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Stay Alive My Son [Download] ➽ Stay Alive My Son By Pin Yathay – On April 17 1975 the Khmer Rouge entered Phnom Penh to open a new and appalling chapter in the story of the twentieth century On that day Pin Yathay was a ualified engineer in the Ministry of Public W On April the Khmer Rouge entered Phnom Penh to open a new and appalling chapter in the story of the twentieth century On that day Pin Yathay was a ualified engineer in the Ministry of Public Works Successful and Stay Alive PDF or highly educated he had been critical of the corrupt Lon Nol regime and hoped that the Khmer Rouge would be the patriotic saviors of CambodiaIn Stay Alive My Son Pin Yathay provides an unforgettable testament of the horror that ensued and a gripping account of personal courage sacrifice and survival Documenting the months from the arrival of the Khmer Rouge in Phnom Penh to his escape into Thailand Pin Yathay is a powerful and haunting memoir of Cambodia's killing fieldsWith seventeen members of his family Pin Yathay were evacuated by the Khmer Rouge from Phnom Penh taking with them whatever they might need for the three days before they would be allowed to return to their home Instead they were moved on from camp to camp their possessions confiscated or abandoned As days became weeks and weeks became months they became the New People displaced urban dwellers compelled to live and work as peasants their days were filled with forced manual labor and their survival dependent on ever meager communal rations The body count mounted first as malnutrition bred rampant disease and then as the Khmer Rouge singled out the dissidents for sudden death in the darknessEventually Pin Yathay's family was reduced to just himself his wife and their one remaining son Nawath Wracked with pain and disease robbed of all they had owned living on the very edge of dying they faced a future of escalating horror With Nawath too ill to travel Pin Yathay and his wife Any had to make the heart breaking decision whether to leave him to the care of a Cambodian hospital in order to make a desperate break for freedom Stay Alive My Son he tells Nawath before embarking on a nightmarish escape to the Thai borderFirst published in the Cornell edition of Stay Alive My Son includes an updated preface and epilogue by Pin Yathay and a new foreword by David Chandler a world renowned historian of Cambodia who attests to the continuing value and urgency of Pin Yathay's message MultiCultural Review.

About the Author: Pin Yathay

Yathay Pin was born in Oudong a village about miles north of Phnom Penh Cambodia Yathay’s father Chhor was a small trader and his family though not impoverished was poorYathay was the eldest of five children His father had high Stay Alive PDF or expectations of him Knowing that Yathay was an excellent student Chhor sent him to a good high school in Phnom Penh Yathay received a government scholarship.

10 thoughts on “Stay Alive My Son

  1. Rebecca McNutt Rebecca McNutt says:

    One of the darkest chapters of modern history was the Cambodian Genocide but this book captures in detail the resilience and courage of one little boy caught up in it Definitely an amazing story

  2. Sarah Louise Leach Sarah Louise Leach says:

    What an incredible book i took so much away from it A narrative that read like an adventure film a heartbreaking true account of the plight of the people of Cambodia under the Khmer Rouge an insight into how uickly what you have can be lost how uickly a politically vulnerable country can be taken over by so little ammunition and so much stealth and obfuscation What surprised me was how currency was de valued within three days of the people being driven from their homes and how survival depended on family and guileIt is ironic that the author lost all of his family when the important message of the book is that family is all that counts Anybody who believes that extreme communism ever works in practice might like to read this book and contemplate the importance they place on their freedom and their individuality

  3. Alesa Alesa says:

    Pin Yathay was a government engineer when Pol Pot's regime took over Cambodia He describes being marched with all the other residents of Phnom Penh the capital city to the fields to labor This is his true story told with simplicity and a sort of beauty I bought this book in Cambodia and it helped explain what we saw during visits to The Killing Fields and S 21 the Khmer Rouge's torture center Although it's educational it also just leaves you numb inside wondering about our species and we can be so horribly cruel to one another If you want to learn about Cambodia's history this is a great book

  4. Seylene sl Seylene sl says:

    Read this book in 2012 and I left my hard copy in Tokyo somewhere along the street as a gift to strangerThe horror from the regime was inhuman and the worst nightmare

  5. Tom Shannon Tom Shannon says:

    Although this is a similar story to all the accounts of Cambodians during the Khmer Rouge in the 1970s I thought it was well written and even exciting It helped tell the history of Cambodia through the eyes of people that lived through it and I won't soon forget this one

  6. Audrey L Audrey L says:

    This is a hard to find book My mom borrowed it from a woman who bought it on her trip to Cambodia This is one of the best books I've read from an adults point of view what happened during the takeover of Cambodia by the Khmer Rouge the name given to the followers of the Communist Party of Kampuchea the totalitarian ruling party in Cambodia from 1975 to 1979 led by Pol PotThe Khmer Rouge subjected Cambodia to a radical social reform process that was aimed at creating a purely agrarian based Communist society The city dwellers New People were deported to the countryside where they were combined with the local population Ancients and subjected to forced labor About 15 million Cambodians are estimated to have died in waves of murder torture and starvation aimed particularly at the educated and intellectual eliteThe Khmer Rouge wanted to eliminate anyone suspected of involvement in free market activities Suspected capitalists encompassed professionals and almost everyone with an education many urban dwellers and people with connections to foreign governmentsThe Khmer Rouge believed parents were tainted with capitalism Conseuently children were separated from parents and brainwashed to socialism as well as taught torture methods with animals Children were a dictatorial instrument of the party and were given leadership in torture and executionsOne of their mottoes in reference to the New People was To keep you is no benefit To destroy you is no lossThe worst part of this story is that so many people didn't believe this could happen to them They were clueless that the communist party they were embracing would turn out to be their killers All they wanted was to be taken care of not realizing that giving up their personal freedom and responsibility would turn into tragedy

  7. Chase Healey Chase Healey says:

    This book was the beginning of my love for memoirs I was forced to read this book for an English class and soon found myself sobbing in bed late at night after finishing it Truly heartbreaking and a sad look into one of the worlds great massacres

  8. Travelin Travelin says:

    Portrays the days and months just after the Khmer Rouge took over with the capital evacuated and people burning suddenly worthless money More importantly a very personal very honest account of how psychologically heartless survivors become during extreme duress It seems to be that victims in such situations spend so much time ignoring or manipulating each other that it's often not necessary for the dictators to enforce suffering one on one any Why for example were some decisions made about the son when the group travelling might have been able to trade him hand to hand on the journey?Nevertheless Cambodia today is still ruled by good Khmer Rouge and it's likely that essential culturally specific experiences of being Cambodian if you want to understand how 2 million people let themselves be gradually starved to death can't be expressed explicitely by this former minister of roads or many of the world's observers

  9. Saxon Saxon says:

    The best Khmer Rouge memoir I've read so far Unlike the child narrators in First They Killed My Father and When Broken Glass Floats both of which were still uite good if slightly less satisfying the narrator in this book is a married man with kids As a result you get a much nuanced account of what happened along with the added weight of his being responsible for children The writing is crisp and clear the story structured to slowly ratchet up tension When I finished reading it I felt like I did when I got through Alive by Piers Paul Read

  10. Mona Mona says:

    Wishing I'd read this book before a four day whirlwind stop in Cambodia We have no idea of the horrors that happened to innocents during the time of the Khmer Rouge and the killing fields Little by little the author lost every family member and all he owned By luck and ingenuity he managed to escape the horrors which will fill his heart mind and soul for the rest of his days When does the world learn? This is happening again now in another part of the world and we know it yet can't stop it

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