The Sins of the Father Joseph P Kennedy and the Dynasty He

The Sins of the Father Joseph P Kennedy and the Dynasty He Founded ❰PDF / Epub❯ ☁ The Sins of the Father Joseph P Kennedy and the Dynasty He Founded Author Ronald Kessler – The Sins of the Father is the definitive new biography of Joseph P Kennedy Based on extensive research and interviews with Kennedy family members and their intimates speaking on the record for the fir of the Kindle Ö The Sins of the Father is the definitive new biography of Joseph P Kennedy Based on extensive research and interviews with Kennedy family members and their intimates speaking on the record for the first time it offers an outstanding personal history and provides shocking revelations about one of the most Sins of the Father Joseph PDF/EPUB ² influential figures of our time To the mythmakers of his day Joseph P Kennedy like his glamorous and doomed presidential son Jack led a charmed existence He was celebrated as the son of an East Boston saloonkeeper who rose to become one of the richest The Sins MOBI :º men in the country He served as the wartime ambassador to Great Britain the chairman of the United States Securities and Exchange Commission and the chairman of the United States Maritime Commission He was also a major legitimate liuor distributor a moviemaker in Hollywood and a master manipulator of the stock market Yet his fortune estimated at million traced its beginnings to his career as a bootlegger in partnership with organized crime during the Prohibition era Even disturbing he was a documented anti Semite and an appeaser of Adolf Hitler The beaming family portraits and Sins of the eBook ✓ admiring newsmagazine prose never portrayed any of his many mistresses or hinted at his seemingly unlimited corruption and duplicity.

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  1. James James says:

    This was a book I couldn't put downit's amazing how clever he was in bribing and manipulating journalists into presenting the news as he wanted All his life he had news men feed lies to the American public I just read THE DARK INSIDE which is about the big con in the early 20th century Joe K was the better than any of them What a piece of work What irony that after he succeeded in getting a son elected president11 months later he has a stroke that leaves him unable to speak He lives to see 2 sons killed and Teddy drown a girl at Chappauiddickbut is totally impotent to do anything All he can do the last 8 years of his life is live in rage All in all a pathetic family that most likely has never felt anything other than superficial excitement The author didn't spend much time relating Joe's affiliation with organized crime and how it helped elect JFK Paddy whacked the untold story of the Irish American gangster had details there He also didn't mention how it was the mob that killed JFKsomething covered in Paddy whacked and other books

  2. Gerry Claes Gerry Claes says:

    Over the past few years I have read a number of books about WWII and they mentioned Joe Kennedy as ambassador to England during the start of the war Ole Joe did not get high praise in any of the books So I decided to read a book about his life and this is the one I chose for better or worseI don't think there is any doubt about it; Joe Kennedy was a scoundrel a philanderer a manipulator and overall was not a very nice person Joe was always looking out for himself first his family second and everyone else well they just didn't matter Having said all of the negatives he did seem to be a very charismatic person who could talk his way into almost any woman's panties or business dealAlso the myth about the Kennedy family and Camelot certainly doesn't hold up All of the Kennedy boys pretty much followed in the footsteps of their father when it comes to womanizing How any of them stayed married is a mystery Rose Kennedy Joe's wife was a real piece of work She loved to shop and go to mass every day and not much else She was a distant mother and a wife who wouldn't face the realties of her lying cheating husband As one person said about Rose; she ignored what she didn't want to see or hear Overall the Kennedy family was about as dysfunctional as they come Not much to admire hereI thought the book was a bit disorganized and jumped all over the time line I think some of his sources are uestionable and I don't think Kessler was looking for much nice to say about Joe Kennedy He calls Joe a miser and yet The Kennedy Foundation that Joe set up did give a lot of money to some worthy causes An interesting read that could have been much better

  3. Nancy Nancy says:

    This book was a good It exposes Joseph Kennedy for the disgusting womanizing crook he was but that isn't the surprise What was surprising in this book was how PRO NAZI Joe Kennedy was and the iron fisted control he had on his children even when they were adults The book is well written the research is excellent direct uotes and first hand accounts from the people who were there and knew Joe Kennedy including but not limited to Gloria Swanson Roosevelt and Hoover You'll understand the Kennedys a lot better once you understand the abusive ego driven criminal and controlling nature of their patriarch And you'll feel sorry for them This is not a family to envy but to pity

  4. Eric Bjerke Eric Bjerke says:

    A very unflattering portrayal of the Kennedy's Dad was a power hungry meglomaniac living his life vicariously through his sons Very interesting I didn't think I could think any worse of this family that has plagued America for far too long but I did after reading this book

  5. Wesley Fiorentino Wesley Fiorentino says:

    Kessler's fast paced scathing biography of the pater familias of the Kennedy Dynasty at times feels like a full fledged take down in book form Kessler often reminds the reader of the mythological facade of the Kennedy line but proceeds to tear down that image with the bleak and brutal truth of Joseph Kennedy's life Kessler would have us believe that Joseph Kennedy somehow managed to maintain a clean and admirable public image during most of his life but reading this text makes this task difficult In fact reading Kessler's book can leave the reader wondering how anyone who knew the man could possibly have considered admirable or even likeable There were points in the book where I struggled to kept pushing forward simply because Kessler's portrait of Kennedy is so bleak and unpleasantStill truth is truth Kessler provides direct uotations from enough of Kennedy's peers and family members that it is plain to see that this book is not simply an attempt to smear the Kennedy legacy From his dishonest business practices to his endless womanizing to his draconian control over his family Kessler uses a heavy hand to paint a portrait of a man with little or no regard for the wishes or well being of anyone but himself While much of the first half of the book is concerned with Kennedy's ruthless rise to wealth power and prominence the second half of the book takes something of a tragic turn as Kessler illustrates the downfall of Joe's political aspirations and the destruction of his family While he can hardly be blamed for the assassination of two of his sons the deaths of two of his other children and the cruel treatment of his daughter Rosemary bear the hallmarks of a man obsessed with his own image and with no one around him bold enough to stand up to him The details of the troubles of his children and grandchildren the drinking drugs and recklessness are all attributed either to Joe's expectations and control over those closest to him Kessler convincingly argues that the reckless abandon displayed by the car crashes plan crashes philandering and substance abuse can all be traced back to the father and patriarch whose obsession with power contributed to his own self destruction in the public and political sphere of American life

  6. Alh Alh says:

    excellent and insightful

  7. Beth Bedee Beth Bedee says:

    If you're a Kennedy fanatic this is a must read This book shows how Joe Kennedy built his dynasty

  8. Emily Curley Emily Curley says:

    Interesting look into the Kennedy family to separate the political spin machine from the reality of the family's less than storied past and rise to fame

  9. Jaclynn Jaclynn says:

    Very informative and disturbing look at the Kennedy family

  10. Sara Sara says:

    Read this about 20 years ago and recall enjoying it

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