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    Such a beautifully written story, that is ultimately heartwarming and uplifting, despite the incredibly sad and upsetting things that our two main characters have been through But since meeting and spending time together, Orla and Luke are both perhaps just starting to heal and help each other Luke s world was turned upside when his wife suddenly denied incredibly unexpectedly Orla lives in a castle 3 hours away from Luke, and hides herself away from the world she is the ultimate definition of self isolation and the only connection between Luke and Orla is a social media site For Luke s wife Helen loved the Galleria site similar to instagram , and follows Orla s account and they have formed a friendship online without even knowing each others names Helen sensed something about Orla and wanted to help, but then her life was tragically caught short Once Luke tracks down Orla, and they somehow slowly get to know each other, the story really does take on a life of its own Orla s account focuses on beautiful objects that have minor imperfections, she loves being able to find and highlight the beauty in broken things, and Helen who although we only meet her briefly is a huge character in the book , also has started to love finding that same beauty in the imperfect What I found really moving, gripping and had real empathy for, was when Orla finally explains to Luke just what happened to make her the way she currently is I won t tell you any details but its completely understandable that she would now live her life in the shadows as a result of what she went through Victoria Connelly s writing seems to go from strength to strength, and as much as I love her lighter hearted Austen Addicts and Booklovers series, this is probably her best book to date Absolutely loved it Thank you to Lake Union Publishing and Netgalley for this copy which I have reviewed honestly and voluntarily,.

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    The Beauty of Broken Things, by Victoria Connelly, is a wonderful novel.This is a story of healing Both characters are broken, But together, they can be whole It s an interesting story for sure Luke and Orla are brought together through death What follows is an amazing journey and transformation Luke is able to slowly break down the walls Orla has thrown up around her Her transformation is marvelous and inspirational The writing is wonderful, with extremely well developed characters and an accomplished story line, The emotions are heavy throughout and the character growth is fantastic If you don t fall in love with Orla and Luke s journey, I will be shocked I definitely enjoyed every single second of this novel.

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    What a beautiful story Orla Kendrick lives in the ruins of a remote Suffolk castle, hiding from a haunting past I am there The story just worked the beautiful cover, the setting, the characters, beauty and art in broken tragic lives.Luke Hansard is grieiving the loss of his wife and he discovers Orla had an online relationship with his wife she purchased her broken things Its a beautiful metaphor for finding beauty in broken ness These two tragic souls discover beauty in the broken aspects of their lives, and grow together through friendship.Thank you NetGalley and Lake Union Publishing for the opportunity to review this beautiful book jbhttps seniorbooklounge.blogspot.com

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    This story really touched my heart It s a bit different from the other books by Victoria Connelly but it s equally heartwarming and captivating A beautiful story of friendship and healing in the idyllic setting of the Suffolk coast As usual the author has a way of making you feel there and I can t appreciate it enough Great suspense and many twists and turns had me wondering until the very end what was going to happen and I must say that the ending did surprise me Not predictable at all Absolutely recommended.Thank you to NetGalley, Lake Union Publishing UK and the author for an early copy TheBeautyofBrokenThings NetGalley

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    When Luke s wife is killed in a train accident, he is lost After finding information of a gift she wanted to give to an online friend, he does a search and finds Orla, a recluse who suffers from her own demons Overall, I found this one hard to put down Both have issues and help each other find a new normal I also liked that there was not an actual romance, but a friendship between them Nice change Would highly recommend this sweet and touching story Another great hit by a wonderful author.

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    With grateful thanks to netgalley for an early copy in return for an honest review Having read a good number of Victoria s books I was delighted to have an early copy The first thing I loved about the book is the cover.Stunning beautiful,and a true work of art is lurking behind it a mesmerising journey of beautiful souls lost at times not quite sure where they fitted in but a exceptionally captivating read that I can t praise enough.

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    What a beautiful book 2 strangers meet due to a tragic loss She is a recluse The victim of a heinous crime Somehow against all odds they form an amazing friendship This beautiful book takes you on a journey of love, loss, friendship, trust and hope I absolutely loved it.

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    What a beautiful book 2 strangers meet due to a tragic loss She is a recluse The victim of a heinous crime Somehow against all odds they form an amazing friendship This beautiful book takes you on a journey of love, loss, friendship, trust and hope I absolutely loved it.

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The Beauty of Broken Things United By Tragedy, Can Two Broken Souls Make Each Other Whole After The Tragic Loss Of His Wife, Helen, Luke Hansard Is Desperate To Keep Her Memory Alive In An Effort To Stay Close To Her, He Reaches Out To An Online Friend Helen Often Mentioned A Reclusive Photographer With A Curious Interest In Beautiful But Broken Objects But First He Must Find Her And She Doesn T Want To Be FoundOrla Kendrick Lives Alone In The Ruins Of A Remote Suffolk Castle, Hiding From The Haunting Past That Has Left Her Physically And Emotionally Scarred In Her Fortress, She Can Keep A Safe Distance From Prying Eyes, Surrounded By Her Broken Treasures And Insulated From The World OutsideWhen Luke Tracks Orla Down, He Is Determined To Help Her In The Way Helen Wanted To By Encouraging Her Out Of Her Isolation And Back Into The World But Orla Has Never Seen Her Refuge As A Prison And, When Painful Secrets And Dangerous Threats Begin To Resurface, Luke S Good Deed Is Turned On Its HeadAs They Work Through Their Grief For Helen In Very Different Ways, Will These Two Broken Souls Be Able To Heal

  • Kindle Edition
  • 314 pages
  • The Beauty of Broken Things
  • Victoria Connelly
  • 26 October 2019

About the Author: Victoria Connelly

Victoria Connelly grew up in Norfolk before attending Worcester College where she studied English Literature After graduating, she worked her way through a number of jobs before becoming a teacher in North Yorkshire.In 2000, she got married in a medieval castle in the Yorkshire Dales and moved to London Five weeks after their wedding, her husband, a television news cameraman, was sent to Israel.