Behind the Bedroom Wall Epub ò Behind the MOBI

  • Paperback
  • 169 pages
  • Behind the Bedroom Wall
  • Laura E. Williams
  • English
  • 13 July 2015
  • 9781571316066

10 thoughts on “Behind the Bedroom Wall

  1. booklady booklady says:

    What could possibly be important than love? Freedom perhaps? What if everything is taken away from us? These are uestions explored in this excellent YA could easily be read by middle grades story about the Hitler youth 1942 Korinna Rehme very active in her local Jungmadel a Nazi Youth group learns her parents are THE ENEMY ie they are hiding Jews So begins a struggle of conscience decision making and growing up for this 13 year old German girlIncludes brief afterword by the author with additional facts helpful for group discussion on ethical decision making about life freedom racial issues etc

  2. Abby Abby says:

    Plot SummaryThe setting of this story is in Nazi Germany at the beginning of the Holocaust Korrina is a proud German who is a member of the Fungmadel which is a youth group for Nazi youth She and her friends had been taught to make sweet buns go on nature hikes and spy on people that seemed un German in any way Korrina had recently told her Father that she thought she heard mice behind her bedroom wall Her father reassured her that he would put out traps and even bought her a cat To her dismay one evening she heard the sounds again of what she thought was mice She went to move her dresser and found something she could not believe Were her parents traitors? Should she turn them in? Should she tell someone? She found that people she thought were good proud Germans were being arrested and sent to concentration camps She is torn between what society has taught her is right and the love she had for her familyMain CharactersKorrina This is Korrina's story she is an early teen who is being raised to look as German as possible in order for her and her family to survive during the beginning to middle of the rise of Nazi Germany It is the story of her growing up and learning to think for herselfRita Rita is Korrina's best friend along with Eva who is not a really large main character Rita's brother is a Nazi who happens to be one of the Nazis that search homes Rita and Korrina grow apart throughout the storyKey Issues Holocaust Survival Discrimination Cruelty Love Family Other Interesting InformationThis was an interesting book to read because it is from the view of a Nazi As a reader you know what she is thinking is wrong in the beginning and really start to connect to the character as she starts to change her mind about her current culture I gave this book 3 out of 5 stars because I did enjoy it but I don't think it was as captivating as it could've been I would not mind having it in my future classroom but I don't know if I would enjoy teaching it

  3. anna tippets anna tippets says:

    This was a very uniue book It is about a girl named korianna and her family are all loyal germans During WW2 she finds out her parents are hiding Jews behind her bedroom wall She has to decide weither to turn them in or keep uiet It was very well writen and was not too long or too short Overall i enjoyed it

  4. Yader Yader says:

    So far I ahveread a few chapters and it's getting very interesting and it is making me think about it when I am forced to stop reading So far Katherine is at a difficult choice she can either tell her Germany group that her parents and hiding Jews or she can continue and risk being titled as a betrayer of the mother land

  5. Madison Madison says:

    Behind The Bedroom Wall by Laura E Williams is an historical fiction book that tells a story about a young girl named Korinna living during World War II In this exciting book Korinna was a strong believer to her fatherland Things changed when she figured that her parents were hiding Jews behind her dresser which she thought were mice She was faced with a hard decision Should she report her parents of not being a loyal German or not? I really enjoyed this book I love learning about the history of World War II? I'm am 13 years old and I think this book's plot explains perfectly for kids my age to understand This story is a great representation of freedom and what to be thankful for Overall I highly suggest reading this book

  6. Bella Bella says:

    This book is about a little girl whose parents are protecting a family of Jews during Nazi Germany The girl has no idea that behind the closet in her room is a secret room where a family is living She was confused and conflicted on what to do because in school she was being taught that the Jews are the enemy and anyone helping them are breaking the law Korinna becomes friends with Rachel the young Jewish girl being hidden in her house When the Nazis become suspicious of Korinna's family they have to send Rachel's family away to somewhere where they can be safe Korinna becomes sad at the thought of losing the friend she had made She realizes through the friendship she made with Rachel that the Jewish people are not evil and realizes that her parents are doing the right thing trying to help and protect them from being killed

  7. Art Art says:

    Freedom is greater than Love Without Freedom you can't choose who or what to loveGood look at indoctrination of a people and the youthControl of the PressFriends remain friends forever right?Drawing helps one remember those who have past and helps us look to the futurenumber the stars The Devils Arithmetic The Hiding Place and many others

  8. Dom Perry Dom Perry says:

    35 Stars Author tried too hard to make Korinna anti Jew in the beginning by repeating the same things over and over again and it got annoying I think this story could’ve been a bit longer to help flesh out characterization because it was very rushed But Rachel is preciousAlso just found out Korinna was supposed to be 10 years old what the hell I thought she was 13 the whole time

  9. Becky Morgan Becky Morgan says:

    A short and a uick read about a thirteen years old German during 1942 finding out that her parents are hiding 2 Jews behind her wall in her bedroom This book is age appropriate for someone in grade 4 6 It is short and well written and is a introductory book on historical fictiction characters

  10. Sophia Cha Sophia Cha says:

    in the beginning while korrina was admiring hitler I just felt like she was being an idiot I just couldn't stand how they were treating the jews though history says that hitler was not the first person to think of jews like that and try to do these things The thought that Rachel and Sophie had to hide to survive in that room just makes me think how dangerous hate can be Also how that can shape someone into people like hitler and makes people like Rachel and Sophie suffer it also makes people who are usually nice like korrina become so hateful to them

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Behind the Bedroom Wall❰Epub❯ ❧ Behind the Bedroom Wall Author Laura E. Williams – In 1939 ten year old Korinna Rehme becomes a member of her local Jungmaedel a Nazi youth group She believes that Hitler is helping the world by dealing with what he calls the Jewish problem When Korin In ten year old Korinna Rehme becomes a member of her local Jungmaedel a Nazi youth group She believes that Hitler is helping the world by dealing with what he Behind the MOBI :º calls the Jewish problem When Korinna discovers that her parents are secretly hiding Jews in their house and helping them to escape the city she is shocked And her loyalties are put to an extreme test when a neighbor tips off the Gestapo.

About the Author: Laura E. Williams

Laura E Williams is the author of Up a Creek and Behind the Bedroom Wall which was named a Jane Addams Peace Award Honor Book She lives in West Hartford Connecticut.