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Ten Dumb Things Smart Christians Believe ➶ [Reading] ➸ Ten Dumb Things Smart Christians Believe By Larry Osborne ➫ – Buyprobolan50.co.uk People don’t set out to build their faith upon myths and spiritual urban legends But somehow such falsehoods keep showing up in the way that many Christians think about life and God These goofy idea People don’t set Things Smart PDF/EPUB ¿ out to build their faith upon myths and spiritual urban legends But somehow such falsehoods keep showing up in the way that many Christians think Ten Dumb PDF/EPUB ² about life and God These goofy ideas and beliefs are assumed by millions to be rock solid truth until life proves they’re not The sad result is often a Dumb Things Smart eBook ✓ spiritual disaster–confusion feelings of betrayal a distrust of Scripture loss of faith anger toward both the church and God But it doesn’t have to be so In this delightfully personal and practical book respected Bible teacher Larry Osborne confronts ten widely held beliefs that are both dumb and dangerous Beliefs like these• Faith can fix anything• God brings good luck• Forgiving means forgetting• Everything happens for a reason• A godly home guarantees good kidsand Get ready to be shocked relieved and inspired in the pages of Ten Dumb Things Smart Christians Believe Because the truth is meant to set us free not hurt us.

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  1. Kailey (BooksforMKs) Kailey (BooksforMKs) says:

    I loved how this book was organized The writing style is clear and concise with a dry humor that kept each chapter interesting I appreciated how the author carefully explained each concept with Biblical precepts and spiritual laws that are direct from ScriptureI really enjoyed reading it and now I want to read from this author

  2. Jeff Elliott Jeff Elliott says:

    Not an earth shattering work but certainly a lot of things that Christians believe I'll keep it short and sweet by listing the ten things and just a few uotes per section1 Faith can fix anythingThe kind of faith the Bible advocates and God wants from us has far to do with our actions than our feelings In fact biblical faith is so closely tied to actions of obedience that the Bible ridiculed the very idea of someone claiming to have faith without acting upon it2 Forgiving means forgetting3 A godly home guarantees godly kids4 God has a blueprint for my lifeI'm amazed how often people ask me for prayer regarding whether it's God's will for them to marry someone they're dating all the while blatantly ignoring his will for their sexuality I'm never uite sure how to respond They ask with such sincerity It's as if it has never dawned on them that God might not bother to show them whom to marry when they're already ignoring his instructions about how to dateTheir great error is the mistaken assumption that choosing the right mate will trump living the wrong life5 Christians shouldn't judgeUnfortunately tolerance no longer means what it used to mean It once meant granting others the freedom to be wrong It didn't preclude critiue and criticism; it simply sought to offer evaluation in a spirit of grace and humility That's a long way from today's definition of tolerance as affirming that everyone is right no matter what they believe or what they doJesus and the Bible not only don't forbid judging they actually give us a set of principles and lenses through which to judge Mt 76 16; 1 Cor 59 13; Gal 18 9; 2 Thess 314 15; 1 Jn 23 56 Everything happens for a reasonA accurate rendering of Romans 828 in modern English reads like this We know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him who have been called according to his purposeNotice the difference It doesn't say that everything that happens is good It simply says that God is at work in all thingsI've been told that an affair was part of God's plan because the new union resulted in a happy marriage I've been told that God must have orchestrated a bitter church split because it led to the birth of a dynamic ministry I've been told that God was behind a murder and the subseuent conviction because the murderer met the Lord in prison Such thinking is nonsense God never approved of these people's sin He didn't cause it He didn't even use it He overcame it That's what grace doesAll of this raises a uestion If some of the things that happen in our world aren't what God wants why doesn't he step in and take charge? Why doesn't he shut down evil and be done with it? Why sit back and allow a defeated enemy to function as the god of this age? The answer is straightforward God lingers because for every day he delays of his former enemies become his friends and family7 Let your conscience be your guideThe point here is that our consciences become dulled to willful sin and we eventually are unable to see it as such8 God brings good luckAs for Jesus he certainly never promised his followers a long run of good luck or earthly success He promised forgiveness He promised eternity But winning lottery numbers job promotions good health and riches? Not exactlyUnless you consider carrying a cross and being misunderstood persecuted hated beaten and killed a sign of good luck and success And if that's the case it might be a good idea to line up a counseling appointment as soon as possibleThe thing we have to remember is that the benefits of righteousness aren't primarily found in earthly rewards They're found in the next life The great benefit is forgiveness The great reward is heaven Everything else is merely and hors d'oeuvre a small appetizer before the great feastThe only way to accurately measure God's goodness is to look to the cross The only way to accurately measure his provision is to look to heaven Everything else provides a false readingThere's no real danger of spiritual disillusionment when things go better than expected No one rails against God because they've been blessed too much in this life The spiritual danger comes at those times when all the blessings seem to be eternal and we expected them to start showing up today It's then that we're prone to think God has let us down or to believe that we've been sold a bill of goodsUnrealistic expectations never make for solid footing Be it a marriage a purchase a business partner a vacation or our walk with God unfounded and unrealistic expectations are always a recipe for confusion and disillusionment Sure some people with unfounded and idealistic expectations find that things went just as they expected But that doesn't make them wise It just makes them lucky p 1349 A valley means a wrong turnSpeaking of his first pastorate the longer things went sideways the I began to wonder if I'd misunderstood Actually I hoped I'd misunderstood The prospect of sticking around for a lifetime of frustrating ministry with minimal fruit in an environment where success seemed improbable didn't jibe with my idea of God's wonderful plan for my lifeOsborne suggests different types of valleys God sent me here valleys I messed up valleysEven if obeying God's clear leading is what puts us in a bind or keeps us in a bind continuing to obey is till the only thing to do even if it seems to make things worse Never judge the appropriateness of obedience by the short term or even lifelong results Judge it by eternity Had my Dark Years turned into Dark Decades staying put still would have been the right thing to do There are always two ways out of every trial the enemy's shortcut which always involves compromise or disobedience and the way of escape God promises to all who walk with him10 Dead people go to a better placeEarly church believers felt so passionate about the need to evangelize that they were willing to die trying Today many of us see things differently Evangelism is not only no longer worth dying for; it's hardly worth stressing a relationship over The biggest roadblock to sharing our faith is no longer the loss of our lives our jobs or our families It's the fear of embarrassment

  3. Monica Willyard Moen Monica Willyard Moen says:

    This is a wonderful wise bookd that is grounded in scripture as well as love Reading this book is like sitting at the kitchen table with an older experienced friend who is passionate about Christ and loves Christ’s people The chapter unforgiveness is particularly helpful to me My only regret is that I didn’t find this book years ago

  4. Jane Burkett Jane Burkett says:

    A highly readable entertaining thought provoking and theologically solid refutation of common but spiritually harmful beliefs I'll definitely use ideas from this book in my conversations with others There are good discussion uestions in the back that would make for great small group study Highly recommended

  5. Chuck Engelhardt Chuck Engelhardt says:

    I find it sad that a book like this is even necessary but a lot of the behaviors that the author uses as illustrations of the beliefs are right on the mark Christians are not immune to accepting and believing what we would like to be true Like the Bereans we should look to see if what we are told is true but too often we want to rely on what “feels good” or “makes sense” We uickly forget that “His ways are higher than our ways” regardless of how much sense our way seems to makeLarry Osborne tackles what he calls “Spiritual Urban Legends” It’s a good parallel because much of what’s behind the beliefs is simply passed on from person to person generation to generation; and if you really think about what it is it doesn’t make sense – like a phone call coming from inside the same house or a rat mistaken for a dog Really?The Ten Dumb Things Smart Christians Believe are1 Faith Can Fix Anything2 Forgiving Means Forgetting3 A Godly Home Guarantees Godly Kids4 God Has a Blueprint for Your Life5 Christians Shouldn’t Judge6 Everything Happens for a Reason7 Let Your Conscience be Your Guide8 God Brings Good Luck9 A Valley Means a Wrong Turn10 Dead People Go to a Better PlaceIt took me a little while to get into this book perhaps that is because the first couple Spiritual Urban Legends he presents had been thoroughly dispelled in teaching that I’ve received before so none of it was new nor a surprise The other “Dumb Things” have been addressed as well but the author makes some pretty profound observations and statements as he argues his caseThe “10 Dumb Things” could have been 7 or 8 and that may have improved the book because it did become somewhat repetitive when addressing beliefs that had similar roots For instance the beliefs ‘God Brings Good Luck’ and ‘A Valley Means a Wrong Turn’ come from very similar places and therefore have very similar rebuttalsThere were a few times in my reading that I began to think that Larry Osborne himself was straying and had fallen for some other Spiritual Urban Legends not included in this book However in the full context of the chapter I found the message to be sound He did set himself up to be easily taken out of context with uotes that would sound complete but that are clarified in later pages The reader should be cautious of drawing conclusions about what the author is saying from individual sections of chapters and should wait to evaluate each chapter in its entiretyIn short Good book easy read recommended

  6. Christy Lockstein Christy Lockstein says:

    10 Dumb Things Smart Christians Believe by Larry Osborne is going to shake up than a few readers faith There are many beliefs that are consistent across denominations but as Osborne points out not all of these are Scriptural and some are actually likely to damage believers' faith He calls them spiritual urban legends like God brings good luck all things happen for a reason and my personal favorite being raised in a godly home guarantees good children Despite what other writers will have you believe it's not necessarily so Osborne uses short anecdotes and lots of Scripture to point out how these beliefs arose and why they continue in popularity The book is like a cold splash of water it's at first a bit shocking and maybe even unpleasant but cleansing For example believing that raising your children in a godly home guarantees that they will be good people will cause one of two reactions if your children are struggling and not walking with the Lord First parents may blame themselves and feel unnecessary guilt and causing stress on their relationship as well as deep grief at having failed their child Or parents could be unrealistically optimistic believing that while the child may be conflicted now eventually heshe will come to faith because of the false promise in that belief Either of these can devastate a relationship with the Lord Osborne wants readers to have a solid faith in God based on the rock of Scripture instead of the unsteady sand of spiritual urban legends

  7. Frode Frode says:

    This one I read on my Kindle It was a pain to check out the footnotes and references in the study guide at the end of the book There was no way to click back and forthWith ten different dumb ideas to cover I felt the book was uneven A couple of the ideas were interesting and nicely done but a couple didn't really appeal to me at all The bulk of the ideas were of mild interest Pastor Osborne's writing style is sort of flip at times He is humorous but some of it was just too much for me I am older and dealing with sensitive topics should be serious This is not to say that the author is not serious but some of his comments to lighten the mood I thought were unnecessary meaning they didn't help his argument From what I read I wonder if Pastor Osborne preaches and speaks like he writes Probably and it would appeal to many but not to meHe made a very good comment at one point about the book of Proverbs He stated that a proverb was an observation not a promise This was in the context of Proverbs 226 and his argument about how people misunderstand the verse weighs heavily on the promiseobservation confusion I thought that was one of his best chaptersIt was an ok book to read but I wouldn't want to spend time discussing it in a group situation

  8. Wayne Wayne says:

    Great book about unscriptural concepts many Christians have adoptedThis was really a good read I can see how useful this would be as a small group series for Christians both old and new Many Christians live by paradigms which have shaped their beliefs or behaviors which have absolutely no basis in Scripture This book tackles ten of these mindsets and shows their fallacies A pastor could use these chapters for a ten week series on Christian Urban Legends Likewise a small group leader could use the book to help develop Christian growth and maturity in the lives of the group members

  9. Claudia Claudia says:

    Larry Osborne debunks ten spiritual urban legends ideas that are generally believed but without a basis in the Bible Even though I've been a Christian for a long time this was a very beneficial book of reminders to always base our beliefs on truths found in scripture and not just on what people want to believe These are the ten spiritual urban legends1 Faith can fix anything2 Forgiving means forgetting3 A godly home guarantees godly kids4 God has a blueprint for my life5 Christians shouldn't judge6 Everything happens for a reason7 Let your conscience be your guide8 God brings good luck9 A valley means a wrong turn10 Dead people go to a better place

  10. Laura E. Mackey Laura E. Mackey says:

    I have decided not to finish this bookThe author is wrong I got through the middle of the third thing he thinks is dumb I disagree with the second premise the most He is really attributing human chartstics to God I don't know who told him God forgets our sin once it is forgiven I have always been told the sin is now white as snow because of Christ death on the cross He is correct that God does not forget but smart christians or any will ever be able to understand the mind of God This book may help some but I found that it muddied the water than making things clearer

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