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  1. Jason Jason says:

    My heart it bleedsThis is easily the best biography I've ever read And it's been a long time coming Ever since I heard of this I've wanted to read it It just so happens that I was recently in St John's and stopped to browse a local used bookshop inside which I found a pristine copy of the book It is also fitting that I read it during the summer that is the 20th anniversary of her deathThere is so much about this woman that I did not know Or if I knew it I didn't know the extent to which it affected her life Her relationship with Charles I learned so much about how it began how it evolved and how it ended I was horrified to hear just how involved Camilla Parker Bowles was from the very beginning I always thought Parker Bowles was introduced into the love triangle much later I was mistaken I felt the sadness frustration anger resentment and all other feelings that Diana felt as she watched her husband carry on an affair with Parker Bowles during their marriage There were dozens of meetings behind closed doors romantic letters exchanged phone calls had all to knowledge of the tortured Lady Diana who had no other option but to sit idly by and allow this to go on I myself am clinically diagnosed with anxiety So when I read about her eating disorder I couldn't help but empathise with her because I know what it's like to be at the complete mercy of your own brain But the book is written well enough that you don't need to personally have been affected by a mental disorder to understand that it is painful and tortuous And it certainly doesn't help when you're being dragged through a troubled marriage in front of billions of watchful eyes We all have our down days Now amplify it to the size of the entire planet; Diana's survival shows the triumph of an incredible woman and human I think it's the love she shared and received from complete strangers that saved her And a little love here and there might just be what saves us allAndrew Morton brilliantly captured the mood of Diana's tenure as Princess of Wales I understood just how lonely and isolating it was for Diana and I found myself just wanting to jump into the pages back in time to grab her hand and take her with me somewhere safe Imagine having your every move followed literally photographed every second of every day of your life I am not sure there is a person alive today who understands what she went through perhaps Monica Lewinsky Her rise to infamy played out during a time when technology was just beginning to flourish into a mass media instant communication frenzyIn this story I felt the real Diana the woman who just wanted to be loved and yet had so much love to give She famously said Someone's got to go out there and love those people and show it For me this captures the essence of this incredible figure in our history And isn't it true that often the people who are most loving and happy on the outside are often the most unhappy inside It's the mark of a true heroine to have been able to get on with each day spreading the love she felt the world deserved regardless of her own internal conflicts It takes courage to put on a smile when every muscle in your body is telling you to frownDiana brought world attention to major causes namely HIVAids awareness and abolishing landmines globally She had an uncanny gift with comforting the ill and dying Yet as it so often happens today with successful women Diana's accomplishments were often overshadowed by trivial and meaningless things such as what she was wearing or something Charles did or said no matter how minor Her work was important Her simply being present with a person with Aids or a with a person who lost their limbs to a landmine woke up the masses to very real and serious issues It's why I believe famous figures should often yield their power for good Whether we like it or not people revere the famous and they stand up and pay attention when a famous person draws eyes to an issueWhat I found peculiar and awesome was that Diana seemed sometimes to have premonitions of events which would then take place In a few instances people even thought she was psychic Perhaps the most significant and heartbreaking premonition is when she felt uite strongly that the Establishment was trying to kill her specifically by means of causing a vehicle accident which gives me shivers Not that I'm on one side or the other on the conspiracy of her death I remain agnostic on this matter still but coming from a woman who accurately predicted other things in her life well it makes you wonderI've shelved this on my memoir shelf because most of the material comes from Diana's very lips and it's the closest thing we will ever have to a memoir for her In this commemorative edition Morton has included the real transcripts from some of the interview tapes on which she answered his uestions during the writing of the biography I was glued to the pagesAnd now for my chief complaint which is minor but something that irritated me to no end The dreaded MISSING oxford comma Grrrrr It should be illegal to publish a book without first making sure all oxford commas are in place I wrap up this review with a direct uote from the book Andrew Morton wroteAs historians reflect on her renown and her legacy they will come to judge Diana Princess of Wales as one of the most influential figures of this or any other age For as long as there are poets playwrights and men with hearts to break tales will be told of the princess who died across the water and returned home to be crowned a ueen the ueen of all our hearts Diana Princess of Wales She wrote poetry in our souls And made us wonder

  2. Ammar Ammar says:

    If I read this book when it came out it would have been a solid 5 stars It would be that for being the first in its kind; the way it was done by sneaking the uestions and answers out of Kensington Palace via a recorder and some cassette tapes and a sheet of uestions This book by Andrew Morton did pave the way to other books that came after it It gave a voice to those who couldn't because of tradition or rules This book read 20 years after the death of Diana while the content of this book was told in many documentaries that have been produced over the last 25 years The book tells the story of Diana from her youth till her almost the early 1990s From her mum leaving the family the arrival of the stepmother Diana meeting Charles Diana living in London Diana being hounded by the press Diana knowing about Camilla The marriage The cracks The suicide attempts The bulimia The pregnancies etc

  3. Sarah Sarah says:

    I've always been interested in Princess Diana but at the height of her publicity I was still too young to have any other impression of her than those of fairy tales a handsome prince and his princess Then she died and the hype and mystery surrounding her death also kept me captivated for a while I didn't think to read anything about her until a friend mentioned recently that he wanted to thanks Mostafa I figured now as an adult was a good time to read her story understand the facts and have a grownup perspective of what was really going on in the Princess's lifeI guess this review is going to be a mix of what I thought about Diana based on the book than what I thought of the book itself And it's going to contain spoilers because I don't know how to stress my emotional outrage while leaving them out Is there such a thing as spoilers in an autobiography anyway?Very interesting in the beginning the actual transcriptinterviews between Morton and Diana It might have been the best part of the book because after that things became redundantDubbed as the longest divorce petition of all time That gave me a chuckleFirstly I feel as if he exaggerated how horrible her childhood was to set the foundation for her immatureconfused character later in the book As if he was blaming her upbringing for her erratic actions later in life Morton stated that Diana's fear was to be blamed for something and that's what I felt Morton was doing throughout the book deflecting the blame from Diana I still don't understand what was so bad about her childhood? That her parents divorced? That she was supposed to be born a boy? She was raised as an aristocrat and lived a privileged life She had ponies and skiing holidays abroad Her family mingled with royalty Even her brother remembered her as a happy go lucky child at her funeral Why the emphasis on what a sad childhood she had?Second WHY did she go through with the wedding when she knew that jerk was still in love with Camilla? She caught him several times during their engagement and even intercepted his intimate gift to Camilla the night before her wedding Again Morton deflects the blame saying Diana was young and immature I didn't realize you had to be mature or experienced to know that if a guy is clinging onto his ex or sidepiece all throughout your engagement that he's not good for you It baffled me that someone who hated being in the public eye someone who wanted a husband who loved and paid attention to her someone who knew what she wanted would choose to marry into the royal family specifically Charles From the very beginning of their courtship Charles through his actions made it clear that he never loved her That she will always be second or third or even last in his life Well according to Morton that is I guess the magical idea of marrying a prince trumpeted all her worriesI despised the way the royal family alienated her the way her husband completely ignored her This book contained a lot of little details about Diana's miserable life inside the palace The lonliness especially during her battle with bulimia the charade of being someone she was not Morton uses the metaphor a prisoner in a 'gilded cage' ad nauseum She hated the protocol she hated the press she hated publicity but I can't help but wonder what she expected when she married the Prince of Wales Obviously not a life of seclusion Diana hated everything about royalty except the way it gave her access to make an impact in the world and in people's lives specifically the sick and the dying and of course the wealth her position brought herI sympathized with her She was in an impossible situation in her private and public life Still There are two sides to every story and this one was clearly one sided On the Windsor's defense Diana was emotionally unstable the eating disorder the loveless marriage the suicide attempts but Morton didn't dwell too long on that blaming any insecurity or instability on her part on an unhappy childhood and lack of maturity What really goes without saying is If you choose to marry into a royal family there will be a change of lifestyle and you basically need to get with the program Diana did not want to or couldn't handle it or whatever the reason is and she didn't know how to extricate herself Regarding the book there were too many unnecessary details It was hard to follow what happened in chronological order Morton was redundant in laying out Diana's problems the way the Establishment treated her the unrelenting exposure in the media and the 'other woman' in her husband's life He could have saved us some time and made his point in lesser pagesI'd probably want to read another book about her but one that's less one sided so I can get a balanced view of events But according to this one I'll say thatThe world will always love Diana for who she was and what she tried to accomplish in her short public life In her private life she brought color and life and normalcy to a dull morose and uptight institution and the Windsors hated her for it Drama All drama with a very sad ending

  4. Jared Anderson Jared Anderson says:

    Firstly I realize that this is a one sided story There is going to be a bias While the author did try to lay blame on Diana when it was due at times it really was a sharp criticism of the Prince of Wales I'm a monarchy buff so I love this stuff Having read the ueen's biography by Sally Bedell Smith it was interesting seeing information from both sides This account sheds light on how the ueen did see Diana as a threat to the royal family not power wise but systemically She broke some of the stale traditions This book helped me see that it was for the better One point I got from it was that Diana forced the monarchy to adapt to the new millennium and it's probably the reason the monarchy is held in high regard today despite a tough economy I'd say that the traits Diana instilled in Prince William is what makes him so popular and has gotten a new generation on board I'd also say that this book led to the public disdain of Prince Charles It's as if many Brits have accepted that Charles is the way he is but they have never forgiven him for Diana's death and I'd say the sentiment is at least double that towards Camilla I did learn a lot about Diana's early life It actually explains how she ended up with a chauvinist like Charles But I also feel that her pain and struggles allowed her to reach people on a level no royal had previously been able to reach She knew their pain She lived it Ultimately she survived it because her life ended in a much positive place personally All in all this is a good account of a facade the public created and a defeated woman's desire to overcome It did make me wish terribly that she was here today to see her sons and their family that they've created It'll be a good day when we have King William V Diana's impact will be felt than ever

  5. Caidyn (he/him/his) Caidyn (he/him/his) says:

    This review and others can be found on BW Book ReviewsI'll admit it I'm a bit behind the times with this book I had never heard of it until I was browsing my library's online downloadable audiobook catalogue and saw this as an option It wasn't until I started listening to it that I found out the story behind this book Diana basically wanted her words to get out and to set down her story before Prince Charles could So she worked with Morton and someone else Morton gave the uestions he had to the middle person then the middle person asked her and they recorded the interview then it went back to Morton Pretty impressive since it was never discovered and no one really knew her involvement until afterEven so is my opinion on Diana At this point when this book was written she was in the attack mode of her life She wanted to attack Prince Charles and at times it shows She wanted to put herself in the light of the poor lied to cheated upon wife That's a role she did to perfection honestly However I also see Diana for what she was an unbalanced woman who was fighting against a system and doing it in all the wrong ways Having been friends with people who practice self harm attempted suicide and had eating disorders among other problems I know how Prince Charles felt Trying to kill yourself in front of someone or harm yourself in front of them and then blame them for your own mental anguish that they're trying to help you with and trying to cope with themselves goes nowhere The reactions he gave while they're seen as insensitive and some really were are understandableSorry people who wholeheartedly love Princess Diana But I hate the woman that she was in her younger yearsThen she grew older She worked through her issues Hell if she and Charles had been able to talk a little bit they would have seen how much they had in common with one another Issues with parents feeling unloved and unappreciated being constantly shoved to the side etc They have all of that in common and if they had been different people they really could have done great things togetherThe woman Diana was at the end of her life I love She had found her own and started coming out of her shell It's incredibly sad when you think of the life that was cut short when she was just starting to feel comfortable in her own skinWhile I did really enjoy this book it's very biased towards Diana Never completely shuns or attacks the Royal family but it is pro Diana Makes sense because it's supposed to be her own words This is a good book with great insight but one has to be really aware of the biases going into this book

  6. Ashley Marie Ashley Marie says:

    Tabloid fodder that's all this feels like Thankfully my copy wasn't the overblown 300 400 pages in the mass market paperback I don't think I could've gotten through it otherwise Full of spelling mistakes; it's easy to see how utterly rushed this was I'm sure it was much sensational when it was first published before Diana and Charles divorced I didn't learn anything new from it and I honestly feel guilty for owning it A person's life isn't meant to be judged and picked over so intensely by so many regardless of who they are I had a Princess Diana photo book when I was a kid and I've followed the British royal family ever since then keeping up with the princes and being enthralled with William and Kate's wedding and the children It just makes me wish that this book had been done better because Diana was such a fascinating person She deserved better

  7. W W says:

    During her lifetimewhatever happened to Princess Diana was big newsShe helped things alongby constantly making news herselfher troubled relationship with Charles and the royal familyand her numerous love affairsShe helped Andrew Morton write this controversial bookabout her troublesand it created uite a stir when it came outwhile she was still part of the royal familySensationaland interesting 3 stars

  8. Linda Linda says:

    Blah This book leaves the reader wondering who was at fault for the Windsor's marriage failure From what this author writes it had nothing to do with Diana's immaturity bulimia half hearted suicide attempts intellectual capacity or lack thereof or her extra marital affairs The whole fault lay with Charles and his philandering with Camilla Isn't it always the guy's fault? The bottom line is that if a person is not born into the public spotlight it's a tough lifestyle to adapt to If a person does not wish to live in a fishbowl he or she should not enter it in the first place

  9. Shaun Attwood Shaun Attwood says:

    A harrowing read which opened my eyes to the suffering Diana went through including Charles cheating on her with Camilla even before he married Diana Really exposes the sinister behaviour of the Royal Family

  10. Lois Lois says:

    I read the original however long ago it was This was broken up into the original 'in her own words' an editorial of the original timeline and a post publication and her deathIt was horribly exploitative I was a lot younger when I read this the first time Now I just feel sorry for Diana Yikes

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