kellaway orphaned at age five was a “poor relation” raised by wealthy cousins Plagued by the same terrible dream she lives in a family where she is never allowed to forget that her fortunate circumstances are owed to Cousin Agatha Ellen is beautiful and her cousin Esmeralda lives in Ellen’s shadow afraid of her own The two get along well together however When Philip Carrington the younger son of a powerful family asks for Ellen’s hand in marriage she is delighted—her relatives are not They wanted him for Esmeralda Then tragedy strikes one Ellen cannot imagine happened as they say it did Her fiancé is dead suicide they claim Amid the bleak prospect of her future Ellen receives a letter from Jago Kelloway a man who apparently knew her father and who lives on the “Far Island” off Cornwall Ellen goes to the island where mystery awaits and she begins to have feelings for Jago though I have to say when she believed she was in love with him it came as a bit of a surpriseTo me this was a mystery that Ellen unraveled her past her fiancé’s death and who is trying to kill her when so many have a motive A good story that will draw you in

  5. Lori Lori says:

    I came across this book at a book sale and picked it up for a song I haven't read Victoria Holt until now because uite frankly it never occurred to me that I should buy one of her books I remember seeing her paperbacks in the romance section in the local five and dime all through my adolescence but I was interested in buying magazines Of course I was going to be a supermodel and would never need a romantic suspense novel unless I needed kindling Was I ever in for a surpriseHolt does atmosphere very well and I loved her descriptions of the island off the Cornish coast I just felt like the conclusion was a bit rushed and that I would have enjoyed the spunky heroine helping herself just a little than she was allowed to in the end Overall this was very entertaining and I recommend this to all who love romantic suspense including supermodels I bumped this up to four stars and plan to read some of Holt's other offerings

  6. MV MV says:

    Overall I loved this classic spooky gothic Pros Enjoyable heroine with a lot of spunk Story has a Cinderella esue feel in the beginning Great settings and mostly interesting characters I loved the Far Island There are several danger scenes and an air of menace throughout the book so I never had to wait too long for a suspenseful scene Cons Not convinced she truly belongs with her ultimate true love or whatever you want to call him but ok I'll take her word for it I admittedly am not crazy about the man myself but it didn't really detract from my enjoyment of the story I wanted to see her end up with someone else Denouement wrapped up a little fast Wanted a tad drama between Ellen and another character than what I gotI didn't figure out the mystery till 34 to the end when I suddenly remembered a key clue and things clicked Looking back I'm surprised I didn't but I started this book at the start of what turned out to be a busy stressful week in a year of them and ended up dragging out the reading So I just wasn't thinking about it much to be honestAll in all though this is what I read Gothics VH for45 stars Tempted to round up to 5 but I kinda have a super strict policy about 5 stars Maybe I'll revise it and add the 5th star laterCover notes My cover looks like this one only it is all white and you can see the full cover painting which is lovely The title on mine is also in a golden script

  7. Jane Jane says:

    Ellen Kellaway was alone in the world when she was just five years old Her mother’s wealthy cousins took her in and raised her alongside their own daughter Esme But they never let her forget that her every advantage was owed to the charity of others And that while Esme was destined for a great marriage she would have to go out into the world when she came of age and earn her living as a governess Ellen didn’t like that at all She appreciated what was being done for her but she had no intention of being a governess She knew that the world had far to offer I loved Ellen from the start She was bright warm caring and she had such a wonderful spirit The perfect heroine to follow into a grand adventure I wasn’t uite sure what year we were in but I’d hazard a guess at late Victorian or early Edwardian Whenever it was Victoria Holt painted her world – the escapades the houses the clothes the parties – uite beautifully Ellen was saved from life as a governess when the son of a powerful London family asks for her hand in marriage It cause consternation at home because he had been seen as a likely prospect for Esme but Esme dreamed of a simple uieter life and she was happy for her cousin Only a third of the book was over though and so I suspected this would not be Ellen’s happy ending It wasn’t A terrible tragedy days before her wedding left her alone in the world again This time her father’s family came to the rescue Ellen discovered that her father wasn’t long dead he had died just weeks ago and he had appointed his cousin Jago Kellaway Jago’s invitation to a family home she had never known a castle on an island couldn’t have come at a better time Ellen falls in love with the Far Island and with its Lord But she is troubled plagued by uestions and doubts Why will nobody tell her anything about her father? Why did her mother leave? Why does so much of her new world seem so familiar? Who was Silva her half sister who had been raised on the but was now missing presumed dead? Is Ellen just accident prone or does somebody wish her harm? It was a grand mystery and Victoria Holt does Cornwall wonderfully well The mediaeval castle the island the sea the surrounding countryside all came to life and I found it so easy to understand why Ellen fell head over heels in love with the place Sadly the plot and the structure were a little clunky I knew that the main drama would happen in Cornwall and the first act in London even though I loved it felt over long and the second act in Cornwall felt a little rushed And though the logic of the plot worked it felt a little too improbable But that’s not to say I wasn’t swept away by the story by the mystery and by the wonderful atmosphere I’m inclined to say that while Victoria Holt does a very nice line in engaging heroines and in nice thoughtful men she has a less certain touch when it comes to brooding heroes and dastardly villains who at times seem a little one dimensional If I sat down and thought about it I would have realised how the pieces of the puzzle must fit together I didn’t because I was engrossed And even if I had I think there would have been enough surprises along the way Lord of The Far Island finished with high drama and a romantic flourish It wasn’t perfect but it was a fine entertainment for a cold dark winter night

  8. Misfit Misfit says:

    Raised by a wealthy distant cousin after the death of her mother Ellen Kellaway is forever reminded that she is the Poor Relation Resigned to her eventual fate as a governess she is suddenly taken by surprise when childhood friend Phillip Carrington declares his love and proposes a whirlwind marriage much to the chagrin of Cousin Agatha who was counting on wealthy Phillip marrying her daughter Esmeralda Curiously Phillip's family is thrilled with the match to a girl with nary a penny to her name Fate takes a sudden turn before the marriage can happen and out of the blue appears a distant relative from her father's side of the family offering her a home on Far Island off the coast of Cornwall Ellen loves the island and the Castle the Kellaways built hundreds of years ago dungeons and all and she soon finds herself falling in love with the island's owner Jag KellawayIn true Holt fashion Ellen soon finds herself in the midst of a mystery and things begin to go bump in the night What is it about her father that none of the villagers wish to talk about? Why did her mother pack up and leave him when Ellen was little than a toddler? What about the drawings her mother left behind including one of the room she's been seeing in her dreams for years? Who is the mysterious girl Silva raised on the Island and presumed dead? Is Ellen just accident prone or is someone trying to do her in? If so why?While I enjoyed reading this and would recommend it to Holt fans it just doesn't uite come up to a four star read Perhaps it's because she took too long setting up Ellen's background and romance with Phillip and then realized at the end she had to hurry up and wrap things up before the book gets too long It is a good book and a perfect comfort book for cuddling up with on a rainy afternoon; it's just not a great one

  9. Rachel Rachel says:

    I began the book with hopes for a pleasant mix of romance and suspense The first two thirds of the book were pleasant and engaging I immediately liked the heroine Ellen I was attracted to her spirit and determination to look positively at life despite her bleak future Then plot turned as expected but not the way I expected poor Philip Enter Jago Now I had every intention of liking the man He was all that promised romance attractive wealthy rescuer mysterious and much However I uickly grew to dislike him The arrogance uickly grew too thick Everytime he opened his mouth I found myself cringing I looked hopefully for the change that would make him attractive and lovable again Then much to my horror Ellen fell in love with the man before he was forced to change Grimace I am sorry but I cannot rejoice in a spirited heroine marrying a man who didn't listen to her hid the truth from her or wouldn't admit he was wrong He might repeatedly profess to admire her spirit but his actions say the opposite he didn't trust her to see him so he manipulatedHe does seem to have a passion for her She feels a chemistry with him as well but feelings alone are not going to sustain them for their life ahead It is hard to have a relationship with a person who will not discuss things isn't honest and doesn't listen when someone speaks I do not have high hopes for a happily ever after for Jago and EllenSorry if this review comes across a bit strong but I had a surprisingly strong reaction to this book

  10. Chrystal Chrystal says:

    One of Holt's better romance mysteries because it does not suffer from her usual annoying repetitions and ninny headed heroines who unvaryingly get themselves locked into crypts or lured into underwater caves with the tide coming in

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