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Mad, Bad & Dangerous to Know Told In Alternating Narratives That Bridge Centuries, The Latest Novel From New York Times Bestselling Author Samira Ahmed Traces The Lives Of Two Young Women Fighting To Write Their Own Stories And Escape The Pressure Of Familial Burdens And Cultural Expectations In Worlds Too Long Defined By Men It S August In Paris And Year Old Khayyam Maquet American, French, Indian, Muslim Is At A Crossroads This Holiday With Her Professor Parents Should Be A Dream Trip For The Budding Art Historian But Her Maybe Ex Boyfriend Is Probably Ghosting Her, She Might Have Just Blown Her Chance At Getting Into Her Dream College, And Now All She Really Wants Is To Be Back Home In Chicago Figuring Out Her Messy Life Instead Of Brooding In The City Of Light Two Hundred Years Before Khayyam S Summer Of Discontent, Leila Is Struggling To Survive And Keep Her True Love Hidden From The Pasha Who Has Gifted Her With Favored Status In His Harem In The Present Day And With The Company Of A Descendant Of Alexandre Dumas Khayyam Begins To Connect Allusions To An Enigmatic Th Century Muslim Woman Whose Path May Have Intersected With Alexandre Dumas, Eug Ne Delacroix, And Lord Byron Echoing Across Centuries, Leila And Khayyam S Lives Intertwine, And As One Woman S Long Forgotten Life Is Uncovered, Another S Is Transformed

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    OMG Isn t it enchanting idea to read a book about two powerful women from different time lines who want to raise their voices and tell their stories One of them is in Paris, searching for the deepest secrets hid behind a remarkable drawing with a charming French guy carries his descendant Alexandre Dumas name And the other woman is a haseki, leaving behind the walls of Ottoman Harem, telling her secret love triangle story which resulted tragically Didn t you get excited and start to dance like me To get in the mood I added some Oriental belly shake moves to my dance but my friends laughed so hard and recorded me yes, after seeing my magical movies on their phone camera, I decided they were combination of Gangham style and a hamster who tries to catch its own tail So I gave up in the meantime So I locked myself in my bathroom and kept on dancing of course I put blanket on the mirror not to see myself and started my reading Khayyam, the young heroine of the book named after famous Persian poet Omar Khayyam She is French American, Indian American and also Muslim American An immigrant, biracial, interfaith But she is not a blank page of passport everyone gets to stamp a label of their choosing She wants to be heard, she wants to leave her traces in the universe She wants to follow her own path to create her own story she s destined to do She wants you to know her name Just like Leila who wants to take control of her own life and make her own choices but she lives at the world dominated by man power and she has no choice but keep her silence, bow her head and patiently endure the hand life dealt to her Instead of some historical faults about the harem life structure I was planning to work on a documentary about the hidden face of Harem behind the closed doors so I read tons of researches for months but guess what, I went back to work on thriller projects the book s story telling is pure, lyrical, fascinating The powerful feminism messages and intersected stories of two different women s lives and their challenging quest to raise their voices were remarkable It s memorable and heart felting, poignant time travel story Not literally but the author takes your feet off the ground and helps to take a journey between different continents, time zones, cultures to tell us we re a part of different cultural, lyrical mosaic and a note from a symphony and we deserve to heard, understood and we can actually find our own tunes by our own life experiences I think I have to read the previous books of Samira Ahmed Especially Internment is part of my long time TBR list and I have to prioritize the best books and work on my pile if I don t want to be squeezed under them sooner Special thanks to NetGalley and Soho Teen for sharing this poetic book s ARC COPY with me in exchange my honest review

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    Two teens unravel the mystery of a Muslim woman mentioned in letters from Alexandar Dumas Yes.

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    As a fan of Byronic heroes, the title is Relevant to My Interests

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    Requested and ARC in exchange for honest review.3.5 for now Will write a review soon.

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    ok i m gonna admit some slight confusion that this isn t related to lord byron but this also sounds AWESOME

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    OH MY GOODNESSMy heart was soaring through the book with the amazing plot and fun mystery Khayyam is in Paris for her Summer vacation where she is ridiculed for her art essay for a Young scholar prize After stepping in dog poop and feeling like a total screw up , Khayyam meets a cute french boy who might actually be a solution to her love life and her chance to get her Young Scholar Prize.Why should you care read pre order Mad , Bad Dangerous to know Lemme explain.CharactersOur MC khayyam , named after the famous Persian poet , Omar Khayyam.She isFrench American Indian American Muslim American Biracial Interfaith Child of immigrants.She s the best Indian American portrayal I ve seen so far granted not many , and Khayyam roxxxx Khayyam is rightfully angry about Women s voices being silenced all the time.Meet the French hottie , Alexandre Dumas.Hot CuteTallFrenchDescendant of The Alexandre Dumas Alexandre has layers than what I prematurely described I can promise you he s not another tienne St Clair I can t say without giving out spoilers.The PlotKhayyam is invested in digging through Paris to find the voice that was lost in too many men s narratives Leila just wants to live her life Which her fate doesn t let her Leila struggles to live and breathe while fate tosses her around in it s cruel hands There s to her story than the men care to tell.Khayyam s determination to unravel the truth is the plot , really While Khayyam ventures through Leila s life connecting the dots , she can see herself reflected in some ways FeminismFeminism , TellHerStory is the theme of this book Women get to tell their stories They can t just be muffled around all the time or seen through another male perspective.This , obviously , isn t the male bashing type people seem to think feminism is I m mentioning this in my review because this is the message I m taking away from Samira I would hate to see it misinterpreted or misunderstood Let my fears be just paranoia.WritingThis is the first full length Samira Ahmed s novel I ve read Her writing is mesmerising The switching of PoV is so easy to navigate Not just because of the font difference or the timeline difference Khayyam and Leila s voices are totally unique and majestic in their own way which made me shed a few tears at some points I loved Samira s writing so much The direction the plot was taking is laid out in the first page And the journey was so amazing The pacing was even and if you haven t noticed , I love this book So Damn Much.If you like Young Adult contemporaries , or , diverse books , or , Specifically looking for Teen Muslim rep ,I wholeheartedly recommend reading Mad , Bad Dangerous to know This will be a perfect summer read Thanks for reading my review.

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    dude, this sounds AWESOME

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    Thank you to NetGalley for the ARC of this book in exchange for an honest review This book really took me by surprise I honestly didn t expect to love it as much as I did The story is beautiful, written well, and has just enough intrigue and complications to keep me turning the pages.Full review to come.

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    Khayyam, a teen girl who is American and French, Indian and Muslim, biracial and interfaith and a child of immigrant academics, travels to Paris with her parents on summer vacation and, having messed up an art history essay that could have gotten her admitted to her dream school, is determined to do further research to fix the essay, and possibly make a huge art discovery Enter Alexandre Dumas, the offspring of that famous author who wants to team up with Khayyam for reasons of his own As a premise, I was on board with their sleuthing, despite the repeated Scooby Doo references I found my attention slipping in the back half of the novel, getting annoyed at Khayyam s boy craziness She s either thinking about kissing Alexandre or thinking about her ex boyfriend, like all of the time Or she s getting angry at the patriarchy for how they have hijacked history, which yeah, but enough already Add to that some unbelievable storytelling by Leila, the woman Dumas the writer was in love with and who has her own sections, and some almost illegible font used for the letters between Leila Dumas, and my experience reading became rather frustrated I really liked Ahmed s Internment and I thought Khayyam could have been a really interesting character if only she was given a bit dimension Review from galley.

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    Terrific romance and mystery while weaving history throughout I was compelled to research where fact and fiction met when I closed the book because the threads were woven together so seamlessly and believably Such a fun book with compelling and thought provoking undertones made this a page turning read Characters that were likeable and real with thoughts that mimicked my own as the story and relationships unfolded The settings of modern day Paris juxtaposed with 19th century India stimulates the reader s imagination senses, making it even enticing to stay immersed in the luxury of this wonderful book.

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