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10 thoughts on “On Being a Muslim

  1. Hasna Hasna says:

    I didn't like most parts of the book sometimes because I didn't like his writing style he tries to be funny but nothing made me laugh but mostly because the content wasn't what I want to read about Islam But there were two chapters I enjoyed reading On Being a Social Being and On Begin with the Gendered Other The first tells how Islam is always political and can't be only about a concern for life after death while not fighting injustice in this life and he tells about how not all Muslims in South Africa were against apartheid as long as they had the freedom to pray and practise Islam how they wanted He connects this with an interpretation of Islam that keeps Muslims away from resisting oppressive policies and I find it interesting to see how what he describes is still the case today for instance in many Muslim organisations and individuals in Europe who don't connect their fight against anti Muslim racism with fighting other forms of racism In the other chapter about gender Esack credits Muslim women who challenge sexism and patriarchal interpretations of Islam while giving examples of how women in South Africa resist the discrimination of women in mosues

  2. Matthew Moes Matthew Moes says:

    I enjoyed this progressive treatment of Being Muslim I was surprised to discover that it was written in the late 90s published 1999 and therefore clearly not an apologetic reaction to 911 as I had somehow innocently assumed It took me perhaps another decade to be ready for the message offered here so in that sense perhaps it is ahead of its time or maybe just the difference in place because The second thing that struck me is how much the Muslim community in the USA can learn from the South African Muslim experience which serves as the backdrop for this author's perspectives and emphasis on social justice and a perspective on Islam that is pluralistic and connected to the larger society

  3. Marianna Marianna says:

    Not just an excursion on Islam and being a Muslim as anticipated but a deeply felt personal exploration on being human first and foremost May be difficult reading for those who are unfamiliar with the uranic text and presentation but fundamentally an uplifting book about the internal battles we all undergo in our lives Should be an eye opener for those with less understanding of Islam as well Undoubtedly controversial in its message of gender euality regardless of the reader's religious preference

  4. Muneerah Razak Muneerah Razak says:

    I found this book really honest and an insightful reflection by Prof Farid about spirituality and social justice in today's world It was an easy read in terms of how he wrote it simply but really heavy in his commentary's about self esteem relationship with Allah gender issues race social justice etc Must read

  5. Elizabeth Elizabeth says:

    Okay if you're interested in the Esack's longing to be an ascetic Although I do appreciate the groundbreaking status of this book insomuchas not many written accounts of the haj have been published until recently Decent

  6. Jaine Jaine says:

    I wanted to like this book It was a confusing hodge podge though I thought it was poorly written so much so that I had a difficult time grasping what Esack was trying to say The book had a stream of consciousness feel Bleh

  7. Hillary Hillary says:

    I liked this book but the ending became a little too preachy at the end for me

  8. Armin Armin says:

    One of the best books I happened to read as a teenager Shaped up my beliefs actions and me as a person in many ways Farid Esack is one cool writer

  9. Lolli Adriani Lolli Adriani says:

    regretted why i didn't read this book any faster such an amazing books

  10. Jon Jon says:

    Esack's writing is clear and insightful Written in the late 1990s this book seems as relevant as ever in 2019 It's a vital message that challenges religious tradition and exclusivity without sacrificing the significance of religious identity

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