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The Priory ❮Reading❯ ➵ The Priory ➭ Author Margaret Wasser – Lisa Stafford could not understand what all the fuss was about The old priory looked a bit derelict and drafty nothing A little work and it would be the perfect place to write a medieval cookbook Case Lisa Stafford could not understand what all the fuss was about The old priory looked a bit derelict and drafty nothing A little work and it would be the perfect place to write a medieval cookbook Casey her collaborator was still in America but Lisa was sure she'd love the remote English village of Wolseyand this great ancient house with its bizarre history and romantic gothic atmosphereBut that was before the horrors began Before the caretaker's battered body was found in the carriage house Before the terrifying phone calls rang out in the dead of night Before the townspeople turn cold sullen threateningNow The Priory has become a prison Casey desperate to get outLisa still held in its spell Suddenly two friends are becoming bitter savage enemies And the house is not finished with them Not yet.

  • Paperback
  • 281 pages
  • The Priory
  • Margaret Wasser
  • 23 March 2016
  • 9780671663551

10 thoughts on “The Priory

  1. Hannah Hannah says:

    Rating Clarification 275 stars The Priory was generously donated to me by my GR friend Susan in a mutual bookswap in the hope of validating the old saying One Mans Trash is Another Mans Treasure While I wouldn't consider The Priory pure gothic treasure I am happy to report that I found it a better read then Susan did and so I consider this swap a 50% success so far it remains to be seen if Susan will enjoy my 2 offerings I'm not placing any bets DWasser isn't a bad writer and her novel could have been a decent spooky if she had only had the co writing assistance of author Barbara Erskine Erskine routinely delivers on chills and thrills all of which were sorely lacking in Wasser's story I kept waiting for something spooky and terrifying to actually happen but apart from one lackluster accident that looked like a murder nothing didThis is one of those cases where the writer had the potential to deliver but failed However I wasn't totally displeased since Wasser was able to push my personal happy reader button for a story about a woman in search of her dream house which just happens to be a 500 year old English priory in the country complete with a hidden passage rumors of a haunting and a tall handsome and tweedy neighborbe still my heartThank you Susan

  2. Renee Renee says:

    I picked this one up at a huge annual book sale for a dollar After finishing it I realized it was signed by the author a fun little moment in my dayFirst things first This is not a board book It was released by Pocket Books and is billed as pocket horror I debate that it is truly horror as well but it would make a truly disturbing board book nonetheless I would imagine that kids reading a board book based on this novel would have some particularly bad nightmares Second things second the book is missing a synopsis so in brief Best friends Lisa young widow and Casey recent divorcee decide to pair up on their second cookbook one based on Medieval English recipes To make sure their research is authentic they decide to buy a place in England for two years while they complete it Casey has some projects of her own to take care of so Lisa goes to England to find a place for them She ends up enad of a fairly creepy old English housepriory rud to be cursed and the horror unfoldsAnd third things third my thoughtsIf this had been billed as mystery rather than horror I would have liked it better My expectations were leaning towards the spine tingling so the mild creepiness that ensued was a bit underwhelming Also there were several subplots knitted into the story for unknown reasons That said I did not dislike the way Wasser wrote the majority of the characters her description was excellent and I really enjoyed the fact that she included bits of medieval recipes and herb lore at the beginning of each chapter I think if I had been expecting something different to begin with this would have been a satisfying novel to me For anyone pondering the possibility of reading of this think cozy English mystery not crazy jaw dropping horror

  3. Wendi Wendi says:

    Had to read this because it's not every day you find a fiction book that features medieval recipes It's a uick read Not so much the horror story that it is billed to be but like an episode of Jonathan Creek In fact almost exactly like that a big country house in which strange and possibly supernatural things happen that must be explained Some aspects of the book are a little off perhaps and the protagonist can drive you nuts sometimes with her cluelessness about a few things Still it was a fun read

  4. Susan Susan says:

    Boring heroine way too naive no sense of place or atmosphere unlikeable charactersWhy go on?

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