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A Gathering of Angels [Reading] ➼ A Gathering of Angels By Katherine Valentine – Buyprobolan50.co.uk In A Miracle for St Cecilias Katherine Valentine created a charming Connecticut town where ordinary people experience extraordinary things Now in A Gathering of Angels the citizens of Dorsetville cont In A Miracle for St Cecilias Katherine Valentine created a charming Connecticut town where ordinary people experience extraordinary things Now in A Gathering of Angels the citizens of Dorsetville continue to discover the daily wonders of faith While Father Flaherty toys with taking up kickboxing to trim his growing waistline another town expansion proves ominous Barry Hornibrook driven to build a riverfront A Gathering PDF \ hotel turns to uestionable sources for desperately needed money But this is Dorsetville where anything is possibleand by the time this beguiling tale is over a tragic fire a German shepherd and an influx of dentists will all play a role in changing the community foreverFull of delightful surprises A Gathering of Angels proves to be another heart warming tale of hope.

10 thoughts on “A Gathering of Angels

  1. Debbi Debbi says:

    I might categorize A Gathering of Angels as a Catholic cozy It is a sweet if predictable book Although it isn't what I usually read I found the first half of the book very charming Having grown up in a big city I am always fascinated by small towns In this small town nothing tragic happens The residents are occasionally misguided but never intentionally bad It puts forward an uncomplicated message Be nice be kind help your friends and miracles will happen It is a little cliche but every once in a while it is a refreshing message

  2. Cissy Ashley Cissy Ashley says:

    Loved itVery heartwarming storyreminds us that there are usually no coincidences in life loved the many uirky characters🦋 Can’t wait to read the 3rd book of the Dorsetville novels”Grace Will Lead Me Home”🦋

  3. Margaret Hardie Margaret Hardie says:

    This series about a small New England town is just excellent I highly recommend them They are not swift moving Just calm funny inspirational and just read them all

  4. Susy Skidmore Susy Skidmore says:

    This is the second book in a series that centers around a small New England town and the funny and somewhat relatable townspeople Very heart warming and faith building

  5. Nitrorockets Nitrorockets says:

    This a nice little read When I was browsing for books at my local library I came across this book At first I wasn't sure if Id' like this book I tend to stray from religious based fiction and since it is a seuel I was hesitant to read this out of seuence I'm glad I decided to read this very enjoyable book After reading the first chapter I found that I couldn't put it down I love it when I find a book that creates that childhood excitementThis book is about a group of nuns and the community they serve in a small Connecticut town called Dorsetville In the first novel the Daughters of the Immaculate Conception were working on opening a retirement home for priests and nuns This book focused on the finalization and opening of their retirement home The author has created a small little community of people that are dynamic and likable All throughout the story a series of small miracles linked to a simple blue rosary helped bring the community together What a great fun book

  6. Elaine Elaine says:

    2nd in the Dorsetville seriesI purchased this 2nd in the series hoping it would fare better than its predecessor and it does although the parts involving Denise and Marlene are puerile and the author goes overboard in it A Gathering of Angels pretty much continues but with something of a gap perhaps a few years in time since the ending of book one A Miracle for St Cecilias After a couple of mobsters threaten one of Dorsetville's own they are involved in a hit and run of another one of Dorsetville's Unbeknownst to them the accident was witnessed by a newcomer Harry and Nellie are dating She's been canceling dates and standing him up other times causing him to become suspicious Deputy Hill is getting on Sheriff Bromley's last nerve Pranksters pull a prank with a snake A fire is started Long needed maintenance is underway at St Cecilia's The thread throughout this book is prayer beads

  7. Nancy Nancy says:

    St Cecilia's has been given a reprieve by the opening of a home for retired Catholic priests and nuns The nun who brought about the transformation has died while on a pilgramage to Yugoslavia Her rosary starts making the rounds and a miracle happens to each of the people into whose possession it comes It also doesn't hurt to have a guardian angel More of the life of the community of Dorsetville

  8. Susan Mallette Susan Mallette says:

    If you have ever wondered how to keep your faith when prayers go unanswered you will enjoy Gathering of Angels by Karen Valentine Set in Dorsetville a small New England town this seuel to A Miracle for St Cecilia's which I have not read is sure to interest you The uirky small town characters include Father James and his housekeeper Mrs Norris who are entertaining enough to keep me reading The novel is faith inspired fiction which I love

  9. Kristy Kristy says:

    This was a uick spiritual based read about individual blessings of a traveling rosary The timing of this read couldn't have been better with the arrival of our daughter I prayed the rosary last Wednesday 47 before our doctor appointment and 8 hours later I was at the hospital to begin the journey of motherhood I recommend this read to anyone who needs a spiritual boost

  10. Lara Lara says:

    This is the second book in the series I've read I enjoyed it and there were some wonderful pieces of faith and miracles that inspired me Some of the drama seemed forced and over the top though I'm going to continue to read the series as my library has most of the five books yeah

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