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Rising Son Star Trek Deep Space Nine ❰Read❯ ➳ Rising Son Star Trek Deep Space Nine Author S.D. Perry – Buyprobolan50.co.uk A prophecy leads Jake Sisko on a desperate search for his missing father Instead what he finds at his journey's end is totally unexpectedIn the climactic closing episode of the final season of Star Tr A Star Trek Deep Space PDF/EPUB ² prophecy leads Jake Sisko Star Trek PDF/EPUB Â on a desperate search for his missing father Instead what he finds at his journey's end is totally unexpectedIn the climactic closing episode of the final season of Star Trek Deep Space Nine Captain Benjamin Sisko his destiny inextricably linked to that of the alien entities known Rising Son eBook Á as The Prophets was last seen plunging into the depths of the Bajoran Fire Caves locked in combat with Gul Dukat Although he appeared to Son Star Trek Deep Space eBook Á his new wife Kasady Yates and promised her that he would one day return his son Jake has not seen him since In Deep Space Nine Avatar a Son Star Trek Kindle Ø mysterious prophecy sent Jake on an impossible uest to trace his missing father However instead of finding his heart's desire Jake is thrown across the galaxy and saved by the unexpected intervention of a strange ship with an even stranger crew Sharing their travels and their dangers he learns important lessons about dealing Son Star Trek Deep Space eBook Á with his father's loss and about the truth of the prophecy that sent him here In the process he discovers much than he anticipated; a revelation that will change the world forever for Jake for Bajor and for Deep Space Nine.

  • Mass Market Paperback
  • 308 pages
  • Rising Son Star Trek Deep Space Nine
  • S.D. Perry
  • English
  • 04 October 2016
  • 9780743448383

About the Author: S.D. Perry

SD Star Trek Deep Space PDF/EPUB ² Perry Stephani Danelle by Star Trek PDF/EPUB Â the way though she prefers SD or Danelle has been writing novelizations and tie ins for most of her adult life Best known for her work in the shared multiverses of Resident Evil Star Trek and Aliens SD is a horror nerd and an introvert Her father Rising Son eBook Á is acclaimed science fiction author Steve Perry SD lives with her family in Portland Oregon.

10 thoughts on “Rising Son Star Trek Deep Space Nine

  1. Crystal Bensley Crystal Bensley says:

    Awesome story of Jake in the Gamma uadrant

  2. Elen Elen says:

    Despite some flaws this was a really page turner as evidenced by the fact that I burned through it in 3 hours when I should have been asleep Oops Could have used less of the almost bizarrely out of character first person memoirs Jakes supposed to be a good writer and uh well and some of the characters were criminally underutilized Glessin could have been SO interesting but got all of five pages but whatever Still enjoyed it

  3. Adam Adam says:

    An enjoyable read which finally picks up the long abandoned story of Jake SiskoAfter suffering a ship wide systems failure Jake is rescued by a group of scavengers led by Captain Dez on the mysterious ship Even Odds Jake gradually starts to enjoy his newfound life on the ship even participating in a daring mission to loot a storage depot on a hostile alien planet Little does he know he's on a collision cause with the results of a bizarre prophecy involving Kai Opaka and a deadly religious warEver since the opening Avatar duology I've lamented how Jake's story was seemingly abandoned by the authors and the character forgotten about Thankfully original author SD Perry returns to the relaunch series with Rising Son a novel given over in its entirety to filling in the missing gaps Despite an initial reluctance I uickly became attached to the rag tag crew of the Even Odds a home to everything from a sentient multipart fungus to a sentient computer program An argument could perhaps be made for overegging the pudding here but after the frenzied series of introductions to such a diverse collection of beings I really enjoyed the dynamic that the author establishes Dez is a scoundrel with a heart and his relationship with Jake uickly takes center stage Jake's role in the series is often minimised so much that you'd think Cirroc Lofton was of an infreuent guest star so I was thrilled to see Rising Son thrust his character so firmly under the spotlight There's a lot of development going on here and I love the intimate examination of Jake's feelings about his father the Prophets and living under the shadow of bothThe mission to Drang was uite a highlight but also marks a pivot point in the book After investing so much time getting to know the crew of the Even Odds I was somewhat disappointed how uickly they were dropped after they arrived at their next destination the trading outpost Ee At this stage the author virtually drops Dez and crew completely instead picking Jake up and thrusting him into the second part of the narrative a reunion with long lost Kai Opaka This is all well and good however such a sudden change made me uestion the point of spending over half the book getting to know new characters which were destined to disappearOpaka's story post Battle Lines was well told and I enjoyed the whirlwind recap of 7 years of history for the character Her encounter with the Ascendant Rai was especially chilling and undoubtedly paves the way for a much sweeping storyline to comeAs Jake Opaka Wex and a wayward Tosk follow their instinct to the Eav'o planet the story takes a turn for the mystical as the characters become mired in a pagh hunt which has shades of Indiana Jones at times This section felt rather loosely thrown together a means to an end rather than a concise effort to resolve plotlines The revelation that the Eav'o share the same gods as Bajor Siblings instead of Prophets is sure to create a stir when the novel line returns to the Alpha uadrant especially with all the political turmoil which currently plagues the planet and the newly discovered Conspiracy alien invasionSome unresolved plot strands Just what was the Wa subdeck? At one point I felt that this was going to be a serious plot point that was developed into something else but now it feels like it was just there for coolness factor ToskHunters Why was the language on the Eav'o planet written only so the Tosk could decipher it?Rising Son provides a welcome reintroduction to Jake Sisko's story even though the handling of the substitution of the Even Odds tales for Opaka's reapparance was somewhat choppy and abruptFour stars

  4. Greg Greg says:

    The story of Jake Sisko is arguably one of the saddest fables ever penned in the history of science fiction The loss of his mother to the Borg at Wolf 359 led to him being raised alone by a starfleet commander based at the very edge of the known universe Add to the mix the discovery of the first ever stable wormhole linking one uadrant of the galaxy to another the war hungry and militaristic Cardassians the peace loving and religious Bajorans the Prophets Ferengi the Founders the Shapeshifters the Jem H'dar and of course the dominion and you come up with one helluva mess Not to mention one of the best space operas ever made for television But thats the story of ds9 not our Jake And yet Jake Sisko is DS9 Anyway we all know what happened to the station as well as the general population who manned her We even know who lived who died who laughed and who cried But RISING SON continues the tale and it does so in glorious fashion Jake is exploring some ruins in a remote location on Bajor when hes comes across a battered scroll; a prophecy if you will and it doesn't take Jake long to convince himself that it might relate to his lost Father Spoilers prevent me from explaining myself here but Jake's plans don't end well and this is whwre the book's plot takes control of the situation The reader is soon blessed with the classic and brilliantly realised sense of wonder moment when Ms Perry describes a particular level of the ship Jake finds himself on I must admit to not being a particular fan of the name given to this space craft but considering her assignexd purpose you may find it appropriate The introduction of Kai Opaka late in the story also brings the book to life and as she is on the front cover there is no need for a spoiler warning Revelation follows revelation as you make progress toward the tale's climax even though it feels a liitle rushed But rewarded you will be by reading this book as even in its final pages it manages a couple of major twists There are no major criticisms from me and very few minor ones so i am happy to give it full marks A truly surprising Trek novel and a wonderful science fiction story to go along with

  5. Bron Bron says:

    It feels uite a long time ago in this seuence of novels about Deep Space 9 that Jake Sisko took the space craft euivalent of an old banger into the wormhole and disappeared In this book we learn that he didn't find the Prophets but was rescued from a near fatal accident in the gamma uadrant by the crew of a ship called the Even Odds This ship runs a legal salvaging business and a somewhat less legal venture recovering lost treasures The crew is a bunch of very likeable aliens who take a shine to Jake and want him to join them He has a few months to think about this as their route won't take them back to the wormhole immediately He makes friends with the crew and has some adventures with them which cause him to think a lot about the values he grew up with as the child of Starfleet officers He's a little disturbed to find that nice people people he likes very much can still be uite mercenary He's torn between wishing to stay with his new friends and being troubled by their moralityWhile he is still debating all this he meets someone from his past an encounter which changes everything and propels him back towards home

  6. Madeline Madeline says:

    Considering that this is a book about one of the least vivid characters on DS9 that's not really a slam because the show is so packed with vivid characters the comparison is just such a weird one to make albeit one with a small history of making me cry should we just watch Nor the Battle to the Strong again real uick? it won't be uick because the DS9 credits are eight hours long and oh also practically nobody you know is in this book Well actually it was pretty entertaining Also it did a nice job following up on the promise in the title this is a book about feelings as much as it is about a couple of space heists and a prophecy particularly Jake's feelings about his dad And that relationship has always been a vivid and persuasive one and I'm happy to see it explored further But yeah every time Jake was pondering his decisions I was like but how will that affect Nog????Anyway yes still feeling pretty good about my decision to read published Star Trek fanfic thank for asking

  7. Alvaro Zinos-Amaro Alvaro Zinos-Amaro says:

    My detailed review is here

  8. Em Em says:

    Essentially two storiesRising Son starts as an intolerable romp with Jake Sisko as the gormless idiot on a ship full of Star Wars characters making friends with lovable rogues This half of the book sucks in part because it has nothing to do with why I care about Star TrekThe second half is about the return of Kai Opaka and how she got off of the planet she was trapped on and her pursuit of something calling to her tied to the Prophets This half of the book? Really solid It's actually like the last 20% but this redeems the rest of it and makes this book a firm okay I'd read many books about Opaka and her journeys and self discoveries she's a great character Bajorans are just better than Jake Sisko

  9. Sareeta Sareeta says:

    I just have to say it was about time to have a story focused on the adventures of Jake Sisko one of the most likable endearing TV kids of all time When Jake disappeared through the wormhole at the beginning on the relaunch I was wondering with each book when we would find out what happened I love that he ended up on an alien treasure hunting ship filled with likable characters some of whom are very uniue alien species that I had fun trying to picture in my mind as I read The story itself was very good but I especially enjoyed Jake's relationship with the crew The twist at the end was great and had me excited to find out what happens next

  10. Jackson Jackson says:

    can't fucking believe they made jake sisko goes to firefly and also there's a prophecy a good book but they did

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