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Murder in Mykonos ✯ [BOOKS] ⚣ Murder in Mykonos By Jeffrey Siger ✼ – A young woman on holiday to Mykonos the most famous of Greece's Aegean Cycladic islands simply disappears off the face of the earth And no one noticesThat is until a body turns up on a pile of bones u A young woman on holiday to Mykonos the most famous of Greece's Aegean Cycladic islands simply disappears off the face of the earth And no one noticesThat is until a body turns up on a pile of bones under the floor of a remote mountain church Then the island's new police chief the young politically incorrect former Athens homicide detective Andreas Kaldisastarts finding bodies bones and suspects almost everywhere he looksTeamed with the canny nearly retired local homicide chief Andreas tries to Murder in Kindle - find the killer before the media can destroy the island's fabled reputation with a barrage of world wide attention on a mystery that's haunted Mykonos undetected for decadesJust when it seems things can't get any worse another young woman disappears and political niceties no longer matter With the investigation now a rescue operation Andreas finds himself plunging into ancient myths and forgotten island places racing against a killer intent on claiming a new victim who is herself determined to outstep him.

  • Hardcover
  • 279 pages
  • Murder in Mykonos
  • Jeffrey Siger
  • English
  • 07 June 2015
  • 9781590585818

About the Author: Jeffrey Siger

I am an American living on the Aegean Greek island of Mykonos A Pittsburgh native and former Wall Street lawyer I gave up my career as a name partner in my own New York City law firm to write mystery thrillers that tell than just a fast paced story My novels are aimed at exploring serious societal issues confronting modern day Greece in a tell it like it is style while touching upon the co.

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  1. Phrynne Phrynne says:

    I had highs and lows with this book moments when I thought 'This book is really good and moments when I couldn't wait for it to be finished At the end I sat for a moment to try and discover whyI enjoyed the sections which featured Andreas Kaldis He is a strong character with morals and those were few and far between amongst the other characters I liked the descriptions of the Mykonos scenery and could imagine myself being there on one of the beautiful beaches or up in the hills with the lovely views I appreciated the police work and the panic to find the victim in timeSounds good so far but then there were the things I did not like The repetitive and slightly silly representations of Greek men Perhaps the air on Mykonos got to them but really Then there were graphic and far too lengthy descriptions of torture Half a page would set the scene I did not need a chapterThe final section of the book was exciting and tense although it was a little bit too drawn out And then the ending spoiled the whole thing What an anti climaxSo you can see why I had ups and downs I might try the next book because Andreas had great promise as an individual but I won't be rushing out to do so

  2. Martin Martin says:

    Five murder suspects but who had been killing tall blonde tourists on the Greek island of Mykonos? The expectations of arriving at the holiday destinationJust past midnight the massive Rodanthi ferry silently made its grand entrance into Mykonos’ narrow crescent shaped harbor Though it was still a bit early in the season for the partying crowds that swelled this Greek island’s population from ten thousand to fifty thousand in July and August the harbor was wildly alive with lights and peopleIt was exactly as the young woman had imagined—a blaze of white buildings under a diamond studded skyShe’d been standing inside with other backpackers on the third level passenger deck watching the island’s lights slowly envelop the horizon Now she stepped outside and walked to the bow railing Feeling the Aegean breeze in her face she re doubled the elastic band holding her blond ponytail in place It was all so beautiful She regretted only one thing being here alone The young woman spoke with the hawkers in English and picked what looked like a charming small hotel just above the town The man who claimed to be the owner promised her a room with a private bath and a view of the town—at a “special price” He seemed very nice and with his gray hair was at least wise enough to mask any other interest he might have in her Already two couples from the ferry waited in his little van so she wouldn’t be going off alone with a stranger Gone and forgottenHe walked her to a taxi and invited her to attend a Greek festival to be held in three days to honor a saint She thanked him but said she was leaving the island in two days and promised to stop by his shop before she leftThen like so many other backpackers she simply disappeared No one paid the balance of her hotel bill—also not unusual in Mykonos The hotel owner simply threw out whatever she’d left behind reported nothing to the police and rented the room to a new pretty woman from another midnight ferry Before all hell broke looseOne cop asked Andreas a second time—and aggressively—what he wanted Andreas couldn’t help himself “Would you be kind enough to pick up my bags at the airport? I left them with the Olympic ticket agent”The young man who was built like a bull looked to his friends then back at Andreas “Listen wiseass this is a police station So get the hell out before you find out what happens when you fuck with cops” He gave an “I showed him” smirk to his buddiesAndreas fixed his steel gray eyes on the young cop and let a “do I have your ass now” smile spread across his face “So nice to meet you Officer—what does that say on your uniform?—Kouros I’m Andreas Kaldis your new chief of police”Someone should have checked Kouros’ shorts at that moment but there wasn’t time He proved himself smart enough to be out the door and in a car headed to the airport before Andreas could speak another word Kouros’ friends also jumped to attention Andreas’ point clearly madeChalk one up for the new chief But there was no time to enjoy his little victory He’d deal with Kouros and the man responsible for meeting him at the airport later in private For the moment there was a lot of work to do He just hoped to get half accustomed to the job before all hell broke looseThis the first of what promises to be a great detective series set in the colorfully historic Greek islands A real page turner of a story Enjoy

  3. LJ LJ says:

    First Sentence Just past midnight the massive Rodanthi ferry silently made its grand entrance into the Mykonos’ narrow crescent shaped harborDet Andreas Kildis has been transferred from Athens to the role of police chief on Mykonos Shortly after arriving he is summoned to a remote church where the body of a young woman has been found in a crypt beneath the floor She is not alone As the investigation develops it becomes clear there has been a ritual serial killer on the island for almost 20 yearsI have always wanted to visit Greece and in particular Mykonos but this book would almost deter me from that desire in spite of the very visual descriptions of the island and fascinating information on the old churches The character of the protagonist was well developed and I liked the relationship he established with Tassos Stamatos the chief homicide investigator It was this that primarily kept me reading I understand the benefit of establishing conflict between characters However if the local government and police are truly representative don’t think I’ll be going to Greece There were a lot of suspects to the point where it seemed as though almost every secondary character introduced fit the police profile of the killer The plotting started well As the story progressed the plot degraded to where the scenes toward the end were highly improbable Some of the forensic information particularly with regard to DNA evidence not only seemed inaccurate but almost became farcical”He knew his DNA would be all over the tunnel” making it sound as though one could pick it up like a cigarette butt The ending was ambiguous and I felt it was very poorly done This was the author’s first book but I’m afraid it will be the only one I read Had it not been for the protagonist and the setting I might not have finished the book However for mysteries set in Greece I’ll be returning to Mary StewartMURDER IN MYKONOS Pol Proc Andreas Kildis Greece Cont – PoorSiger Jeffrey – 1st in seriesPoisoned Pen Press ©2010 US Hardcover – ISBN 9781590585818

  4. Jeannie and Louis Rigod Jeannie and Louis Rigod says:

    For my loyal followers I do want to make it clear that this fantastic novel is not a gentle cozy No this novel is a Police Procedural set on the Greek Island of Mykonos This novel is hard hitting action packed study of a serial killer that has been committing his atrocities for almost two decadesOur sleuth is the new Chief of Police Inspector Andreas Kaldis He was promoted out of Athens due to being too good at his job and making certain politicians nervousWe are introduced to the glitz of the famous island as well as the underbelly of daily life and corruption Mr Siger paints us a scary but glamorous view of holiday tourists leaving all their cares and inhibitions at home Could this tale happen? Oh yes and I'm sure it is happening However you will need to read the book to see if you agree with meAn Albanian worker most likely illegal is working on an old formerly abandoned family church Although he is told to stay outside and only attend to the wall he is building finds his curiosity tweaked and enters the church Not understanding the Greek Orthodox religion he is curious about a vault in the flooringa burial vault and the bodies are not all ancientThe police are brought in and so begins the careful dance of justice versus politics It speeds up to an almost roller coaster speed when a politician's niece goes missingThis was an excellent debut to a series that will keep you turning pages and have you thinking about your own family's safety on vacations

  5. J.F. Juzwik J.F. Juzwik says:

    What’s that you said? You don’t know Andreas? Well shame on you Andreas is the creation of Jeffrey Siger and we’re first introduced to him in Murder in Mykonos We become further acuainted with him in Assassins of Athens So what’s so special about Andreas Kaldis? Let’s begin at the beginningMurder in Mykonos The story begins with Andreas Kaldis being ‘promoted’ to Chief of Police on the island of Mykonos approximately 90 miles by plane from Athens In truth the employment change was a matter of ‘removing’ him from his position in Athens Andreas was getting a bit too close to the powers that be in an investigation and powerful people don’t like it when detectives get too close to them or to their activities Removing the inuisitive law enforcement officer from the euation is the only solution He could be made to simply disappear or he could be ‘promoted’ The latter was the decision in Andreas’ caseAndreas is described as a ‘hot shot detective’ Make no mistake Impulsive and irrational he is not He is also not to be underestimated He may not behave in the expected politically correct manner but he gets the job done He’s smart he’s methodical and he’s not afraid to step on toes to get the job doneSo his new career as chief ‘dog and cat protector’ as he sees it begins with a bang There’s a killer in paradise A body is found under a stone slab in a church crypt that should have contained only bones The Greek Orthodox faith prohibited cremation and due to a lack of cemetery space the dead were buried in cemeteries for 3 or 4 years Then they were relocated to a crypt under the families’ church provided they were affiliated with oneOn top of these bones however was a fresh kill two weeks deceased max It was a woman and she was ritually restrained and posed And she wasn’t the only one To add yet another complication to Andreas’ already full plate the daughter of an Ambassador traveling in the area is reported missingTassos Stamatos Chief Homicide Investigator for the Cyclades already haunted by his own personal demons joins Andreas on the hunt for the killer and the missing girl Both of them give it all they’ve got in hopes they will find the girl before the killer doesAssassins of Athens Old world traditions can be both charming and heartwarming Here however we discover that certain ancient practices can be based on vengeance and carried out with murderIn Athens Andreas begins his investigation of the murder of a young man whose body had been placed in a dumpster Unfortunately that was only the beginning of the nightmare What is happening runs so much deeper than parents losing their son There are powerful and dark forces at work and they are intent on making certain that their message is received and clearly understoodAndreas’ ‘trust no one’ outlook is certainly a wise one To get the answers he needs he has to deal with both sides of the law Sometimes in order to catch the Devil one has to pass through the gates of Hell and take him on in his house Andreas Kaldis makes that journey whenever necessary and never takes the time to knockCan Andreas find a way to stop the impending collision of bad and worse before lives are destroyed?Characters plotline pacing all critical components in any story But as in real estate another three critical aspects are location location and location Here’s where you hit the jackpot The location is Greece with all its old world beauty and new world intrigue The author lives in Greece and he knows whereof he speaks The descriptions of islands restaurants hotels side streetsall rich and colorful You can picture every street corner every shop window every passer by You feel as if you are shadowing each character throughout their journey and you can feel the rain smell and taste the food and shudder with their fear With such vivid depictions of settings people and events when you reach the end you want to go back and experience it all over again

  6. ElaineY ElaineY says:

    REVIEW OF AUDIOBOOK; 29 SEPT 2013 38 STARSNarrator Koullis KyriacouThe Story I enjoyed this even though I felt the murder mystery a little vague All I know with regards to this is that someone is killing off tall blond Scandinavian women The serial killer sticks a spoke in his own wheel when the latest blonde he's abducted turns out to be part GreekThis isn't a straightforward serial killer mystery in that while the murders are solved the reader is not presented with everything neatly tied in a little bow While I liked this where the cops are concerned and Andreas Kaidis' unGreek like reaction I would have liked clarity where the killer was concerned He is so distant from the story even at the last part where we are taken into the scene where he's got Annika his latest prey that in the end I have to say my 4 stars is because I so enjoyed Mykonos through Siger's eyesThis isn't a murder thriller on par with say Karen Rose but while I missed the intensity of Rose's writing here I'd say Siger's lightweight mysteries are enjoyable for me As a romance lover I'd have liked Kaldis to have a love interest but if that were to happen I'd also prefer him to be gay especially since he's a six foot two good looking hunk As a straight cop I like him unencumbered I don't know if he gets hooked up in the later books; I just know that finding the right girl is there in his mind somewhereThe Narrator On my initial try Kyriacou did not come across well but on the second attempt the problem I initially encountered speaking too fast insufficient pauses wasn't there I've concluded it's the fault of my own aural perception since the audiobook is unchangedI liked Kyriacou's Greek accented narration It wasn't too heavy and he gave the characters sufficient expression Pacing was fineThe rest of the series is narrated by Stefan Rudnicki and I'm curious to find out how he compares with Kyriacou I'm also looking forward to accompanying Kaldis and Kouros on their next Greek mystery island tour

  7. Pam Pam says:

    Murder in Mykonos A Chief Inspector Andreas Kalois Mystery Book 1 is by Jeffrey Siger It is a great mystery and is set on the island of Mykonos in Greece Andreas Kaldis has been “promoted” to Chief Inspector of Mykonos He isn’t happy about this as he doesn’t want to deal with tourists but wants to go about his previous assignment of catching killers However the “powers that be” have decided he is better off on Mykonos instead of being in Athens where he has a tendency to embarrass them Evidently he has gotten too close to some of their activities for them to feel safe Corruption is rife within the government and Andreas knows this and doesn’t like it nor condone it Now he has to figure a way to get off Mykonos and back to Athens Then the body of a young tall girl is found in the crypt of one of the many small churches on Mykonos He notifies his superiors in Syros but stays at the site to start his own investigation His superior office is Tassos Stamatos chief homicide officer for the region He had known Andreas’ father He has also followed Andreas’s career and admires him as well As they work to figure out who this victim was they discover seventeen other bodies who had been buried in the same manner in the crypts of four of the churches in the area What was going on? Who had killed these girls and why? Now they had to keep a lid on the news until they notified Athens and then they had to control the news No one wanted the news of a serial killer to get out How were they ever going to figure out who killed the girls over a twenty year span? Could they keep the news uiet while they investigated? Would they be able to keep other tourists from being killed while they searched? I thought the book started out a little slow; but it soon moved too fast It was really hard to put this book down Siger really puts the suspense in his book The description of Mykonos is fantastic It makes you want to go there

  8. Junying Junying says:

    This book by Jeffrey Siger is a masterful suspense novel which has kept me interested from beginning to the very end and honestly I have no idea who was the culprit until the last sentence just as the author has intended I suspect Yes it does remind me of The Murder on the Oriental Express by Agatha Christy which the book actually made reference to I love the setting of the book which I nearly visited some years ago as I did my very own Greek Islands hopping as a single woman I went close to Mykonos Santorini was not far Having read Mr Siger's murder mystery I almost feel relieved that I didn't Well I guess I would have been safe anyway as our Mykonos serial murderer wasn't into someone like me a medium built non blonde Chinese girl The characters in the book are finely painted and I become very fond of the Protagonist Andreas Kaldis I like the fact that one of the victims proved herself a strong female with a fierce fighting spirit There are also a great deal of insights on Greek culture and life styles revealing the corrupt system and hypocrisy of politicians which I know to be true As a big fan of everything Greek her people and its many beautiful islands I'd definitely read of Jeffrey Siger's books set on my beloved Greece The reason I am giving it four stars instead of five is the ending I feel that although the suspense element was well crafted there is room for a better finale Some of the mysteries regarding the suspects have not been fully revealed although some could argue that is intentional and expected from this kind of fiction

  9. Stephen Hayes Stephen Hayes says:

    A readable and exciting whodunitPolice officer Andreas Kaldis is a bit disgruntled when he is transferred from Athens to the tourist island of Mykonos in the Aegean from investigating murders to being a nursemaid to tourists is not an exciting prospect But soon there is a report of a dead body found in the crypt of a rural church apparently of a young woman The case becomes urgent when another young woman a tourist disappears and it appears that the police on Mykonos have a serial killer to look forBut there are political complications The mayor of Mykonos does not want the news to leak out nothing must be allowed to frighten away the tourists on whom Mykonos's prosperity depends When the police start to trace the movements of the murdered girl and those who last saw her alive there seem to be too many suspects and at a crucial point in the investigation most of the suspects disappear without trace There are a few plot holes and discrepancies in the story but none of them serious enough to get in the way of enjoying a good read if you like crime fiction

  10. Voula Voula says:

    Actually I rather liked this book The main character took a little getting used to but I decided that even though his attitude was sometimes somewhat surly he got the job done and was able to eventually forge some relationships during the course of the book Also he caught the bad guy well that's another story I liked the mystery aspects of the book Characters were interesting and it was a good light read Try to overlook Andreas' attitude at first it improves a bit as you go

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