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10 thoughts on “Crone's Moon: A Rowan Gant Investigation (The Rowan Gant Investigations)

  1. April eclecticbookworm April eclecticbookworm says:

    I don’t know what my deal is with this series but for some reason I always drag my butt reading them I’ll renew it from the library as much as I can and read almost anything else instead of picking it back up If I could allow myself to DNF a book I think I would Usually by #5 I’m enjoying a series enough to bump it to 4 stars but I’m still debating between 2 and 3 stars I can’t put my finger on it and am a little leery to try the next it ends in a cliffhanger so even if I was able to give it up and not read the next I won’t be able to

  2. Adriane Adriane says:

    So this one was a little harder to get into than the other ones I'm not sure why but I was about 35% into it before it became impossible to put down Usually his books are like that all the way through I'm a little hesitant to start the Miranda trilogy not cause I know I'm going to rip through them all at once but because I don't like when bad things happen to Felicity and I have a feeling this next series will be really hard for her

  3. Lel Lel says:

    I liked this book but I feel that it lacked something in comparison with the other books in the series so far Whether that was the lack of a build up over a few books like the Eldon Porter story or just the fact that to me it felt like this was a bit of series filler than enhancer I'm not sureThat isn't to say that it wasn't a good book I still found it very hard to put this book down even when my eyes wouldn't stay open through tiredness But it is far from my favorite

  4. Kirsten Lenius Kirsten Lenius says:

    Headless bodies begin appearing in St Louis and the surrounding areas and then the mayor's daughter is kidnapped With Bible Barbie in charge of the MCS and Ben and Rowan on her shit list investigating is a challenge to say the least

  5. Dixie Dixie says:

    love the characters in the Rowan Gant series and love the writing however this one seemed a little redundant to some of the others just a different character Still love the books but gave it a 4

  6. Cathy Cathy says:

    Not as good as The Law of Three but close A little too much Felicity with her brogue for my taste Not a lot of investigating but a fairly heavy focus on supernatural perception

  7. Beth Beth says:

    35 stars

  8. Sadie Forsythe Sadie Forsythe says:

    35 round upI live in Saint Louis MO and whenever I come across books by local authors andor books set in my city I always try to give them a read I grabbed this one even though it was number five in a series But it stood alone well enough I had some serious complaints about it which I'll get to but mostly I truly enjoyed the book I liked that Rowan isn't your run of the mill cocky 25 year old wizard that readers are usually presented with He's greying wears glasses and adores his wife Plus he's a witch There really isn't any need to gender it men can be witches and I appreciate that Rowan takes the title without apology or explanation The best friend is full blooded Native American and the kick butt FBI agent is a woman So there's a bit of diversity in the cast Though for a city that is demographically predominantly African American there didn't seem to be many black people All in all though I liked the mystery and the characters Now my complaints There are a lot of cliches wrapped up here Most notably the Native American who calls his friend kemosabe all the time and even referred to a woman as a suaw at one point I get that these two men are best friends and tease each other about everything including their ethnicity And I do see that some of this was sarcasm or at least I hope I do But it was just too cliched to bear I gritted my teeth every time Ben called Rowan kemosabe or white man or Rowan called Ben chiefSimilarly the wife who was an Irish porcelain doll complete with the pale skin fiery red hair flammable temper and tendency to drop into Gaelic even though she's second generation Irish American And lastly the villain I can't really address this one without a spoiler But let's just say it's something you'll have seen before I have than once In fact I pretty much assumed it would be exactly what it turned out to be It was predictable; not because of plot hints or foreshadowing but just because it's the sort of thing one so often sees Just like the fact that all the victims are pretty young women because of course they are I bet if we could actually poll all thrillermurder mysteries something like 85% of the victims would be women another 10 would be children Having said that I'll reiterate that outside of the issues of cliches and cliched predictability I uite liked the book I'd be happy to read of the series Though I'm not racing out to hunt them up

  9. innae innae says:

    this one is of a page turner than the others I think I am really liking the way Sellars is growing as a writer he still uses for all intents and purposes too much but I will let slide

  10. Cindy Cindy says:

    Just not as good as the rest of the previous books

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Crone's Moon: A Rowan Gant Investigation (The Rowan Gant Investigations) [Download] ✤ Crone's Moon: A Rowan Gant Investigation (The Rowan Gant Investigations) ➸ M.R. Sellars – THE SILENCE OF THE DEAD CAN BE DEAFENINGThese are the things of which nightmares are made Decomposed remains in a shallow grave a missing school teacher an abduction and a cyclical timeline that all a THE SILENCE OF THE DEAD CAN BE DEAFENINGThese A Rowan Epub â are the things of which nightmares are made Decomposed remains in a shallow grave a missing school teacher an abduction and a cyclical timeline that all add up to a frightening theory a sadistic serial killer may well be prowling Saint Louis by the semi darkness of the waning moonThis is exactly the Crone's Moon: PDF \ type of case on which Rowan Gant would consult for the Major Case Suad However for some unknown reason his personal curse – the uncontrolled channeling of the spirits of murder victims – seems to be on indefinite hiatus He can no longer communicate with the dead but he’s absolutely certain they are still talking because someone who is very close to Moon: A Rowan PDF Ê him can hear them loud and clearThe problem for Rowan is that this peculiar twist of fate makes the horror even personal than before.

  • Paperback
  • 316 pages
  • Crone's Moon: A Rowan Gant Investigation (The Rowan Gant Investigations)
  • M.R. Sellars
  • English
  • 23 January 2014
  • 9780967822143

About the Author: M.R. Sellars

A member of the ITW International Thriller Writers A Rowan Epub â M R Sellars is a relatively unassuming homebody who in his own words “tells pretty lies for a living” Although his penchant for creating fiction began at an early age he was eventually inspired to pursue a degree in journalism an endeavor he describes as “a good chase even though it got away” Crone's Moon: PDF \ His career plans re routed he put a secon.