No Regrets 101 Fabulous Things to Do Before You're Too Old

No Regrets 101 Fabulous Things to Do Before You're Too Old Married or Pregnant ❰PDF❯ ✈ No Regrets 101 Fabulous Things to Do Before You're Too Old Married or Pregnant Author Sarah Ivens – Do you feel stuck in a rut Is life passing you by Are you coming to a milestone in life and wondering if you missed out on great adventures along the way Don’t panic It's not too late to wear that i Do you feel stuck in a 101 Fabulous Kindle Ó rut Is life passing you by Are you coming to a milestone in life and wondering if you missed out on great adventures along the way Don’t panic It's not too late to wear that itsy bitsy bikini or go gallivanting off to Bora Bora or spend time with dear old Dad No Regrets offers you ways to ensure you’ll look back on life with a great big smile No Regrets PDF/EPUB ² No matter what your age or stage in life this book will help you live life at full tilt without regrets and without apologiesFor every woman who wants to live life to the fullest and wake up each morning with No Regrets a delightful must have antidote for all of the wouldacouldashouldas in your lifeFaced with new chapters in your life even wonderful ones like getting married or having a baby—you might find yourself uestioning the things Regrets 101 Fabulous PDF ↠ you haven’t gotten around to doing rather than the things you have When you stayed in and missed the party of a lifetime were you boring Should you have told the handsome man on the train you fancied him spent time with your inspirational great aunt before she died and fought against the in crowd to stand up for Regrets 101 Fabulous Things to ePUB ´ what you believed in In a word YES No Regrets gives you ways to ensure that your Regrets 101 Fabulous Things to ePUB ´ life is rich with extraordinary experiences With suggestions to satisfy every part of your personality from your fashion maven to your intellectual side to your inner outdoorswoman you’ll be inspired to live life as it should be lived—in pursuit of fun and adventure Sarah Ivens invites you to learn toRide a Mechanical BullDitch Toxic FriendsBuy Yourself a Princess DressRetrace a Famous RoadtripStay Up All Night in VegasMaster a Foreign LanguageAnd much With real life anecdotes from Sarah and other women as well as simple cost friendly alternatives for each idea No Regrets is the perfect guide to seizing opportunities taking chances and going after all life has to offer.

10 thoughts on “No Regrets 101 Fabulous Things to Do Before You're Too Old Married or Pregnant

  1. Sara Sara says:

    Regardless of what few regrets I might run into in my life I guarantee I WOULD have regrets following the suggestions in this book mainly because I would end up with a mountain of debt I was not expecting things like buy a 1000 handbag and get eyelash extensions and wear heels even though they hurt your feet; beauty is pain Some things like read a classic or be honest might belong on a 101 list but you don't have to be young or unmarried to do themOne chapter was about travel but it just listed off some of the big tourist bucket list destinations The pyramids the Taj MahalAnd to top it off the writing was boring About halfway through I just started skimming the titles of the 101 things to see if there was anything at all useful There were very few Maybe 6 or 7 in totalI think a better idea is to not waste money or time on this and make your own 101 list There was a blog meme about that going around a few years ago '101 Things in 1001 Days' And that way you know everything you're going to do is something that has meaning to you personally

  2. Sarah Sarah says:

    Incredibly insipid I'm not really sure what is so exciting about suggestions like Get a manipedi with your friends or Sing Karaoke I'm sure there are people who have not done these things but almost nothing on this list is all that interesting I can live my life just fine without getting that perfect red lipstick or visiting expensive touristy destinations all over the world Overall consumerist corporate crap wrapped in some boring You Go Girl bullshit

  3. Kristen Kristen says:


  4. Sara Goldenberg Sara Goldenberg says:

    It was cute and I enjoyed reading it

  5. Karla Winick-Ford Karla Winick-Ford says:

    Great list Loved it

  6. Logan Hughes Logan Hughes says:

    You know what you're getting into with this book a fluffy chick magazine type listicle in extra long book format It's going to be silly it's going to be heteronormative designer clothes and cocktails will be important themes If that's what you are looking for this book doesn't disappoint If you are honestly looking to accomplish a list of goals that will make you feel fulfilled as a person please write your own list and don't do someone else's I guess this one might give you some ideas but many of them are badThe tips make the most sense for a very narrow target audience a US or UK straight woman in her late 20s with an office job and a fair amount of disposable income The gendersexualityage thing is expected from the branding but I was a bit taken aback by how much money the book expected you to have An entire section is devoted to different exotic places around the world you simply must travel to Other tips promoted specific designer brands I actually liked the level of specificity on most of the tips even though it meant that many of them didn't really apply to me as a admittedly 29 year old frugal homebody lesbian The specificity makes them vivid and memorable and I can often get a grain of reasonable advice from each one if I kind of work at it; ie have a fling with an unsuitable man you don't necessarily need to laser focus on finding a partner and settling down enjoy the ride every so often and have a fun short term thing with someone you find attractive even while knowing you have no future with them Some of them though were just way too specific no matter which way I looked at it The supporting text made it clear that Go kayaking on a phosphorescent lake was not code for do something you've always dreamed of appreciate nature etc but specifically about the phosphorescent lake an experience that I guess the author had and it amazed her I tried to make the get a Burberry coat section mean it's worth it to lay out money than you normally would for a timeless professional piece that you can wear most of the year but the alternate suggestion that if you can't afford a Burberry coat you just go for a scarf or umbrella really drives home that it's not about the idea of investing in classic wardrobe basics it's literally about the brand name I like that she tells you how to measure yourself for a bra though Never go for a professional fitting They lie Edited to Add Okay I found the book this book wants to be 30 Things Every Woman Should Have and Should Know by the Time She's 30 Just read that instead

  7. Yumai Yumai says:

    1 learn to love champagne positive association is good always drink something you love with people or things you love doing I would rather have a smoothie or cake though ; 2 Eat French fries without a side of guilt totally agree and already do it3 rock the microphone at karaoke I would never but I often sing in the car and feel great haha4 let an unsuitable man spoil you rotten eh I don't really like this one maybe I'm just old fashioned though and too country I already have a suitable man who spoils me rotten though 5 throw yourself a party I would prefer a nice time with a small group of people 6 get thrown of of a nightclub Meh Also for the end note why are we making out with the DJ?Ok I'm done listing what I'm probably going to get out of this book is an approach to fun that does not suit me However it looks to be an OK read for a boring nightShortSweet later changing this to mehDone But not my type of thing

  8. Sandie Sandie says:

    Wellthere was some really good points made in this book and for that I should have given it stars But the book itself was kind of dry and not real interesting to meit was actually not uite what I thought it was It is a bucket list of sorts but obviously one for a person who has the money for adventures like the author detailed in this book and some of the things were just kind of ridiculous to me But then perhaps if I was young not married and without children some of those things might matter to me I thought when I picked up this book that perhaps I could incorporate some of these things into my life after the kids were graduated and doing there thing But so many of the things listed just were not meits a glamorous girls bucket list I think and doesn't really apply to me But as I said there were some very good words written in this book that I did like and learn from so for that alone this book is worth a look over

  9. Kate M Kate M says:

    I only bought this because it was on the bargain rack with an additional 15% off It was worth what I spent but not sure I would pay I liked the title and the idea of a list of things to do before you get too old to do themI've been considering my own list of what I want to do before I get old and there were many here that I have on my own list like swimming with sharks or going in a shark cage which is really what I want to do taking myself out to a pricey fancy restaurant all alone etc Life is too short not to do what you want to do Unfortunately it all takes moneyA fun read overall though

  10. M M says:

    Pretty interesting I guess It became obvious uickly that this book is like a list of things that the author has done that she thinks are cool I think they are cool too but some seem random It wasn't a waste of time

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