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    mariana zapata could write a 9000 page fanfiction based on peppa pig and i would read it there is nothing this woman puts out that i would not put on a pedestal and worship.

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    3.5 4 Stars Make sure you check out an important note I bolded further down Well This book made me cry at the end Which is a big deal Because I RARELY cry And I even rarely admit to it So there s that.As all Zapata readers know, her books are slow Super slow And this one was VERY slow Even slow than usual, in my opinion Certain things are very dragged out Some dialogue and scenes felt superfluousand endlessly meandering Without purpose In fact, I was actually considering a 3 star rating until I got to the last 20% and thingspicked up or Zapata s version of picked up, I should say and, hey, I figure any book that makes my black soul leak deserves a one up.But than that, I just really appreciate that, even though things are so slowSO slowZapata never takes the cheap way out She never attempts manipulative drama and unnecessary angst just for the sake of it.You get to know the characters You get to know their lives and routines You FEEL their connections And for those things I will always support and read anything this woman writes Also READ Do yourself a favor and don t read too many reviews before you tackle this book There are things that aren t unveiled fully until about 15% which takes a while, this book is long that I can see people just dropping in their reviews without thinking And Zapata wrote things this way on purpose So, like I said, do yourself a solid and go in blind so you experience the book the way she intended You will notice I left out pretty much anything about the story The blurb is vague FOR A REASON But anyway I loved the characters in the book Especially the relationship between Lenny and her grandfather Just beautiful I hope you all enjoy this as much as I did The writing slogs along at times and I know this will be way too slow for some But, I think if you go in expecting of a character piece and not a hard charging page turner, you will be pleased I was.

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    UPDATE OMG O M G This book was written just for ME I m in love Guess what I m reading It s LIVE This is pretty much one of the most anticipated books of the year for me Whom am I kidding her books are always my most highly anticipated books period

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    This book It made me laugh and cry, it kept me up at night Mariana never disappoints Her characters, no matter how small, are all so well thought out I love the way she explores family dynamics So good

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    IT S LIVE Mariana Zapata says anything about new bookMe an individual that has been compulsively checking on any news about a new book

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    the h is Luna s bff who teaches how to kicks ass for a living yess gimme of that slow burn goodness

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    THE BEST THING is out in the world TBT is available on Kindle Unlimited US link dp B07W6WJG7Z UK link .co.uk dp B07W6WJG7Z AU link .au dp B07W6WJG7Z CA link .ca dp B07W6WJG7Z New Mariana Zapata bookcoming soon

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