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10 thoughts on “Weirdo's War Ghosthunters

  1. Sue Sue says:

    a good uick book for 7th grade summer reading i think it has a good message about bullying don't pick on the smart different kid he may save your butt one day i think it will appeal to jr high boys and girls to some extent

  2. Massimo Massimo says:

    This book talks about Daniel a student that is being bullied at school because he is a Weirdo When Daniel finds out that he needs to go on a field trip with his bullies it is a nightmare for him throughout the field trip certain events happen that may help Daniel create a better relationship with his bullies Read the book Weirdo's War by Michael Coleman to find out what happens next

  3. Kai Kai says:

    I dunno it's a good book but not much action But I feel like it deserves 5 stars cause it's really reflective and has plenty of good messages The writing is in a very interesting style and all leads up to a uite dramatic ending

  4. Sahar Sahar says:

    I liked this book Easy to read and some characters had depth

  5. Frankie Rufolo Frankie Rufolo says:

    This was a pleasant surprise It was one of my favourite books of 2015It's about two boys a bully and a victim getting trapped in a cave on a school trip and having to work together to escapeThe book uses flashbacks to go back and forth explaining how they got there and it's very cleverly done There's a lot of build up and a fair bit of mysteryAnother great thing about this book is the characters The main character Daniel is very introverted not to mention a genius at maths a geek a WEIRDO as the title would imply but he's not just a stereotype You really see INSIDE this character and really feel the passion for mathematics It sounds boring but it flows in the writing so well Tozer does fit some bully stereotypes but such people exist and you see him change as the book goes on You see than one side to EVERY character It's the relationships that really did it for me the friendships the father son relationships the teacher student relationships Some of what gets said in this book is pretty powerful It reminded me a lot of Holes by Louis SacharTo top it all off the climax was pretty intenseIf I had to find fault in it some people may find it predictable When I found this in a charity shop I told my sister what it was about and she was very aprehensive and tried to guess how it would end I said no there are loads of different ways this could end but she wasn't far off I could understand if some people found it a bit predictable but believe me there are some surprises in storeOverall this was a great book It was nominated for the Carnegie Award and rightfully so If you liked Holes if you want a good boys will be boys story I strongly reccomend it

  6. Duane Duane says:

    Overall I consider this a pretty good book Daniel Tosher enemies at school and in life find themselves trapped in a place where they can finally find out what the other's problem has always been with the other Do they want to know the truth? A good story but I didn't care for the ending I probably won't recommend it to anyone

  7. Fireflie Fireflie says:

    Enjoyed it

  8. Beth Beth says:

    I just can't get myself to finish this there are too many other good things to read and it's not grabbing me Next

  9. Sarah Sarah says:

    I completely misjudged this book It was probably the most interacting book I ever read I could not put it down

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Weirdo's War Ghosthunters [Ebook] ➣ Weirdo's War Ghosthunters By Michael Coleman – Daniel prefers his own company as it gives him time to explore the near magical world of math and physics which so fascinates him He certainly didn't want to go on a school camping trip with other boy Daniel prefers his own company as it gives him time to explore the near magical world of math and physics which so fascinates him He certainly didn't want to go on a school camping trip with other boys in his class but his father gives him no choice It'll do you good he said Daniel can see little good in being stuck in a cabin with three boys who have long tormented him Especially Tozer who has terrorized him for yearsThings couldn't get any worse than being paired with Tozer for an all Weirdo's War PDF \ orienteering competition or so Daniel thinks But when the two of them end up trapped in a cave along with their mutual enemy Mr Axelman things do get worse Daniel must find a way to rescue the three of them before the water rapidly flooding the cave drowns them all.

  • Hardcover
  • 192 pages
  • Weirdo's War Ghosthunters
  • Michael Coleman
  • English
  • 04 April 2016
  • 9780531301036

About the Author: Michael Coleman

Coleman was born in Forest Gate a suburb in east London Not long after he was born his family moved a few miles east to Barking At the time of his arrival the area was just starting to recover from the damage it had received during World War II He lived in a house on Bevan Avenue named after Aneurin Bevan the architect of the National Health Service He lived in that estate for years Th.