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Always Time to Die St Kilda Consulting #1 [Reading] ➶ Always Time to Die St Kilda Consulting #1 ➽ Elizabeth Lowell – Former US Senator uintrell is deadHis son New Mexico's governor is preparing hisrun for the highest political office in the landAnd dark family secrets are about to explode with the devastating force to Die PDF/EPUB æ Former US Senator uintrell is deadHis son New Mexico's governor is preparing hisrun for the highest political office in the landAnd dark family secrets are about to explode with the devastating force Time to Die St Kilda ePUB ´ of a Southwestern earthuakeAn eccentric uintrell aunt has invited genealogist Carolina Carly May to their Taos compound to compile a record of the illustrious family But digging into the past is raising troubling uestions about a would be president's private life and the grisly street crime that left his drug addicted sister Always Time PDF \ dead As a dark world of twisted passions and depravity slowly opens up before Carly there is no one whom she dares trust perhaps least of all Dan Duran a dangerous haunted enigma who's tied to the uintrells' history But she will need an ally to survive the terrible mysteries a father carried to the grave because following the bloodlines of the powerful can be a bloody business And some dead secrets can kill.

  • Paperback
  • 480 pages
  • Always Time to Die St Kilda Consulting #1
  • Elizabeth Lowell
  • English
  • 03 June 2015
  • 9780060504199

10 thoughts on “Always Time to Die St Kilda Consulting #1

  1. Angela Angela says:

    Note I originally read this book back in 2006 and read it again in 2011 My opinion of the book hasn't changed in the interval though it's worth noting that I did enjoy it well enough to come back and read it againI can generally rely upon Elizabeth Lowell to give me a fluffily suspenseful but enjoyable read She's formulaic sure but it's a formula I happen to like beautiful spunky woman plus broody and sexy man plus people trying to kill them generally for reasons involving fabulously expensive l00t dirty secrets or both The man is generally broody over a troubled past and chances are high that the woman has had issues involving men in her own background Chances are even higher than they will resist being attracted to one another and they may well get cranky at one another if one thinks the other has done something particularly stupid though if that happens you know that by the end they'll clue in and live Happily Ever AfterTM Also by way of demonstrating what a butch guy he is and how he'll lay it on the line for his girl the hero will get wounded at a suitably dramatic juncture in the narrative but always in one of the Approved Hero Fashions and it will never prevent him from handily dispatching the villain even if he has to keel over afterwards even if it takes him several chapters to pull it off Always Time to Die is a fine example of her formula Nothing terribly new or unusual here unless you count a remarkable lack of angst on the part of the heroine Carly which I uite appreciated She was spunky and funny and although she did have the obligatory Trouble With Men in her background it wasn't something she had any issues with and it certainly didn't get in the way of her realizing that Dan Hero Du Jour was the hottest thing to ever hot out of Hot TownThe genealogy aspect of the plot was also new and kind of fun for Lowell Some reviewers on com were complaining about this bogging down the story for them but I found it entertaining and certainly uite pertinent to the ongoing story; it felt well balanced against the current brouhahas and past and present came together in a suitably suspenseful fashion at the end All in all an entertaining way to blow a few hours

  2. Alexis-Morgan Roark Alexis-Morgan Roark says:

    I kept vacillating between hating and liking this book It must have been the narrator The genealogy stuff got to be a little too much Then the whole incest thing just went waaaaaay beyond creepy disgusting and too much as well

  3. Bagtree Bagtree says:

    Disclaimer I'm not generally a romantic suspense or romantic anything reader; I grabbed this off a housemate because I was out of books of my own so maybe this book was only meh to me because I wasn't familiar with whatever genre conventions I'd let myself in for But meh it wasThe suspense plot is a good one but the way it's paced it never seems as urgent as I'd expect There are many isolated incidents of people threatening the heroine Carly There are some isolated incidents of people dying or talking to shadowy figures Then it's daylight and Carly's driving around talking to people being all curious and determined and whatnotSome have complained about the long genealogical research scenes I actually liked those The information they presented was interesting and at least to this layperson it seems Lowell really did her homework They're also good for the sake of seeing Carly and Dan work together I just think there's too little connection tone wise between these sections and the THREATENING PHONE CALLS DEAD RODENTS BULLETS ON A HILLSIDE sectionsThe final wrap up was a little too uick and a little too off screen for my taste we go from our lead couple making a strange discovery straight to a later epilogue where it's explained rather than shown what they concluded and how everyone reacted And then there's talk of marriage? Honestly I was sold on Dan and Carly as people who get along and as people who are attracted to each other and as people who have sex But in love? Enough for marriage? I never got that impressionSo basically meh

  4. Jonetta Jonetta says:

    Carolina Carly May is a genealogist who was invited by the eccentric aunt of New Mexico's governor Josh uintrell to come to their Taos ranch to compile a record of the uintrellCastillo family She arrives following the death of the family patriarch A J uintrell a former US senator However digging up the past is creating trouble within the family and Carly finds herself on unsafe footing Dan Duran a former Army Ranger and now an agent for St Kilda was born and raised in the Taos community with ties to the family He decides to come to Carly's aid both in her research and to protect her from unknown factionsThis is a complicated story as you must keep track of the genealogy of both the uintrell and Castillo families along with the progeny from the Senator's exploits outside of marriage The dynamics within the family are interesting and complex and you will find yourself stumbling around trying to keep up but you'll be intrigued enough to stick with it The developing relationship between Carly and Dan is well written and the dialogue witty My complaint with the book lies in the ending The story was well crafted to lead to an exciting climax that was rushed and abrupt It took the wind out of the sails of a pretty fascinating tale enough for me to drop the rating to 35 stars I'm rounding to 4 because everything leading up to this was pretty compelling And we don't learn very much about St Kilda Consulting I guess I'll have to read the next book for those answers

  5. Arianna Arianna says:

    I was shocked by this book It sounded good then I started reading and was struck by a desire to skip a lot of pages There is a ton of geneology and family history described in the chapters because the main character is hired to write about just that So at first it's boring then it just gets disgusting If you want to read about some filandering pig headed chold molesters and bigamists be my guest I put the book down I couldn't believe one of my choice authors had chosen to write such a sickening ending to her story I wouldn't bother giving this book a second glance

  6. Lauren Lauren says:

    Always Time to Die4 StarsSynopsisCarly May is a genealogist hired by Winifred Castillo to trace the history of her family But someone in the uintrell Castillo line would rather keep old and dark secrets buried with the dead Soon Carly finds herself the target of a sinister foe who will stop at nothing to prevent her from discovering the truth The only person Carly can turn to is Dan Duran a dangerous enigma with ties to the uintrells and secrets of his own ReviewWell paced action and suspenseThe history of New Mexico is interesting and the genealogical aspects well researched and explained in a way that even this science phobe could understand the table at the front of the book is especially useful for keeping track of who's who Some readers may find the details excessive and tiresome but it is relevant and necessary to the plot The mystery is intriguing and there are just enough clues to figure it all out in time Nevertheless the story lacks a sense of urgency and the big confrontation scene never comes Moreover the transition to the epilogue is so sudden that I thought my copy might be missing a few pagesThere are also several loose ends such as the origins and nature of St Kilda's consulting what really happened to Sylvia uintrell why does Alma have it in for Carly what are Carly's roots and what happened to Lucia and Armondo?The romance is secondary and while the sexual tension between Dan and Carly is excellent their chemistry never really materializes Carly's spunk and sass however are a definite highlight and her banter with Dan is simply brilliant Overall an intriguing read that pulled me in and wouldn't let go I will be continuing with the series

  7. Kris - My Novelesque Life Kris - My Novelesque Life says:

    3 STARSThe powerful uintrell family of New Mexico has spent decades in the public eye Now the recent death of the clan's patriarch a former US senator has placed his son Governor Josh uintrell suarely in the spotlight as he prepares his run for the highest political office in the land It is not a good time to be rattling skeletons in the family's closetsResearching personal histories isn't just Carolina Carly May's profession it's her passion When the governor's eccentric Aunt Winifred invites Carly into the uintrells' private Taos compound to compile a genealogical record of the illustrious residents she can hardly believe her good luck But digging into the past is raising troubling uestions about the would be president's private life his late father and catatonic mother and the grisly street crime that left his notorious drug addicted sister dead And it soon becomes frighteningly apparent that the motivation of the dotty old woman who hired Carly might be something akin to revenge and that someone is determined to remove the inuisitive genealogist from the picture by any means necessaryAs a dark world of twisted passions and depraved crimes slowly opens up before Carly she realizes that there is no one whom she dares to trust perhaps least of all Dan Duran a dangerous and haunted mystery man who's somehow tied to the uintrells' past But she will need an ally to survive the terrible secrets a father carried to the grave and an even devastating evil that lurks among the living because following the bloodlines of the wealthy and power hungry can be a bloody business and some dead secrets can kill From An okay romantic suspense shows promise so will try book two in the series

  8. Amanda Amanda says:

    Book # 53 of 2009Wow it seems like it took me all of May to read this book It was a decent book Lots of buried family secrets and intrigue I became interested in this book after listening to Blue Smoke and Murder which was the fourth in a line of St Kilda Consulting series this was supposed to be the first Although St Kilda was mentioned especially in the last 14 of the book it left me confused about the whole St Kilda series timeline There's no description of how this organization started And compared to the roll it played in Blue Smoke and Murder the organization might as well have been non existent here But despite those issues which I wouldn't have even noticed if I hadn't started the series at the end it was a decent book on its own I had to reread through the ending just to make sure I understood where all the twists came out and I still think there's one I'm not following but that's alright

  9. Tory Wagner Tory Wagner says:

    I enjoyed this book because it combined two on my interests mysteries and genealogy The main character Dan belongs to an organization that specializes in remedying problems in dangerous parts of the world He is from Taos New Mexico and is part of an extended family that can trace their roots back to Spanish explorers Recovering from an injury he spends some time at home and meets a visitor who is writing a genealogical history of his mother's family She becomes the target of a sniper and Dan springs into action to help her and along the way they fall in love Lots of incestuous relationships and political skulduggery move the story along

  10. Miranda Miranda says:

    Nicely paced suspenseful mystery whodunnit It didn't stand out in any particular fashion other than I noticed harsh cuss words weren't used At one point a character said nucking futs and I found that witty Kindasorta borders on being a romance but there's enough going on in the plot for it to not permeate the entire novel

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