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The Empty Mirror [BOOKS] ✭ The Empty Mirror By J. Sydney Jones – The Empty Mirror Experiences in a Japanese Zen Monastery Experiences in a Japanese Zen Monastery The Empty Mirror Janwillem Van de Wetering St martin's griffin Des milliers de livres avec la livraison The Empty Mirror Experiences in a Japanese Zen Monastery Experiences in a Japanese Zen Monastery The Empty Mirror Janwillem Van de Wetering St martin's griffin Des milliers The Empty Epub / de livres avec la livraison chez vous en jour ou en magasin avec % de rduction The Empty Mirror ebook ePub James Lincoln Collier The Empty Mirror James Lincoln Collier Bloomsbury USA Childrens Des milliers de livres avec la livraison chez vous en jour ou en magasin avec % de rduction Cathedral The Empty Mirror couter sur Deezer coutez The Empty Mirror par Cathedral The Seventh Coming Deezer musiue en streaming gratuite Dcouvrez plus de millions de titres crez et coutez vos propres playlists et partagez vos titres prfrs avec vos amis The Empty Mirror Rotten Tomatoes The Empty Mirror gives us a portrait of Hitler as the ultimate auteur a demented director who made the world his soundstage while bringing his personal vision to fruition Cathedral – The Empty Mirror Lyrics | Genius Lyrics The Empty Mirror Lyrics Chasing my own death through life A future trapped in yesterday When everything was fresh and bright Then innocence found its grave Empty mirror soul replacer Empty Empty Mirror YouTube Enjoy the videos and music you love upload original content and share it all with friends family and the world on YouTube The Empty Mirror Viennese Mysteries by J The Empty Mirror Reuiem in Vienna by J Sydney Jones; books of the Advokat Werthen series These two mysteries are set in Turn of the th Century Vienna when the Austro Hungarian Empire was at its apex and was peopled by such luminaries as Sigmund Freud Richard Freiherr von Krafft Ebing Gustav Mahler Franz Ferdinand the Emperor Franz Joseph and of course the waltz king Johann The Empty Mirror Variety The Empty Mirror Rather like a prosaic companion piece to Hans Juergen Syberberg's hallucinatory Our Hitler The Empty Mirror provides Adolf Hitler with the dramatic opportunity to Ma Tzu The Empty Mirror shoposhocom He walked like a cow and looked like a tiger He could touch his nose with his tongue and had two rings on the soles of his feet The unpredictable Ma Tzu brings fresh responses and devices to every situation The Empty Mirror who simply reflects To see Empty Mirror Submission Guidelines poetry Empty Mirror is an online literary magazine publishing nonfiction poetry and art We publish new work every Friday and accept submissions year round Empty Mirror is committed to diversity and inclusiveness It’s always free to submit There are no fees For your best chances of acceptance.

  • Hardcover
  • 320 pages
  • The Empty Mirror
  • J. Sydney Jones
  • English
  • 03 April 2016
  • 9780312383893

10 thoughts on “The Empty Mirror

  1. Kelsey Kelsey says:

    This book wears two faces It’s both a detailed exploration of turn of the century Vienna and a complex mystery stretching from palaces to slums Although at times encyclopedic The Empty Mirror does a great job balancing history and intrigueI read this book for two reasons First I recently went to Vienna and was stunned by the Sisi Museum Sisi is the affectionate nickname of Empress Elisabeth and she and her many siblings led fascinating lives from innocent beauty to dark recluse from assassination to electroshock therapy It made me want to write a historical novel about her family Since I didn’t have time to write a book research 1900's Vienna and learn German I read The Empty Mirror insteadThe second reason was that this was the first book agented by literary extraordinaire Alexandra Machinist so I've read But that may not be persuasive for the average reader The Empty Mirror does the best possible job of being two very different books The mystery has many layers and had me guessing the whole time The book is broken into several sections and if the ending of section 1 doesn’t turn you on your head you’ll enjoy how it all turns out The final revelation is a little weak but I enjoyed following the clues The history side is also very strong The reader learns about Viennese geography from street names to attractions; “modern” thinkers like Ernest Hemingway and Sigmund Freud; and any food an Austrian could wish for The research is phenomenal I was excited to learn so much about the captivating city However in order to explain this rich history the characters would sometimes wax on about the hidden meaning of AEIOU a call to Austrian supremacy or coincidentally encounter various celebrities Each exposition would only be a paragraph or two but they added up over timeI can’t imagine a book doing a better job of making history and mystery perfectly eual That said this would have been a better book if it had been uneual Either history or mystery should have taken center stage and the other should have played a supporting roleI highly recommend this book to anyone who wants to learn about Vienna and prefers fiction over nonfiction If you like mysteries but don't care that much about Austria this may not be the book for youAlthough if you visit Austria I’m sure you’ll fall in love

  2. Rosario ( Rosario ( says:

    I recently had a long weekend in Vienna before a work conference so I thought I'd read something set there beforehand This book a historical mystery written by an author who's also written guidebooks of the city seemed to me the perfect choice The reviews were mediocre but the main criticism was that there was way too much about city and not enough about the mystery Given what I was after that didn't seem like a problemIt's 1898 and a serial killer is spreading fear in Vienna The latest victim is an artist's model and a well known painter she often posed for is identified as a suspect by the police Our central character lawyer Karl Werthen gets involved when the painter comes to him for help being a former client With the help of a criminologist friend he decides to investigateThe Empty Mirror is one of those historical mysteries that uses real people as important characters Our central character lawyer Karl Werthen is made up but many of the people around him are not The painter is Gustav Klimt while the criminologist is also a famous one Hanns Gross Several other famous people make an appearance Even Luigi Lucheni the man who assassinated Empress Sissi is given a speaking part This is a concept I'm not wholly comfortable with but ok I could just read them as made up as wellUnfortunately even ignoring that issue in the end I just had to give up I pushed myself and read almost two thirds of the book but it felt like a chore and by the time my trip had passed without me having managed to finish the book there was no reason to continue The biggest problem is the writing The dialogue is extremely wooden and the plotting is just bad These combine when Gross and Werthen are interrogating people People speak in ways that just made me laugh and they reveal things in ways that make no sense unless it's to move the plot in particular ways I was also annoyed at how the book changed from what I thought it was a relatively straight forward hunt for a serial killer to a story of grand conspiracies The latter is really really not my thingMY GRADE So a DNF

  3. Terri Lynn Terri Lynn says:

    I absolutely love this book and this author What a fine classy grown up mystery this is Set in Vienna Austria a place I love in 1898 lawyer Advokat Karl Werthen finds himself embroiled in what was termed the search for Vienna's version of Jack the Ripper when he defends artist friend Gustav Klimt who is accused of all of the murders when his model is the 5th victim Werthen is ably assisted by criminologist Dr Hans Gross and when they prove Klimt is innocent another victim dies while he is in jail they find they can't stop until they find out who the real killer Moving among the upper echelons of aristocratic society they soon become stalked by those who are behind the killings and there are even killings While they search Europe for answers Werthen unexpectedly falls in love with the good friend of a woman his wealthy parents pushed at him and then something terrible happens his beloved fiancee Berthe is kidnapped by this bloodthirsty man and his hired killer and he must do all he can to save her and to bring justice for those who have been killedThis is one of those writers who can create a fascinating mystery with style and maturity as I said a very classy book

  4. Thelma Adams Thelma Adams says:

    Sydney Jones' period mystery takes its cues from the Sherlock Holmes playbook creating a central team of two oddfellows a criminologist and a lawyer Since this is a first in the series it takes a little while for the central characters to smooth their edges but when the book gets rolling its clear that this is a fine pair to navigate this and future mysteries I love the setting and all the pauses for food Also the appearance of the artist Klimt and his milieu I got this novel as a Christmas present and I plan to read in the series

  5. Mary Ronan Drew Mary Ronan Drew says:

    Books set in Vienna always eventually get to the food Sacher tortes and coffees of various kinds sausages spaetzle and of course schlagsahne The only German I know is mit schlagsahne bitteJ Sydney Jones' The Empty Mirror is a mystery in which a former criminal attorney Karl Werthen now practicing what seems to be property transfer law or something similarly boring and a famed criminologist Dr Hans Gross team up to prove that Werthen's friend Gustav Klimt is innocent of a string of gruesome murders Every two weeks or so another mutilated body turns up in the Prader something else that tends to pop up sooner or later in Vienna novels When another person is murdered whilst Klimt is in jail he is released but the two friends are now committed to solving the mystery All of the murders are so exactly alike it has to be a single person perpetrating them Fortunately Gross has a colleague high up in the police administration of the city and he is acuainted with Richard Freiherr von Kraft Ebbing the chair of the psychiatry department at the University of Vienna The two detectives therefore have access to the cadavers and records and they have their profilerAs they trace the weapon used on each victim and begin to see a pattern in the murders the case is suddenly closed by the apparent suicide of a man who writes a confession But things are not what they seem and a few weeks later the sleuths are back on the trail this time with the complication of the assassination of the empress to considerAt first glance this isn't as good as the series by Frank Tallis which begins with A Death in Vienna aka Mortal Mischief but it's the first book and I expect Jones will get into the swing of things with another book I enjoy almost any novel set in Vienna especially if it comes mit schlagsahneIt would be extremely helpful to read this book with a map of Vienna at hand2011 No 16Coming soon The Brontes went to Woolworths

  6. Gretchen Gretchen says:

    Excellent find I look forward to continuing with this series

  7. Zach Zach says:

    The Empty Mirror is a great book in the historical fiction mystery genre Combining both real people with fictional ones and historic events with made up ones J Sydney Jones takes you back to turn of the 20th century Vienna in a memorable way The main protagonist is Karl Werthen a fictional lawyer who together with the real life criminologist Hans Gross investigates a series of murders in 1898 Vienna Jones clearly did his research as the book is teeming with details about life in the Hapsburg capital including food culture dress and history Yet the plot itself is uite propulsive too with a few typical twists as well as surprising ones The one downside is that the events of the book retroactively change some key events in 19th century Austrian history Without going into specifics real life events are given new fictional explanations which while semi plausible are nonetheless a bit distracting Further Jones does not have an author's note at the end of the book explaining what is and isn't true I know this isn't reuired of historical fiction authors But personally I always appreciate itRegardless I really enjoyed this book and am looking forward to reading the others in the series

  8. Alan Swift Alan Swift says:

    Turn of the century Vienna is becoming a popular location for historical crime fiction and this novel was just about on par with those of Frank Tallis At times the educational dialogue about Vienna and the Austro Hungarian Empire is overdone but the characters of Werthen and Gross are likeable and the repartee is amusing The plot was at times over complex and scarcely believable but given the author's work to draw into the story so many historical characters he can be forgiven for that In point of fact his melding of fact and fiction is ingenious At one part of the book I felt it was getting into the treacle but the last third upped the pace and we had a rip roaring denouement In truth I wasn't that bothered about which Mr Big was behind the mystery but the ending was very cleverly teased out and I can imagine that I will want to sit in a Viennese pastry shop so to speak with Werthen and Gross at some time in the future Good entertainment

  9. Rebecca Rebecca says:

    A historic woven mystery with captivating characters and a well built backdrop for a future to comeFor a book I continuously put off it was a delightful little read Not only had I thought I solved the initial mystery some aspects but I was taken on a crisscross written tour of Vienna The author so beautifully ties in the time place and characters with history that I found myself continuously pausing to look up and research other avenues of knowledgeI enjoy a good mystery sadly many fall victim to a dull middle chase before a subpar crack at a climactic finishI did not find that to be the case in this book and when there is a history I knew little of to be learned from and so wittingly introduced to by way of story well I think the author has done a fantastic job A series I plan on continuing

  10. Charlene Charlene says:

    Really enjoyed this read it with a map by my side wish one had been printed on the end pages I picked it up because of the Vienna setting famous characters painter Gustav Klimt Freud Empress Sisi etc Author has lived in Vienna for 20 years and obviously knows a lot about the city its history food and its problems The 2 crime solvers are a criminology professor the first one ever he mutters that Arthur Conan Doyle steals his ideas and a young lawyer Maybe the mystery itself fell apart a bit got rather unbelievable at the end but still enjoyed it and will look for in this series

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